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Day 10 of #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga this class is all focussed on Low back and hips standing poses, this may look like I'm just simply twisting the lower part of my body lol but believe me it's a lot harder than it looks, I was truly amazed at how good this felt as this class was a big help to me as it helped me to loosen my lower back and as I have tight hips this one really hit the spot and made a big difference and enabled me to get into this pose by doing everything before hand. What I'm trying to do is make sure as I get into this position is make sure my right ankle as it turns is flat which made this more harder and a challenge but I'm lucky that my yoga teacher @jessroseyoga makes it so much fun and simple to understand and does not put any pressure on you to push further as that it is not the point it's just simply doing how much your body will allow you to do and I'm not going to lie I have practiced this class a lot as it helps my lower back and hips so much. I love the way Jess Rose teaches her yoga explaining each pose why it benefits you and your body, making it fun at the same time and talks about her experiences with yoga and how it has helped her, never thought i would become a yoga lover but here I an it's completely changing me for the better and i love how I feel after each class and I'm looking forward to day 11. @future.fitness @doyouyoga @nike @niketraining #ThursdayMotivation #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga #JessRose #Yoga #YogaInLife #YogaFitness #YogaInspiration #YogaDaily #YogaEverywhere #Balance #Posture #Flexibility #InvertYourSelf #YogaLover #Challenge #Beautify #Wisdom #Beginner #Spiritual #Goals #YogaEveryday

Day nine of #BeginnersDoYouYoga this class was all focussed about #YogaPosesForBalance personally for me this was a challenge as I do struggle with balance and this class showed but you what I really enjoyed it for many different reasons but two reasons stood out for me the more I did this class the slightly better I got at it and since it's all about a beginners mindset you are encouraged by your teacher and in this case the one and only @jessroseyoga to only do what your body will allow you to do as there is no need to push yourself as that it is not the objective here. I simply just love the way that Jess makes each challenge so much fun and enjoyable and if you are not able to do a pose a certain way Jess will always give you an alternative option so you do not miss out on anything, from this pic you can see that my right leg is low against my left leg as it should be more towards the inside of my left knee but it just me something to work on and get better and better. I love listening to Jess theory of yoga and why each different pose has its own relevance in the yoga world and how it will help you in life, that is one thing i loved about this class as is solely focussed on balance and slowly and slowly it is helping me. #ThursdayMotivation #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga #YogaPoseForBalance #JessRose #Yoga #YogaLover #Beginner #Mindset #Balance #Wisdom #Beautify #Challenge #Life #Flexibility #InvertYourself #YogaDaily #YogaEverywhere #YogaInspiration #YogaFitness #Fitness #Pose #YogaInLife #Goals #Spiritual #Goals

The end of another amazing 2-day Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Intensive. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and good humour. Next BI is Feb 3-4, 2018. Registration open tomorrow!! #ashtangayoga #beginnersdoyouyoga #practicemakespermanent #yogaeverydamnday #exeteryoga

Day eight of #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga is all focussed about #SeatedFlexibilityYogaPosses this class was a real insight for me and I was very surprised what seated yoga poses I could do to improve my flexibility as this really helped me in so many ways to see how good my flexibility has come in the short time that I have been doing yoga and with the teachings of @jessroseyoga it was made more simpler and fun than I could have ever imagined as I was a bit afraid of doing this one as I knew my flexibility was not the best but the great thing about the way Jessica Rose teaches this is she does not encourage you to push yourself as that's not what it is about but only doing what your body will allow you to do and the more I did it each time I was able to do a bit more which was a shock to me, I just love the way Jessica Rose teaches her yoga always talking to you and if you can't do it the way she is showing you to do it then she will give you an alternative way that you can try and Jess is not going at a fast pace it's such a nice smooth pace so you get the whole enjoyable yoga experience. The more I do yoga the more I fall in love with it and it is helping me in so many ways that I never thought it would. I cannot wait to see what the next yoga tutorial is all about just buzzing with excitement to try it and see what more I can achieve with the help of yoga. #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga #JessicaRose #Beginner #Mindset #SeatedFlexibilityYogaPose #Yoga #YogaInLife #YogaEveryday #YogaFitness #YogaInspiration #YogaDaily #YogaEveryday #YogaEverywhere #Flexibility #Balance #Challenge #Wisdom #Beautify #Goals #InvertYourself #YogaLover #Insta #Life #Fitness

Day seven of #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga is all about #HowToEaseLowBackPain this class for me was very beneficial as the nature of job I do is involved sitting at a computer for most of the day and that puts a lot of pressure on my back especially lower back which also hurts when I do squats and after doing this class by @jessroseyoga I was totally amazed at how it left my lower back feeling the pain had eased off so as you can imagine I incorporate this one a lot in my everyday life. I am amazed every single time at the teaching skills of Jessica Rose as she id keeping this to a beginners level but also making it so much fun and also along the way explaining the benefits of each yoga pose and how it helps the body. I never thought yoga would help me this much but it's having a big impact on me in my day to day life and impacting me to become a better me, slowly and slowly I am starting to get my flexibility back and it's helping me to do things that I thought I could never do, what's great for me is that this is done with a beginners mindset so you only do what your body will allow you to do for now as you won't see any benefits if you try to push yourself and do more, now I am looking forward to day eight and what it brings. 😀💪🙏💜
#MondayMotivation #BeginnersDoYouYoga #DoYouYoga #JesRose #Beginner #Mindset #Yoga #YogaInspiration #YogaFitness #YogaInLife #YogaLover #YogaEveryday #YogaDaily #YogaEverywhere #Balance #Flexibility #Wisdom #Beautify #Challenge #Goals #Posture #Pose #Life #InvertYourself

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