Piromusical de la Mercè 2018 😍🎉🎊🎵

Getting back to me ❤️🤪 Take every advantage of making yourself happy. Wheres your inner child?#befunny #lifeistoshort #bestrong #faith #focusingongettingbetter #namaste

As a hairstylist and a reseller, I can make your hair look pretty and style you pretty but everything else is on you!
Nothing else matters unless the inside is pretty.

Das Leben ist zu kurz um nur ernst, vernünftig oder erwachsen zu sein. #behappy #havefun #befunny #frech #zunge #zungenpiercing #piercing #selfie #instaselfie #instapics #instadaily

Dear @celestebarber,
Okay, so yesterday my kiddo and I were standing in a lonnnnngggg security line at the airport, so I took out my phone and I started surfing Instagram and you popped up. I started laughing and my daughter was like “what are you laughing at?” So I showed her how you imitate models and their sexy poses and we started watching all of your hilarious videos together. And I started to wonder ruh-rohhhh, should I be showing her all these scantily clad models, like some of them are barely clothed and riding motorcycles and girating and stuff? Aren’t I just showing her what I DON’T want her to be inundated with? But she was dying of laughter. I mean dyyyyyying. Like everyone else in line was staring at us because we were practically crying we were laughing so hard. And then she started to imitate you and ask if she could make some hilarious videos like you? And that's when I realized something. She doesn't want to be like the models. She wants to be like YOU. This is EXACTLY what a nine-year-old girl needs to see. Someone showing us how utterly ridiculous these poses can be. And that funny people rule the world.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU,
A mom who’s trying to raise a smart, hilarious, awesome girl who's beautiful-on-the-inside
#beautifulontheinside #funnypeople #notaposer #mygirl #selfesteem #befunny #beyou #notamodel #arolemodel

“So WHO do you want to take WHERE today?”

It’s DIVIDE and CONQUER in our household🏡

A lot of the times Kev and I are like two ships 🛥🛥passing in the night🌙

It’s all good though because TEAMWORK makes the DREAMWORK....right!?!?

I am lucky to have a partner I can work with so that we can make life with 3 very active boys💙 work!

TOGETHER we can set an example for our boys. We are a UNITED front. SURE sometimes we have to agree to disagree. Sometimes we argue but we always make up. Our boys see us work through problems and make choices and come up with solutions. •
TOGETHER we try to LEAD by example. Our BOYS know you have SUCCESSES and FAILS in life. TEAM CLARK wants nothing more than for our boys to grow up HAPPY. Men that know how to LOVE❤️ and be LOVED, Men that can be PROBLEM SOLVERS💡, Men with Strong VALUES⛪️. •
Do you have a Teammate? What make you guys work?

#teamwork #dreamwork #boystomen

Waking up on a #Monday like this Janet ...

Just mood of some comedy! hope so it brings smile on your face!😉 #comedy #positiveera #positivity #behappy #beenergetic #bepositive #befunny #berelax #beunique #beyou😇

Y si tiene solución... ¿para qué te preocupas? 🤗✨
#weekendtime #weekendoff #befunny #behappy #beyourselfalways

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