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The other day I went to @lydiasonludlow and I looked in one of the journals they leave out for people to write in, and someone wrote something that changed how I felt about living in this city. Apparently the person was a tourist and they wrote “you all have a beautiful city. Always walk around like a tourist because there’s so many wonderful things around here that are worth loving. Sincerely, a tourist from Australia”. It kind of made me open my eyes a little bit. The last year, after moving away I’ve found myself missing the area where all my friends are at, and I’ve gotten more angry and depressed because of it. I’m always wanting to explore, but I don’t explore this big city like a tourist and THAT is what I should be doing!! After I read the note in the journal, two days later Jonathan and I went exploring in Clifton for a spur the moment date day.... and had a blast!!! That is the day that I took this photo :) so thank you to the random tourist that wrote in the journals that Lydia’s on Ludlow has out at the tables, and thank you to Lydia’s on Ludlow for having the great idea to connect people by leaving these journals out for us to use. & of course, thank you to Jonathan for being awesome 😉 I encourage all of you to take a day (or more!!!) and just explore your city or town how a tourist would :) •

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