Ganda ka?
Kasi ako maganda eh!
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Colby and Jordan sent me an amazing birthday gift- some of their favorite "Jollyisms" that were shared at the cemetery, displayed in a beautiful frame!❤️ Take a moment to zoom in and read them!! Hopefully, you can apply these to your life!! #bejolly

Ran the Cancer Challenge 10k for Mark Jordan aka "Jolly". Asked him for a PR, but instead he put on his apron, added some charcoal to the grill and turned up the heat. He laughed at me all the way to the finish!!😂😂😂 #bejolly @jcbeebe

Today, while I was watching Bulldog 7 on 7 football in Charleston, I overheard a conversation between an older gentleman and a young lady, who was a team manager. Apparently, they had not seen each other in awhile, but knew each other. They talked for a few minutes, then he asked her if she had any money for lunch. I didn't hear her answer, but did see him give her some bills! This act of looking out for young people, reminded me of a man I know!!❤️ #bejolly

Fine wine, fine time, fijnwyn fees. Sipping wines, drinking wines and happy wine lovers all round.
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I parked my car and had money to put in the meter, but as I approached it, I noticed it already had plenty of time on it, so I went inside to do my errand. When I came out, there was still lots of time left, but something told me to go ahead and put my money in for the next person who uses this spot!! Pay it forward.😀 #bejolly

I know they say you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, but you sure can exercise your way into jollyhappyendorphin land.
On le menu tonight : BEATBOX. 5:30, @theathleticclubs. P.S. The @myzone screens are UP in the studio - wear your strap if you’ve got it! This will be FUN!
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I like to move it, move it!
☑️ Check your mountain climbers: Ahhh the mountain climber. It’s one of those exercises that can become boring over time, kind of like jumping jacks. When we become less interested in these exercises, we tend to treat them like movement “fillers”- we do them, but we aren’t really thinking about where we should be feeling the workload during the exercise.
I LOVE mountain climbers because they are one of the most dynamic exercises for the core. Traditional, criss-cross, oblique climbers, pulsing climbers...pick yo’ flavor, there’s lots of them! One way you can test to see if you are really drawing the knees to the chest using your core versus your hip flexors (top of your legs), is to do the water bottle test. This is something we started incorporating into HI2T2 and QUICKSHOTS after one time during class there was a towel laying underneath me in plank that instead of moving, I thought I’d use as a target for my knee pulls instead. My goal was to pull my knees to the spot on the floor that the towel was on and voila! GAME CHANGER. The variation I am doing here is a “swooping” climber, used to get more oblique action (along the sides of your waist). Give it a try! And make sure the lid is on tight. Unless you want to live dangerously and use a glass of water. 😱
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Can't believe I'm doing Christmas items in June but believe it or not I'm already getting Xmas orders so need to be prepared. Glass vinyls are 2 for £1.50 + postage
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This post is in appreciation of the countless friends who have supported our family through this difficult time. We can't even begin to thank all of you enough for your prayers, kind words, texts, hugs, calls, offers to help, food, flowers, gifts, monetary support, being ready to step up when needed, and promises to be there for us in the future. Mark was an amazing man and he has amazing friends. We appreciate each and every one of you so very much!! In our eyes, each one of you carries on Jolly's legacy each day!! We are working on getting thank you cards out, and hope we don't miss anyone in the process. Just know that we love and appreciate all of you so very much!!!❤️❤️❤️ #bejolly

My boys' mower broke and they needed one to do some yards! We heard Weston had one for sale, so Braden contacted him to discuss buying it. Next thing we know, it shows up on our driveway!!! Thank you, Weston!! #bejolly @currdawg

Y'ALL! My favorite holiday season is coming up and it is >>> A L L A B O U T L O V E <<< 💚❤️💚❤️ [ we L O V E because He first loved us 1 John 4:19 ] So let's spread all the love we can!! If you can help out this school and these sweet babies, please do! #givethanks and #bejolly

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Good morning friends! This is a picture of what I was able to help provide my sweet kiddos with last year (thanks to my little elves @lkmarlin and @laur_akins for setting the room up while the kids were at lunch). I am hoping to also provide my students with quite possibly the only Christmas they will have. Last year I was heartbroken because my students came back from break to tell me their families rewrapped all of the things they had gotten, BUT then I had such a sense of thankfulness that at least they were given gifts at school to have SOMETHING on Christmas! These babies are my heart for the 10 months they're in my class.....Help me spread Christmas cheer!

Rylan loves to pick up trash on the construction sites in our neighborhood and throw it in the big red dumpsters!❤️ #bejolly @loriperrenoud

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