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Here is a little #throwbackthursday for you ❤ uncomfortable vs confident ❤ unhealthy vs heathy ❤️ unhappy vs happy ❤️ obese vs fit ❤️ this journey to me is more then just looking good I know that as I lost weight I was treated better, I was spoken to better, people smiled at me more your whole life will change as you loose weight inside of you outside of you and the world around you! I will admit I feel sad inside that I get treated better because I look better I wish this world didn't judge as they did! It's no different than the story you hear of a poor man versus a man in a suit walking into a store often the poor man will be ignored while the man in the suit will get immediate attention! What I'm trying to say is that while it is amazing to get so much more attention you have to watch out for the kind of attention that you're getting those who stuck with you through thick and thin and love to you either way are the ones that you need by your side! #throwbackthursday #thursdaymotivation #weightlosscoach #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossstory #massiveweightloss #dothisforyourself #loveyourself #beingwhoyouare #fromthegroundup #naturalweightloss #allnatural

"Just be yourself and let ur personality reflect ur style,

When I was working away, slaving away my time away, sucking up to my dad, working my soul away
Not knowing any different since as old as I was born
I never realised that it was actually possible to be here on my own terms
It doesn't matter where you are
It just matter that you live every day as much as you love it, embracing all experiences & making life more attractive.. #beingwhoyouare

That's what I think anyway

How many more hours have to pass you by before the realisation that this life is Yours & having a conscious choice as to what fears you overcome, what ambitions ya set forth on towards a life of fulfilment & experiences
For who You are as a person can simply inspire 1 person that

Makes all the pain, of not knowing, not controlling
Letting the flow of life live your adventure
Become the change you wanna see with the world

Subconsciously granting permission to others doing likewise
I never believed this was possible
Up until just over 1 year ago I had never travelled further than 100 miles away from my home town
Now I have been to Abu Dhabi, America 3 times & now Bali,
All because of a choice
It's not the place which makes the difference it's the people & the people coming into my life now
From me being me
Is quite Outstanding.
You are made for adventure
Life that is awesome
Even if it's not like now

I was that shy guy, who thought I was stuck, in a life already pre-determined without my choice
Realising we all have a choice to face our fears & go do ANYTHING
because life is an adventure & you can go & check more of mine out over on facebook for more
I more so encourage Y'all to go out there & live life that is the adventure
Your own adventure
Because for me at least #worthit


Same color for cup, fingernails and earrings 🎀 What a coincidence😂


Just looove this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt! ❤️ It inspires me everyday. Who's your inspiration?

Oh, how true!! Sometimes we think we're running out of our last drop of patience, though! #patience #patienceisavirtue #bedowntoearth #attitudeiseverything #attitude #beclassy #beingtrue #beingwhoyouare

Same color for cup, fingernails and earrings 🎀 What a coincidence😂

You're responsible for the energy you put out but you're never responsible for how they see it! Stay true to you.#selflove #selfconfidence #selfworth #selfpride #selflove #selfesteem #beingauthentic #beingrealtooneself #beingoriginal #beingwhoyouare

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