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I have always been self-conscious. Like many people, I can name more things on my body that I hate than I like. A couple weeks ago I decided to make a change and start going to the gym daily. It hasn't been long but I am already in love with working out and can't wait to start seeing results, physically and in my confidence levels. #letthejourneybegin #beforepicture #cantwaittoseeresults

Flash back to freshman year of highschool when I thought I had a nice back😂😅I thought I was big, #beforepicture #babyback #afterpicturecomingsoonlol SIKE I was big🐽💀

#Repost @jenniferfili
das ist mein "vorher" Foto komplett ohne Bearbeitung (was ja auch Sinn macht)
ich habe für mich beschlossen etwas zu ändern, mich gesünder zu ernähren und viel mehr Sport zu machen, da ich das in den letzten Monaten sehr vernachlässigt habe. Ich fühle mich nur noch schlapp, müde und antriebslos und möchte das einfach ändern. Auf diesem Weg, möchte ich euch teilhaben lassen und poste hin und wieder mal was ☺️ und NEIN ich möchte keine Bohnenstange werden falls die Frage aufkommt 😉 meine Maße : 108 | 90 | 116 #beforepicture #nophotoshop #natural

We are taking off for 8 days full of Gigs. It will be quite a ride and u can as always follow my Instagram story for more .. I feel this is gonna be fun. First stop will be @tomorrowland in Belgium. #beforepicture

Tomato Face on full effect after getting home from Ab day 👹 I lost a lot of gains last school semester, time to bounce back #beforepicture #fitness

Eerst kippen en nu ook een schommelstoel aan de haard! Ik maak er gewoon ineens een boerderij van! PS: dit de vóór-foto van een schommelstoel die ik net voor 25 euro op de kop tikte. Het kussen vliegt naar het containerpark en de stoel krijgt een likje verf! #thriftingfinds #rockingchair #beforepicture #farminthecity


Today I did my newest before photos... I sat and reviewed them and then laid on the floor and cried. I had just finished one of the hardest workouts I had ever done and wasn't even proud. I let those pictures wreck my soul.
I know I've been working out like a beast. But I also know that I've been eating like 💩. And, while I can feel my muscles and my body changing... The fat does not go away! It WILL NOT go away just by working out.

You have to have all of the pieces put together. You have to rock it in the kitchen AND in your workout. You have to workout your brain and get in the right headspace.

So, let's figure out the kitchen, the books and the sweat all together! Let's make some strong after photos! Let's cry all the tears together. Message me to get in my next group!

Mind. Movement. Munchies.


@sweetbaboon Why.... WHY can we never have a quiet cosy night in !! #beforepicture #willweevergrowup #itsneveronebottle #besties #wearespecial #proseccomadeusdoit 🤦🏼‍♀️🆘👯🍾🥂

OMG.. These are so darn good I didn't even take a before picture #besttamalesintheworld #beforepicture #toogood #tamalequeen #tamalesarelife #thankyoudelia @deliastamales

#beforepicture Honored to add hosting to my resume. Celebrating an honoring greatness tonight for @houblackchamber gala. #indieartist Performing with the best band ever #indiepocket @iamjermaine1

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