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During my semester in Spain, I took a class called Strategies in Fashion Communication. It was essentially a marketing class, but it made me fall in love with the fashion industry. But that love didn’t come without a price: that same semester, I probably bought an entire closet’s worth of new clothes. No kidding: an. entire. closet’s. worth.
It was only when I got back to Manila did I realize: man, I have too many clothes. And somewhere along the way I realized buying all these brand new clothes from fast fashion brands wasn’t a responsible way to live (both financially and environmentally).
I’ve been pretty low key about this part of my life, mostly because I was probably ashamed of having bought so much so irresponsibly.
But now, nearly a year later, I’m nearly at my #capsulecloset goals and it’s time for me to share the #sustainablefashion cause with you.
To date, I’ve been purging my closet, either selling, donating, or recycling but never just throwing away. One thing I can’t forget from that Fashion Marketing class was how much textile this industry uses up, and that’s not without consequence.
So I hope you do the same. Either sell, donate, or recycle your old clothes instead of tossing them into the trash.
That’s probably why it’s been nothing but a huge, huge honor to be with @carousell.ph tomorrow at their Treasure Market bazaar — because I’m sure the event will show just how amazing it is to give a second chance to secondhand.
If you’re looking for new outfits but in a sustainable (and more affordable way), please do give this event a shot! You might stumble upon priceless finds, but you definitely won’t leave without making great memories.

I absolutely love these photos of Sammy performing her hip hop solo this week! So much swagger 😎

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self-motivated 🕴💴💵💶💷💸🏃‍♂️

💗Instead Of Wishing You Were Someone else or wanted what Other People Have, Be Grateful for What You Do Have!💗 •

For Me its Hard To Except Myself for Who I Truly Am- A Fun, Bright, Beautiful Girl Who Loves Jesus! I look At Other People Thinking why dont i look like them?! Or why do they have different things than me? But the Truth Is- No Matter What you Have, What You Look Like, Or what You Want to Be, Your Different and Special in Your own Beautiful Way! And No One Should Judge You For Being PERFECTLY YOU!💗😜 •

One Thing That Helps Me Over Come This Is Being Around People Who Inspire You And Love You For Who Your Meant To Be! Being Different is Okay, and You Should Love Yourself For That!💗 #beyou #selflove #yourbeautiful #beinspired #yourperfectlyyou #pnw Tagging Some Of The People Who Inspire Me The Most! Who Inspires You?! Tell Me in The Comments Below!💗

Funny story for my IG people... I totally manifested my day! From the first pic to the last! I had a grueling day of travel, yes I was only coming to San Francisco, LMAO!!! So Cal to Nor Cal, literally took me 10.5 freaking hours!!!!!!! I should've drove! I took advantage and studied for the business, learned a lot, knew quite a bit actually. I do A LOT of networking already just a bit differently. When I FINALLY departed Burbank after plane FAILURE, FAILURE!!!! OH GOODIE 😂😂 I'm in the city by the Bay, met a lot of great 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, met some cool 🐕 and when I finally got to my 🏨 The magic happened! The moral of the story is; No matter how shitty your day is, if you stay positive and put all the good out to the universe, the universe gives all the good and 💚🌿💜 right back to you. #breatheinthegoodshit #exhalethebullshit #namaste #beinspired #beyou #perseverance #manifestation

Contemplating on life has been taking up all my time lately. All the physical and emotional pain I've been and going through made me stronger. Maybe God has allowed my paths to be difficult so I'll be more prepared for the amazing things to come. I feel a greater sense of purpose now. 🌊

Life could get ruff sometimes, but don't let it change you. 🙏

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Wake Up & #BeInspired GOOD MORNING CT•°∆

Too many times we get all hung up on the past and the way things were, instead we should look into the future with hopeful eyes and implement a change.

👔i had a great time at PROM last night with friends dancing to some music! what's your fave song to get down to?? i know i love jamming to God's Plan by drake. COMMENT BELOW what your favorite dance song is.. 🔇📻🔊🎧
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Okay I just couldn't resist that picture when I saw it :)
Just like our bodies cannot have enough strength to carry on day to day activities if starved, so also our minds would not serve us well if starved. You need to feed your mind, with new ideas, new knowledge, new empowering thoughts. .
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