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" Lawd ah mercy...
Gyal dem have de face
Gyal dem have de figure
Remind me a de Benz an de Lexxus an de Bimmer.." 🎵🎵 ~Bounty Killa

Can we tell you how impressive your posts have been so far? Seriously! You guys are killing it!
For Day 8 of #BackBendingBeauties we bring you this variation of #urdhvadhanurasana but on the forearm and with spider legs. Think of it as forearm wheel with the legs wide apart.
Show us your favorite variations💃

See the complete list of poses for the challenge below.

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#backbendingbeauties 8/15-8/26
1. Wheel Pose
2. Hovering drop back
3. Crescent lunge backbend
4. Single leg camel
5. 1 leg King Pigeon
6. Kapotasana
7. Fallen dancer
8. Forearm wheel with spider legs
9. Inverted tip toe bow.
10. Handstand scorpion
11. Head stand holloback
12. Extended cobra with lifted legs

#loveandalliscoming #takecareofyourself .
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Did you know that the disuse of the the gluteus muscles can lead to them atrophying, which in turn could cause back ache? That was the case for me when I saw a physiotherapist for my persistent back ache many years ago. So peeps, start strengthening those bum muscles. By doing so, you free up the other muscles which have been compensating for the weak bum, to do what they were originally meant to do, which in turn means you get stronger in the right places.
Steps 1-6 show three basic movements that's doable for most beginners who have never tried specific booty drills. Feel free to tailor it accordingly, increasing or decreasing the number of reps, even adding pulses. Working on glutes is the most satisfying part of any workout for me. Haha. Perky booty ftw! 😆
#RuthsYogaTips #barre #core
I had a video to accompany this slide but IG is refusing to upload it. I will put it up on my stories instead.

How to do WILD THING ⚡️ Camatkarasana 🕉 Not only is this a fun pose to do, but when done correctly it strengthens the muscles around the shoulder, as well as the muscular stabilizers of the wrist and elbow, and helps teach balance. Plus it has a slight backbend, and will help open up the front body.
• Muscles around the shoulder draw slightly away from the side body and externally rotated to help stabilize the head of the humerus in the shoulder socket.
• Shoulders draw away from the neck (with the help of the lower portion of the traps) and opens the chest. • Balancing arm is straight and strong with the help of the triceps
• Core stays engaged to balance the arch in the back
• Outer glutes work to lift the hips, as the foot with the straight leg presses into the floor, stabilizing and lifting the lower half of the pose. • Quads are active, straightening the knee
• Try not to depend on the leg that's bent behind because you want to work your way up to floating that back leg 😊💪🏽.
• When done correctly, there is a nice arched line from the heel of the grounded leg up to the fingertips of the reaching arm. -
• There is no rooting or rising. The pose is heavy because the shoulder muscles, glutes, outer hips, quads, abs, and back muscles are not working to press into the ground and lift the body. -
Take your practice to the next level with my online courses! Go to 👉🏽👉🏽 courses.ActionJacquelyn.com -
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Outfit @aloyoga

After a few delays and twists in the road I am so pleased to finally have the studio ready for action 😁😁
Group classes will start the beginning of September 🎉🎉 an updated class schedule will be posted asap.
Online classes resume this week so to all my regulars and those who were inquiring about starting in August contact via private message to book in your appointment 👍
Hypnotherapy is still available a domicile and also at the Level Up Yoga Therapy Studio. ✌️❤️✨
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Tag your best friend! #PartnerYoga
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| Balance is BS

Yes you read that correctly....
There is no such thing as work life balance!
Tell me if this sounds familiar… Your iPhone alarm goes off. You pick up the phone, snooze the alarm and read through all of your notifications. Then you rush to get in the shower. "I'll go for a run (gym, yoga) tomorrow" you say to yourself..Start yelling at the kids to stop playing around and get ready. You finish getting yourself ready while still yelling at the kids to get ready. You pack lunches for them and get them out the door. You're late, you barely acknowledge your husband as you walk out the door and you realize that you didn't eat. So you grab a bagel telling yourself that "tomorrow I'll cut carbs"..
You get to work and realize that you forgot to pack a lunch for lunch for yourself. You'll have pizza again just one more time and "tomorrow I'll pack lunch"... you finish your day go pick up the kids and taxi around for two hours. You're starving. And the only thing that is in your car is a half eaten pop tart in the backseat. You get home and now you have to figure out what you're going to make for dinner. You throw something together with whatever's in your fridge. The chaos continues until you finally crash into bed only to start all over again tomorrow.
This used to be me. There were days where I wanted to just get into my car and drive and not look back. I have finally turned that around. .
What's the solution? It's not trying to balance it all it's trying to find some integration. This is your life! You have to try to integrate all aspects so that it runs a little more smoothly. Are there days that go by that you ask yourself what the heck did I do today?
I just created a task tracker. It's quite the eye-opening exercise! I'll link to it for a few days in my bio. After that it will be available on my website. And of course, if you want to learn how to live a more stress-free life. Reach out to me


