I’m ready to own my story and Choose Joy. Choose life and choose to be happy. .
The last few days I have been struggling to find the motivation to be inspired and to inspire others. So I dove into some reading (listening on my way to work) and listening to worship music. From this time I have frequented the same common theme of “you will reap what you sow” or in other words what you seek, you will find. So from here on out I’m choosing J O Y! Who’s with me?!?! Let’s choose to be joyful about even the little gifts that may not seem like gifts at all but truly are❤️. #choosejoy #joy #live #life #bejoyful #littlethings #bigmoves #momlife

What do you chose? Have you ever suppressed an emotion only to have it manifest angrily! and VOILA “A SHADOW IS BORN”. An emotion suppressed long enough turns into ANGER, RESENTMENT etc. NEW article on my FB on a subject I deal with A LOT as a coach, THE BIG BAD SHADOW, ChEcK It OuT!😁✌️
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•sprinkle k i n d n e s s around like confetti•
#itsfree #besweet #bejoyful #emmejames #happyhumpday

A fabulous morning to you😍, Yes You😘

When nothing makes sense as sometimes they’ll do, just stop 🛑, breathe and ask God for help. #rejoiceinthelord #bejoyful

The Joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives. #bejoyful #focus

*Thoughts for today 🔥💥💡 *Let your faith move your mountains! If you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you're grateful, you'll see God open up new doors. 😍🔑💡🙌💪 #dominiqueinspire

Came home to a sweet package from the momma in law @clwnh8r. My friends and family know that gifts are nice but I truly value the gesture of just sending me a happy birthday or a card with a thoughtful message. I don’t need much and so gratefully humble for everything that comes my way. Thank you so much momma. .#bdayweek #girliegirl #kindness #thoughtfulgestures #bejoyful #neverexpectingandalwayssurprised #blessed🙏

“Stop thinking that if you only had the right job, the right man, the right house, the right car, the right WHATEVER, that your life will become what you’ve always dreamed of.”
- Rachel Hollis.
Stop dreaming. Start LIVING. It’s the only way to enjoy a life you’ve always dreamed of. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect timing, the perfect layout of everything in place to start living life the way you’ve always dreamt of.🙌🏻
You are in control of how you approach your life. Stop waiting for someone, or something else to define it for you. I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’ll wait an eternity. Instead, you need to choose the best for you in every moment.💕
I am a perfectionist. I get it. I want it all planned out first too. But sometimes, actually every time, all it takes is the decision to take a small step forward in order to propel your passion, success, and joy forward. So much JOY!🦄
Start LIVING. Don’t keep waiting on the “perfect” or “right” time. I did that for too long, and wish I had made a change sooner. It’s my passion to women find the joy I’ve found. There’s so much to go around! ✨

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Life is beautiful. The sun helps everything in the world to grow. Yet it is still my mortal enemy.

Got to remember if I’m going to wear a shirt like this, I have got to portray “the walk” in my words and deeds! #bejoyful

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