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This is one of my favorite poses because it is one of the most effective hip openers. 🙌🏽 It also stretches the front body, abdomen, groin, and psoas.
Correct ✅😁:
• Arch of foot is flat on the floor (not to the side).
• Hips are square and level. This starts with your back foot. You can tuck your back toes under to help spiral your thigh down.
• Thigh spirals down. This will position your hips to the correct level. Your knee should facing the floor, not the side.
• Shoulders are level, because the hips are level.
Incorrect ❌😝:
• Back foot is laying on it's side. This will throw off the entire pose.
• Hips are not square or level. Since the back foot is laying on it's side, it is rolling the entire leg in the wrong direction.
• Thigh is spiraling outwards, causing the knee to facing sideways, and this is also putting your knee at risk.
• Shoulders are not level, because the hips are not level.
• • • • •
Photo/caption by @actionjacquelyn 💙

🌴#Dandasana#StaffPose or #StickPose on 👉@yogaalignment .
#beginneryoga with @yoga.with.en 👈
🙋Today's #AlignwithEN How-To is about a great posture building asana:
👉Dandasana or Staff Pose👈
↪↪Dandasana from the outside looks simple, I mean how hard is sitting right?
I can say that the first time I was cued into a proper aligned Dandasana i was shocked by how difficult it was to hold. This is a great asana to practise at home to improve your posture. When you are sitting on the couch watching TV slide down onto the floor and see how long you can hold your Dandasana. You will be pleasantly surprised that it gets easier and easier as you practise and you will eventually find yourself sitting up a little straighter in your day to day life.↩↩
🙌Here are my Dos and Don'ts for Improving your Dandasana🙌
🔸Gaze focused out front, neck aligned with spine
🔸Chest open and shoulders down and back away from the ears 🔸Core engaged 🔸Sit bones back and grounded 🔸Activate the quads by internally rotating the thighs 🔸Feet flexed 🔸Place a rolled up mat or towel under the edge of the butt to accommodate tight hips 🔸Have a friend help➡ sometimes its hard to tell if our backs our straight, have a friend tell you when you are aligned and try and remember how it feels for the next time you are practising alone.
🔹Look down at the feet creating a kink in the neck
🔹Close the chest and round the spine
🔹Shrug the shoulders towards the ears➡ you will hear the cue to lift up and elongate the spine, lift through the crown not the shoulders!
🔹Leave the legs and core disengaged➡ this leads to a weak base and will cause the upper body to slump
🔹Let your feet dangle out to the side➡ A flexed foot is vital in this asana to build our posture 🔹Get discouraged! If you can only hold Dandasana for 2 breaths at first that's fine, keep working and eventually it will become like second nature!
🔊Always remember to listen to your body, yoga is a journey that doesn't happen overnight. By practicing within our limits we will avoid injury and reach our goals in due time.💪
Any you interested in seeing more? Let me know in the comments! ☐ .

Pointed toes don’t just look pretty 💁🏻‍♀️ They encourage the leg muscles to engage and switch on 🔆 When the legs are engaged they’re working FOR you, helping lift you up or open you up. Otherwise they’re just dead weight—and the legs are pretty heavy so that’s a lot of extra weight you’re having to work with!

Try this in your next practice, and not just with these three postures but with your handstand kicks or lifting your legs up in your headstand. Use your powerful leg muscles to take you further in your postures!

You’ll see that you have a lot of strength you didn’t know you possessed already there ready and waiting
• • • • •
Photo/caption by @adellbridges 💙

**Handstand Lessons!**
Have friends who wanna learn? Tag them! 👈🏻

People often ask me about my warm up routine, and how you can start to practice handstands. Well, here it is! •
I always(!) start by warming up my shoulders and wrists. These are two of the most vulnerable body parts that tend to acquire injury, so always warm them up! Always. Always. Several minutes of wrists and several of shoulders - I typically spend at least 15 minutes warming up before my first handstand

I've given you 4 of my favorite wall exercises to build the strength and form in handstand. Practice some or all of them consistently and you WILL handstand! Hold these for.. as long as you can! It differs for everybody. Just remember, the more you practice and the more consistent you are, the more progress you'll make. Once you feel you have the strength, leave the wall and find balance on your own. •
*IMPORTANT* I've also given you a dance at the end because handstands don't mean anything if you're not enjoying life. So, enjoy! •
*note* notice my lower back is never arched, work that tailbone towards your heals and always be engaging your core 💪🏻*
#yoga @yoga

