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he changes phones so often djdjd
qotd; what phone do you have?

This video is so good!!!
And at one part it looks like she's having an orgasm
@selenagomez #selenagomez

Imagine if that was u, ur five recent emoji is ur reaction to this 😋

2014 or 2017?🌊
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Does anyone here ship Jarianna?🙈❤

Short nails or Long nails? 🤚🏼
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When will I ever ...

He was all pissed at first then all nice at the end lmao


proud is an understatement

Did you have a bad day? It's okay. Just watch these videos of me crying over the fact that @justinbieber cancelled his tour. It's okay. My parents thought it was hilarious too. 😂😭 #PurposeTour #JustinBieber #Heartbroken #belieber #uglyfaces

Good morning

Always checking if there's a new photo @justinbieber ♥️#belieber #purposetour

😍😍😘😘#belieber #purposetour

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