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“Love yourself first” 💖Empowering advice to teens from @selenagomez during her surprise visit with Step Up girls in LA today with The @coach Foundation! #CoachxStepUp

Current status: enjoying life! Lots of beach time, adventures, boat rides (got stranded on a deserted beach and had to call for help 😝), golf in flip flops (not recommended), getting too much sun, too much ice cream (although, can you ever have too much ice cream?), crafting with the kids, and enjoying family time with my mom who I haven't seen in 4 months. That's my life in a nutshell right now. ❤❤❤

Wedding guest inspiration - @dolcesheriff .
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The Herbalife King has arrived 👑💃🏾👑 Ready to enjoy myself at the Herbalife Qualifiers Dinner with my friends 🍾🍾🍾🍾 I love Herbalife tho.

Dress @bellacozi_sa
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'I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.'
Pablo Picasso
One thing I have learned over the last weeks is the beauty of following your ideas and implementing them quickly!
I had the idea to write a book so I did it over the past week and I never know where it will lead me.
That's how I ended up in the US.
As long as we follow our ideas and impulses I am sure we will make the right choice even though we don't know the outcome yet!!
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"Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will"*
Countdown to @aloyoga event this Sunday...less than 10 slots available, snatch that up #instababes*
*I love making creative flows on the back bar for instance this exercise not only engages the hamstrings but core and obliques! Healthy hamstring=JUICY BUTT 🍑🍑*
Ankles go over the foot bar, activate the hammies pulling you towards the bar as you crunch. Smoothly transition into your obliques twists, side to side. Hold to one side extending thro the arm reaching to the outside of the knee and pulse away! (Switch Sides) You can use 1 ❤️/ advanced 1 ❤️💛!!!
Keep these tips in mind we've got some good Mat Pilates exercises lined up. Sign up through Mindbody search ALO yoga Beverly Hills. Cant wait to see all your faces! ❤️
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Matin inspirant auprès du feu... #beinspired #writing #fire

Good morning! Make today ridiculously AH-mazing! Have a GREAT day! #beinspired

Last weekend I was prepping to hit the stage. This weekend I'm hitting the books and prepping KEIDUBB.com for relaunch and the nerd in me is so excited 😂😂😂. Cheers to weekends where we try to balance it all.

Pants by @coolstuffstoreja
Earrings by @jewelsbyaxa

Much love to @jamaicagleaner for covering this event! ❤. #media

P.s. I had lost the KEIDUBB.com domain for 2 years after building it for 5 years - #longstory #willblogaboutit #staytuned

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Don't let age or circumstances conclude you can't do something. It's fun to shock everyone and pleasantly surprise yourself with what you can do. People are constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) shocked I am not in my twenties and I have a litter of kids and that I can (gasp!) still aim for my personal goals. Well, why the hell not? Who is to stop you from grabbing life by the balls? I still have to show my kids how to go for it😊👊🏽Keep going!! .
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Kicking off this morning with the amazing Sherry Dixon @sherryanndixon speaking at the Women of the African Diaspora Lawyers Association conference, Chancery Lane. #awla She is one sure confident woman. An honour to meet you.Thank you for being your bold YOU and making a real change. #brandingyou #beingyou #beinspired #beautyandbrains #blackfamalesolicitors #leaderschanginglives #confidenceamidstcriticism #chancerylane #london #breakingbarriers #positivevibesonly #beboldforchange #carolinenewman #thelawsociety

There’s one place in particular, in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, that has a really distinctive feel and personality and that is 'shouben-yokochou' or known as 'piss alley'

Check out my Japan vlogs - link in bio

"For me, volunteering for a million things is also a pride thing. It’s an ugly thing to admit. But it’s a flaw I am so unfortunately aware of. I see a need, and I know I can fill it. I see how something could be more successful, and I step up to lead it. I’m a “fixer”. I have a subconscious need to prove my worth. Except, this is the complete opposite of why and how God wants His people to serve in His kingdom. If it’s about how “I” can fix something, then it’s probably worth taking a step back, because God’s kingdom is all about surrender. God fixes the broken….not us. Ministry is hard because so many “good” things are capable of derailing the purity of God’s message. Sacrificial love is fully intended to be our motivation, but that sacrificial love is meant to refer to Jesus….the only one who could do it all for us, with grace. Does God call us to sacrifice things in our lives? Yes. But those sacrifices don’t save us and they don’t save others and they don’t save ministries….they are only meant to remind us of God’s ultimate sacrifice at the cross."
New post by contributor @handwashedingrace on finding the balance in life and ministry by hearing God before making a commitment is now up on our blog. Click on our link in bio to read it. Happy Saturday!

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