"Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.Keep your behavior positive, because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your Values.Keep your Values positive, because your Values become your destiny." It's super important to keep your thoughts positive and here is why.❤💁🌻 #thursdazevibes #thoughts #wordsofwisdom #behavior #process #habit #action #values #destiny #model #modellife #fashiongirl #workout #latinagirl #latina #calif.

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Morso D’Amore (Bite of Love): upending classic expectations of a tarantella, a dance rooted in the traditions of Southern Italy during the 15th to 17th centuries. To cure the body of the poisonous bite of the tarantula —a spider with varying mythic abilities to infect its victims with melancholia, aggression or erotic behavior—

Private Retreats with Dr. Simone are highly personalized experiences in which Neuro-linguistic programming and other forms of integrative psychology and physiology manipulation techniques are used to effect change at the subconscious level. Sessions are exciting and unique - with techniques like emotional freedom tapping, anchoring, visualization, present moment awareness, directed relaxation exercises and laughter are all working together to awaken your subconscious mind to more easily welcome change! Are you ready for the 2018 Self Esteem Conference!
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Are Narcissists Aware of What They're Doing?

#MorganFreeman issues an #apology for his #indecent #behavior saying "It wasn't my intent. . ."

Rumination as defined by the late Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Ph.D. is the compulsively focused attention on the symptoms of one’s distress and on its possible causes and consequences as opposed to its solutions.  In other words its when you can’t stop thinking of the aspects of an experience or a situation that were upsetting. 💥
You are not just noticing the negatives about a situation but you are continually experiencing them.  So you are living and reliving the experience.  When you dwell on all of the real or perceived disastrous moments you re trigger all the emotions that came with the experience.  Emotions come and go - but focusing on the situation makes them ever present and when they are chronically elevated that causes stress.  Prolonged periods of stress can lead to depression and anxiety.  Dwelling on negative experiences is associated with different forms of self harm including binging on food or alcohol.
Reflection is good, learning from your mistakes is wise and an adaptive survival strategy but brooding is just self judgement with no end.  When we have trained our minds to engage in this cycle it can feel like we are stuck. You can make progress in this are but it takes time and effort.  You will not be perfect at it and it will be tempting to look at setbacks as further confirmation for your ineptness.  Breaking the habit of ruminating and not accepting these thoughts as “truth” is the most powerful thing you can do.
1. Be compassionate - if you feel yourself beating yourself up, take a moment to listen to the words you are telling yourself.  Would you say that to a friend?  A child or loved one?
2. When emotion is threatening to crash over you like a huge wave identify what the emotion is.  I feel scared, I feel angry  Take the emotion, feel it, identify it and intellectualize it and see the emotion for what it is, a passing signal telling you what you need to
3. If you are dwelling on the past bring your focus and attention to the present.  Where are you right now?  Engage your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) to observe your surroundings and bring you back to the present moment

Pegando gancho dessa greve dos caminhoneiros, vamos falar um pouco sobre escassez neste e nos próximos posts
Com essa loucura nos postos de gasolina, podemos observar de perto como a escassez gera um comportamento de urgência nas pessoas e alterações significativas nos preços. É a curva de oferta x demanda dando aquela oscilada forte 🙂
O marketing utiliza este conceito há muito tempo para aumentar a conversão, seja por um determinado período ou para um produto específico. O sentimento do "precisamos adquirir este serviço/produto antes que ele acabe!!!" é extremamente poderoso
No livro Influence, Robert Cialdini classifica a escassez em dois tipos: a escassez por tempo (LTS - limited-time scarcity) e a escassez por quantidade (LQS - limited-quantity scarcity). A primeira, a LTS, possui uma mensagem voltada para o período. O famoso "é só hoje" ou "somente neste final de semana".
Já a mensagem da escassez por quantidade, a LQS, é focada no término do produto: "somente 3 em estoque" (que é diferente do "até quando durar estoque"), ou "somente 2 quartos disponíveis" são exemplos desta mensagem (alô Booking!!)

A escassez cria um senso de urgência nos compradores, que passam a realizar menos buscas por produtos similares, aumentando as vendas e até mesmo a satisfação do consumidor diante do produto adquirido ❤️Em um estudo interessante, os entrevistados que foram informados de que haveria uma escassez de carne bovina no futuro próximo compraram o dobro da quantidade de carne bovina em comparação com os entrevistados que não receberam tal mensagem (Knishinsky, 1982). Em outro, West (1975) mostra que os entrevistados que foram informados de que não poderiam comer no refeitório nas próximas duas semanas devido a um incêndio deram um relato mais positivo da comida da cafeteria
No caso dos combustíveis temos também um outro fator importante: as outras pessoas. Diante da escassez de quantidade ou por tempo, a influência social alteraria o comportamento das pessoas? O que vocês acham?
Próximo post tem mais 😉
Se tiverem experiências na empresas de vocês, compartilhem com a gente :)

We’re all guilty of being a little #passiveaggressive sometimes. It’s hard for many of us to be upfront about what’s bothering us! And so, we resort to other, sneakier ways of getting back at the people who we feel wronged us. Passive-aggression can be tricky. It is shrouded in politeness; it’s also intentionally ambiguous.

Sometimes its hard for even one’s self to know that we are being passive-aggressive. But are our actions a little meaner than we might make them out to be? Do you know anyone that isn’t outright insulting to you, but rubs you the wrong way at times? .
#People may not tell you how they feel about you, but they always show you. Pay attention.
#Positive vs #Negative #Behavior #MindOverMatter #MindSet be #Better not #Bitter just #BeGreat

Honored to be representing @malanational today at the design intersections conference. Thank you to our friends @wbezchicago. #design #data #datasets #behavior #analytics #algorithm #human #humanity #storytelling

Pare de colocar a culpa toda na genética. “Fulano é assim porque o pai também é.” Não necessariamente.
Fatores ambientais tem maior parcela de responsabilidade, ou seja, a forma como a pessoa vive influencia muito mais do que a genética em si. Os fatores genéticos não devem ser descartados, obviamente, mas não são os vilões.
#psicologia #analisedocomportamento #humanismo #acp #behavior #terapia #genetica #fatoresambientais

Faith is an action word! You must display a strong work ethic to activate it...
You can have FAITH, Pray BIG, and Trust GOD all day long but you still have to do the work! You CAN’T Skip “THE WORK” Period.
James 2:17
“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” #faith #trustgod #god #jesus #churgflow #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #good #love #positivity #positivevibes #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #action #behavior #joy #christianvalues #peace #goodlife #blessed #blessup

Communication is so important, and it starts in the home. A powerful way to build your child's character and confidence is to make them feel, heard and respected. Especially as kids get older, they become more aware of our "democratic" society...they equate "fairness" with "having a voice." Teaching your child that their voice, feelings, and opinions matter, is a skill that they will not only internalize, but will generalize to those around them. This article gives you some great tips for where to start...💗 @ttmnb_parent_coaching #communicationiskey
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