How I very first learned to.... #PinchaMayurasana aka #ForearmStand
1. Measure placement of arms by reaching for outside edges of elbows. Extend forward, palms down, and fingers spread wide to create stability.
2. Stand legs up and walk them in until you're high on your tiptoes. Firmly press shoulders away from ground (at this point you'll feel them want to dip down-find your strength) Gaze stays around 12" in front of you. 👀
3. Extend one leg up first. Bring it as close to vertical was possible before lifting other leg.
4. Give a GENTLE kick with lower leg to lift up while upper leg slowly moves overhead for counterbalance. (This will take a while so try a few times with proper form and then rest a few breaths. Shoulders will fatigue so give them a break and then try again)
5. Once you find some airtime bend top leg followed by bottom to create STAG LEGS. (This was the easiest way for my to first find balance as you can sway a bit and use legs to help with balance) *GOLDEN TICKET* 🎟 (for me) The gaze!! Really try and look as far in front of you as you can. If you look too close to your hands your weight will stack too much in your legs and you'll go over into forearm wheel. Once I brought my gaze far enough forward it change my balance point dramatically!! Let me know if this helps you all ease into this inversion! It's definitely tough and I've heard for some that they don't nail until AFTER handstand!

I think “enemy” is a strong and powerful word. One that gets thrown around to easily.
I have never had an enemy, only people who have done me wrong, and I am grateful for everyone who has hurt me.
You may be thinking “why”, “huh?” “How so?”. I’m grateful because each person that has done me wrong has also helped me grow stronger. They have also shown me paths that I don’t want to journey down again, and have helped me learned that I don’t have to build walls, just respect.
Yesterday was day 4 of #thegratitudelensproject “how are you grateful for your enemies?” Choose any bind pose you’d like❤️ Host

In a world of sink or swim I'm definitely doing both. Like a bouy in stormy waters bobbing down and coming back up. At least I hope I'm a bouy, those things always ultimately float right? Sometimes I think I get tangled in the things below and it takes me a while to resurface. There have been major changes this year, both good and bad. A good one being this Instagram account and everything it's brought me, but also there have been bad things. Not like regular, every day bad like spilling your coffee, but heavy bad, irreversible bad, life altered kind of bad. The things that keep me tangled underneath the surface for a while. I'm dealing with it to the best of my ability, but it's phases, like waves, a good period where I'm relatively ok, and can actually be productive, and then I sink back down again and can't seem to accomplish anything. Fucking up all my deadlines. I know it's life, I know I need to feel it, ride it out. It'll get better in time, I mean some things will get worse before they get better, but in the grand scheme I trust I'll be ok. But all the same, even with that knowledge, it's still the heaviest feeling when you're just below the surface and can't take a breath.

✨Beginner AcroYoga - How to Bow and variation✨
Time for another one! Get assisted with this juicy backbend bow pose (danurasana) upside down with a partner!
For flyers:
- bridge pose
- low cobra
- bow pose
For bases:
- forward fold
- flat back - happy baby .
Steps to get in:
1. Flyers walk in close to base’s feet, grab base’s ankles and place feet on beltline
2. Bases bend knees to receive flyer’s weight, then scoop with heel to press legs to straight
3. Flyers backbend over base’s feet still holding onto the ankles, stag one knee into chest
4. When this feels solid, let the hands drift to the side
5. Flyers slowly bend knees and grab onto ankles
FOR BOW with one leg up
6. Grab one ankle with both hands (thread one hand through base’s legs) and send other leg straight up to the sky.
Important to note that the base’s hands stay up either touching or hovering by the flyer’s shoulders as the first spot! Always use a spotter for your first tries in these moves ❤️
Both of us wearing @aloyoga 👗

✨ Yoga Stretches For Deeper Backbends ✨ There's a short class with these poses now up on my YouTube channel - The link is in my bio 🙏🏻 Hold each pose for at least 5-10 breaths. #omniyogagirltips
* Reclined Hero Pose
Stretches the abdomen, thighs & deep hip flexors. The feet are on the outside of your hips, with the tops of the feet in contact with the mat. Use a block or bolster under your hips or back if the stretch is too intense.
* Low Lunge Pose
Releases tension in the hips, & stretches the hip flexors & groin. Keep the front knee tracking over the foot & focus on sinking the hips down.
* Low Lunge with Twist
A deeper stretch for the quads & hip flexors. Twist towards your back leg, & take hold of your back foot. Pull the foot towards your torso & press your hips forward.
* Puppy Pose with a Prop
Opens the chest & shoulders. Place your hands on a yoga wheel or block & keep your hips over your knees as you relax down with your chest.
* Shoulder Stretch at the Wall
As above, but with a deeper stretch. Stand at a leg’s length from the wall with your hands at shoulder height, & let your chest sink down.
* Cobra Pose
Strengthens the spine, & stretches the chest & shoulders. Begin with the hands under the shoulders & press your pubic bone into the mat as you extend upwards. Pull the shoulder blades back & down.
* Bow Pose
Stretches the entire front body & strengthens the back muscles. Take hold of your ankles & use the strength of the legs to push the feet into your hands to create the bend.
* Chest Stretch
Stretches the upper chest & shoulders. Place a block under your shoulder blades & just let yourself relax into the stretch. ✨
Leggings: @re3life #re3 #re3life
Wheel: @shaktiyogawheelbyjess ⭐️ Use discount code omniyoga ⭐️
Mat: @liforme
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Things aren’t always as they seem, do your best not to assume, take time to learn for everyone is on a journey 🙏⠀

