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Today is #BodyConfidenceDay.
I remember I was in a change room with some girls in my elementary school, I think I was in grade 7, we had to get changed for gym class. I looked over to the washroom, it was in use, "damn" I thought. I pretended like I left my gym clothes in my locker and left the locker room. I hung out in the washroom down the hall and waited a few minutes. When I came back everyone was gone.
"Success!!!" I quickly changed in my gym attire, into weird shorts that smelled bad and an oversized school t shirt. Seriously, jersey material is so gross lol amirite.
When I opened the door to the gym, our gym teacher was already in the middle of discuss what exercise or game we were going to play. When she stopped talking to the class she looked over at me and said I was going to do extra laps for being late.
I didn't understand why I had to do extra laps, I was late because I was trying to be comfortable with myself. I was late so no one made fun of me in the change room, I loved running so I'll run extra laps anyways but I don't need people to make fun of me for being in trouble on top of making fun of my body.
This story isn't unique, collectively amongst all young girls its actually quite normal for girls to hide their bodies and be scared about what YOU are going to say about them.
So, how do we work on this?
- Be nice.
- Ask for more representation in the media.
- Tell young girls that they are smart, that they are beautiful and they can be whatever they want when they grow up.
- Give compliments to others.
- Teach kids to not body shame by NOT body shaming at home.
- Ask your school to teach about body image and body confidence!!!!
And most of all, know you're so worthy, awesome, totally cool and valuable to this world. 💕
#believeinyourself (⚠️This story is modest amongst the ones I have, keep in mind I don't always want to profess to you guys the worst things thats happened to me!)

#yazminluv_ - "Love is cure, Love is power, Love is the magic of changes. Love is the mirror of divine beauty."~Rumi 🍃💕 #BeKind #BeTheChange #BeTheLove - #regrann

Safety first. Selfies second.
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Happy Diwali, To All of my Hindu Family and Friends. Be Safe and Pollution Free. 🙌🤙✌️
#festive #Diwali #bekind #beyou #behumble

Some days are harder than others with kids. Today is one of the harder ones. Days like today, I cherish this sign — breathe — After all, I created this little army running my world! 😂😂
. . .
A great holiday gift for any Mom. Am I right? Only $29 too! . . .
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❄️💖Hold on to it tight.. Remember to do what is right💖❄️👥👥👥 FOLLOW for more👣👣👣
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The bond between these two 💚Tuesday night lullabies by the talented @sarperduman and his music-loving kitty.🐱😻#animalsarefriends

Our community has been devastated by horrible fires in Northern California. These fires haven’t discriminated and have burned everything in their path. We know that the way forward is going to take years and require creativity, care, and compassion. Please join us to meet the economic, environmental, health, and social needs of those impacted by the fire by supporting the Sonoma County Resilience Fund. Link in bio.
#sonomastrong #bekind


Im so lucky to have this man by my side. He's a true gentleman who was raised to appreciate and respect all beings, both male and female.
No to treating anyones bodies as anything but sacred temples. Respect yourself and the beings around you.
I have never talked to a woman who would say she's turned on by being sexually harrased and insaulted. Get me right, be kind and humble.
#womanifest #womanpower #beautifulmenrespectwomen #beautifulwomenrespectmen #bekind #andloveneverends

Be a giver,,, a giver of love,,kindness,,motivation and good vibes❤️
#positivevibes #positiveenergy #positiveattitude #love #awareness #consciousness #higherself #bekind #behappy #vibes #soul #smile😊

make yourself a priority ✨
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Being negative serves no purpose but to hurt those around you and isolates you from others. 😕 When you are positive you attract people who see your worth and enjoy your company. 🤗 Just sayin'! 🙌


Being Beautiful is always better
#bebeautiful #begracious #bekind

Be good, be kind, be there ❤️

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