So thankful for the little crickets and owls who sang me a song well the sky danced. Thank you beautiful creatures.. Side note:
Camping with some amazing friends for the Eclipse was such a gift. I have so much love in my life. I send all that love back to you. Whoever you are reading this. You are magic, I believe we all will achive something magnificent. Set your scopes on hope.
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Day 8 of #YogiHowdYouDoThat2 is #dontmesswiththishorse pose. Wow, this was hard for me. Lots of things twisting, most of them not nearly enough, lol. ➰🐎.
. 👯👯Hosts:

Sweating it out during a rare mid-day quick deck sesh. Day 3 of #babygotbackbends is #camelpose. This used to feel so awkward to me but lately it has become one of my favorites. 🐪🐫.
Big thanks to our lovely bendy hosts: @abby_yogi @ninas_yoga @mclainyoga @alleeyogi and @beccithehuman 🙏.
And Generous Sponsors: @anapoenergy @baekiiara @deeplegs @onetribeapparel @plexus.co .

#transformationtuesday with king pigeon 😁😁😁😁 right is me in June of this year(2017) when I just learned how to flip my grip with only one hand and left is me in August of this year with flip grip in both hands! I really love the yinyang thing I've got going on. Daily Practice is everything!
#yogaeveryblessedday #asana
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Busy summer and visitors have made it hard to get to a local #yogaclass lately! Thankful for #youtubeyoga , but excited to go to one tonight!
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When the whole world is crazy, it doesn't pay to be sane.
― Terry Goodkind, The Pillars of Creation
Day 22 of #DontCallMeBaby and its not perfect but I managed to cobble together some sort of tuck in #PinchaMayurasana/#ForearmBalance. I did try to lift up more to straighten out but this is hard. I had another angle that looked like I was straighter but you couldn't tell I wasn't touching the wall. I have seen the future with @cyogalab's next poses and suffice it to say, there will be #modifyordie. ✌🏾😁

First time upside down in 10 days!!! Took a yoga break while preparing for and then spending a week showing horses 😳Not long now and B will be heading back to school, and I hope I can get back into a routine.. until then I'll just keep squeezing it in when I can 😳😂😊 #beginneryoga #yogamom #yoga #yogiintraining #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #fitmom #fitlife #fitnessgoals #headstand #headstandfever #yogalife #yogalover #practice #homepractice

Day 3 of #FlowToWheelPose - #cobrapose 🐍
✨Special Guest Host:
1. Warm up ✔️
2. Standing cobra (or shoulder stretch on the wall)✔️
3. Cobra pose or Upward Dog✔️
4. Puppy pose or Splat on the wall
5. Locust or Bow pose
6. Low Lunge with backbend and Quads stretch
7. Wild thing
8. Handstand on the wall (kicks, push-ups, hollowback)
9. Camel pose
10. Bridge pose
11. Wheel pose
12. Flow
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Get a FREE crystal necklace, charged in yesterday's solar eclipse with your purchase from the Yoganomalous Shop and save 10% using code ECLIPSE17, sale ends today. Check out the shop for handmade yoga mats, wheels, blocks and more! Link in bio ♡

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Wall bar>>มันแค่ตึงๆ ไม่ได้เจ็บเลยจิงจิ้งงง😣✌🏻

time to practise do yoga so stretching the lower back and hamstring with headstand ... i'm a bit tired because all day just we are packing and wrapping everything from house awww moving on so we have a lot of to do things but almost finished 😂👌💪👍#happyyogi #yoga #yogapractice #yogapracticeeveryday #beginneryoga #hamstrings #haedstand

Because we can always get better and because I love headstand. @celiayogamama @lsdreamfleur ? #Repost @journey2yoga (@get_repost)
I'm hosting my first challenge!!🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽 Please consider joining in on the fun! •
We are thrilled to announce the #HeadingToHeadstands challenge
Are you ready to explore headstands? Are you ready to build strength and confidence to enter this inversion safely? Or are you simply looking for cues to strengthen your headstand and have all the fun?
Please join us from 22nd to 31st August as we are diving deeper to explore the King of All Asanas. We will build a safe foundation before playing with different variations. All levels are welcome!


For those of you who would like to plan ahead, here are the challenge poses in order of posting:

1. Forward Fold
2. Downward Dog
3. Plank Pose
4. Dolphin Pose
5. Boat Pose
6. Wide-Legged Forward Fold
7. Crow/Crane Pose
8. Bound Headstand variation
9. Tripod Headstand variation
10. Wide-Arm headstand variation

How to play:
-Repost this flyer and tag some friends to play with you
-Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag each in your daily posts
-Don't forget to tag #HeadingToHeadstands in your posts
-Make sure your account is public so we can see your posts
-Have fun, be safe & spread some love
#yogachallenge #yogachallenges #augustyogachallenge #headstand #headstands #sirsasana #inversion #inversions #beginneryoga #beginneryogi

เวลาค้างท่า อย่าลืมหายใจ จะได้ฝึกสมาธิ ฝึกสติไปพร้อมกับการเคลื่อนไหวของร่างกายและจิตใจ โยคะวันละนิดจิตแจ่มใสนะจ๊ะ #myyogajourney #loveyoga #yogapose #yogapractice #yogaforlife #beginneryoga #healthylife

I am not afraid of showing people how wonderful yoga is. There are so many benefits to yoga. Allow me to show you. #heidiwaltyoga #yoga #beginneryoga

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