📷: @inspiredyogistore loving this black and white shot of yogi life 🙌🏼⠀

You can find me somewhere in between inspiring others. Working on myself , dodging negativity, and slaying my goals.
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Day 3 of #thankfulbends is #tigerpose
🌹 Lovely hosts:
🌹 Awesome sponsors:
*picking TWO winners*
one $100 gift card and one warrior mat!
🌹 List of poses:

Crescent lunge 👌
half bow 👌
tiger 👌
king pigeon
forearm wheel
straight legged wheel
wild thing
#vroyoga #yogalover #yogaeveryday #yogini #backbend #backbendpractice #yogajourney #yogapose #asana #bendsoidontbreak #yogamom #yogafit #igyogafam #yogaddict #yogini #beginneryoga #yogaismylife #exercisedaily #yogapractice #workout

ในขณะที่เพื่อนในคลาสกำลังตั้งใจฝึกนั้น...😆😆😆 #th #thai #asian #yoga #beginneryoga

#ashtangayogabeyond Day 12 #warriorpose or #virabhadrasana 🍁 This challenge definitely made me think and try plenty of new things, and I am grateful 🙏🏻 #lookinoutmybackdoor 🍂 ❤️ thank you to hosts @markrobberds @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial and sponsors @liquidoactive @omstarsofficial @ohmmeapparel

I have tried #firecrow before as well but doing it on the forearms is a completely different experience.
Loved this one.
Day 6 #forearmfanatics
1. Forearm Wild Thing✔
2. Baby Crow✔
3. Forearm Flying Warrior✔
4. Half Lotus Dolphin Pose✔
5. Forearm Tiger Pose✔
6. Funky Firecrow✔
7. Forearmstand

#pincha #novemberyogachallenge #yogachallenge #igyogachallenges @igyogachallenges #yogamom #beginnersyoga #beginneryoga #yogainspiration #forearmfriday #forearmstand #yogastrong #yogaeveryday #yogapractice

Hello #ForearmFanatics and welcome to our final day 💔 (Saturday)
This challenge has been so fun! Everyone’s posts have been so fun to look/read through 😍
Today we have #forearmstand 💪
Take any variation of this you like best! Feel free to use #paulthewall or do a forearm headstand instead! ☺️
1. Forearm Wild Thing 👹
2. Baby Crow 🐣
3. Forearm Flying Warrior 🤺
4. Half Lotus Dolphin Pose 🐬
5. Forearm Tiger Pose 🐯
6. Funky Firecrow 🔥🐦
7. Forearmstand 💪
@fourseeapparel - my tank! Use “AshtangaMama to save $$)
@pogamat - my mat! Use “AshtangaMamaX to save $$)
@re3life - my leggings! #RE3 #RE3life
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Come by your neighborhood donation based studio this weekend!
Saturday Classes:
8:30am Mindfulness Meditation with @jbaeyoga
9:30am Soul Flow with @wilsonholts
11:00am Yoga for Beginners with @begoodkarma
12:30pm Family Yoga with @klight816 & @jbaeyoga
Sunday Classes
9:30am Afro Funk Flow with @chasedestinee
5:00pm Chill Flow with @vibrant.thangg
Women's Community Hour Canceled
8:00pm Hatha Flow with @lalatv 🙏🏾
All classes are by recommended donation of $10-$15, give from your heart, no yogi turned away for limited funds. .
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Day 5 #layyourfoundation one legged pigeon pose. I tried this with a pillow because in reading the tutorials, I realized I was "floating". The pillow was effective and allowed me to sink into this pose better.
Hosts: @shiziks
#beginneryoga #learningyoga
#gettingstronger #inflexibleyogis

#RevolvedChairTwist or #ParivrttaUtkatasana 🙏❤️📿 press your upper arm against your thigh, palms press against each other, exhale and twist deeply in the direction of your upper arm shoulder #AcroVinyasa yoga challenge day 17 with @acrovinyasa @yogabeyond @aloyoga

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