Still working on those cross sticks lol!
I am in two minds about these headphones, I love them because they are really good at isolating the click but then I can’t hear my drums as clearly... I’ve tried wearing one ear off and that seems to be the most effective method, but kind of doesn’t help with ear protection for that one ear... maybe I could switch the ears from time to time so they both get equal damage! Gotta keep things balanced!
Annnyway the reason why I’m really wanting to hear my drums clearly is because I’m really trying to work on the actual sound of my drums atm... like, not just hitting the right thing at the right time but also trying to make it sound good. I’ve really been paying a lot of attention lately to the way I’m holding my sticks, the heights and how and where I hit each drum/cymbal to try and get the best possible sound I can. Obviously I have a lonnnnnng way to go but that’s something I’m really working on at the moment.
That and cross stick lol, forever working on cross stick! I ❤️ Cross stick! Unlike rudiments which I’m also working on 😅
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Hey guys!

Lesson #1
Part 3: RH orchestration.

This is a demostration of the RH patterns displayed in the two previous videos being played on the toms.
Don't forget to comment. You can send me a video of you playing patterns for troubleshooting.

Your face would look like this if u were doin 4 things at the same damn time , too!!! Lol I enjoy watching my videos so I know what to work on.. forsure my tempo..and freestyling the fills.. I feel like I’m ready for my lessons now.. I need a mentor in LA #drummer #beginnerdrummer #femaledrummer #practice #progress

Had a lesson today with my man Max! Learning some cool stuff this week. He’s sounding great! 🔥🔥 What are you guys learning right now? Comment and share it! 👇🏻👇🏻

My weapon of choice: Vater Manhattan - 7A. Comment your stick of choice! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Went 3 days without touching my kit.. never again.. learned 2 new fills today.. I only do one with a variation of what I think sounds good🤷🏽‍♀️..I’m getting better . #drummer #femaledrummer #beginnerdrummer I need a drumming mentor in LA🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Музыка детства, хоть и в говнокачестве/исполнении 🎧
Ставь лайк, если в детстве слушал нормальное музло 💪

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Third day with the drum set, first video

Havent played drums since i was like 20, and i didnt play much as it was. Only when our drummers werent on the throne, a maximum of ten hours total (i only played in a few non gigging bands). Whereas on the other hand ive logged hundreds if not thousands of hours on guitar. So gimme a few hundred hours and ill be ripping through this set like a fuxking chainsaw 💪💪💪 Im an expert at air drumming though, and have most of my visualization practiced through this method.

One reason i like to play is simply because it makes me happy, temporarily eleviating my brutal depression.

I remember in my late teens playing air drums to all manner of songs, in the late evenings, in the dark, alone, headphones on. I was in my own universe, where positivity was at the core. It sounds weird, but its all i had since i was a poor, depressed, angry-on-the-outside sweet-on-the-inside drug-addicted while being somewhat sheltered suburban kid. It was everything from scandi death metal and grindcore to LA skatepunk and hiphop, classic rock, post-emo indie and everything inbetween. If it has a beat ill play, unless its sad or country or both.

I would try to make every hit just right, playing the song or part over until I could understand it. It was a strange way to accomplish the goal, but the only way I knew how. It helped give me some control over my life, and ive noticed over the years that as i stray away from music, the darker things become for me. And not darker like, "hey this is good inspiration for art", but more like unrelentless self-loathing and extreme disgust for pretty much everything. Its bad. Im fine now (thanks to boo, @vintersolwintersun ) , but i have a history of self-destructive behavior and suicidal thoughts, so its a big deal (difficult to achieve) for me to find life worth living.

So, im very glad to say that ive solved an issue that i didnt know i had for over a decade; no drums. Guitars and synths are great, i love them.. But theyre not drums, and sequencers cannot do what i need. The warrior spirit in me feels complete; i finally have an outlet that can absorb my thunder 🙏🌌💪🔥💖🥁

Practicing, practicing and practicing again!

This is one of 'easy snare exercises' for open handed playing. I believe they were named from the standpoint of @claus_hessler and @global2dom, who came up with those 😁 coz for me it took hours to get my limbs and (most importantly) mind to process it all 🤔

But once I did it ~magically~ becomes easy and really fun to play 😄😎 #drums #drummer #drumlife #drummerlife #drumsforlife #drumstagram #beginnerdrummer #openhanded #music #musician #passion #practicing #neverstoppracticing #neverstopplaying

Attempted Summer of 69. As u can tell, drum fill no. 1 was a FAIL #cramped #panicattack #screwup ! I just kept thinking to myself “keep calm, pretend it’s all good, don’t make monkey faces, and the show must go on.... NOW SMILE 🙂 !” Much to improve but I’ve learnt to be less hard on myself, with the encouragement and kindness from fellow Insta drummers in this amazing community. Dare to try, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and just keep learning. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process of drumming. ❤️🥁#studentdrummer #beginnerdrummer #summerof69

InstaLesson #1: 12/8 West African Groove.

Part #2: Hihat/R.H Variations Continued.

Swipe left for transcription.

Leave your comments, questions and possible topics you'd like me to cover in subsequent classes👇

Same groove as last post. Just putting accents and rolls elsewhere and new fill. Was fun finding out where else I can put those techniques at. I love discovering these minor things. Makes me feel like I’m actually progressing and learning more as the days go by. Anyway enjoy the video!
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Love love love this Djembe. I enjoy the different sounds it creates - African, Middle Eastern, Reggae, etc. Just started lessons yesterday :) #djembe #beginnerdrummer #playmusic #Africandrum

My recipe for a perfect evening: yummies, a good book, and my passion 😊
Excellent combination 👌

P.S. 📖 is "Running with wolves' by C. P. Estes, highly recommended!

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