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_____________________________________________________ 🌿@SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner: gives you amazing slip, smells like play-do with vanilla notes in there ( it's a great scent), very repairing, moisturising, promotes Elasticity for your curls to define, shrink and stay hydrated. My favourite forever. 🌿@themanechoice Hydration Conditioner- this conditioner is the type of product you should always have at home, cause it is literally all in one. It has the best slip, like deep, intensive slip. The type of slip that rescues you when no other conditioner is helping you to detangle your hair! Smells like candy, it really hydrated and moistures the hair and I am so so impressed with this product!
🌿@Giovannicosmetics SMOOTH AS SILK & TEA TREE TRIPLE TREAT Conditioners- the absolute BEST! So gentle, so rich in natural precise ingredients, such creamy and easy consistency for your detangling time, and I am in love with this brand. I have tried and kept some of their products the past years, but Giovanni is definitely this year's most revealing brand for me. 🌿 @SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner : protein free for those who prefer to avoid protein. It's like butter, I used this conditioner through most of my transition and this really, really transformed the condition of my curls so I would recommend you to use it also. The smell of Shea Butter isnt very appealing to me but the product is so good, I couldn't care less about the smell! 😊🌿@mydevacurl One Condition: i think this is a premium quality product. Not a product that I'd buy all the time in fact, I've only bought it once in my life, but I definitely get the hype about it- it's so complete! It hydrates, repairs split ends, DEFINES, smells great, moisturises and UNDERSTANDS your curls! The slip is great, everytime I used it I could easily finger comb (but that was two years ago when I had hardly any hair lol ) 🌿@frizzfreecurls Curlada Conditioner: really light yet rich with enough moisture and really good slip. Used this a lot throughout my transition and it smells great! 👇🏾👇🏾

Before & After with @pravana and @brazilianbondbuilder 💋 I used lightener and 30 volume with #brazilianbondbuilder over box color as it lifted to a level 7 in some places and a level 8 in others. This helped me choose my color pallet which was violet - magenta - green & blue mixed and violet and clear all with #b3 🤘🏼 I used my new @sutrabeauty #flatiron to style. 💜

So glad the boys are holdin' down the house while us girls are away celebrating Ms. Audrey Rae👰🏻🏝 #RAbride

#beforeandafterhair Wooooooo!!! thank you @stella1128 for cleaning up my mop! 💁🏼

Obsessed with this major change by @hairbyjackieelsberry // #hairbyjackieelsberry

Yes... this is the SAME head of hair. Today was our second session of color correction.. and NO she did not do this herself, a licensed cosmetologist did this. Do your research when finding a stylist to achieve your hair inspirations, it will save you LOTS of time and $$$$. .
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Sun kissed ☀️🎈
Swipe right to see the #beforeandafterhair
Cut colored and braided for @nandinib23
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Happy Sunday Beauties 💛🌿Just come back from the gym! Gonna do a scalp treatment using @righteousrootsoils, prepare a much needed homemade protein treatment with whatever I have at home ( probably egg, Manuka honey, Vitamin b5, @realnatura Elasticity mask, and a few of my fav oils), run a few errands while I air dry my hair, and come back to answer your DM's, eat good food, catch up on the shows and continue editing 😊🎥What are you doing today???

Before & after, what a difference! Client wanted to be a cleaner & lighter blonde. Hair by our up & coming stylist Lara. #beforeandafterhair #hairmakeover

Microblading Makeover. Microblading can do wonders for your eyebrows from loss of pigment to filling in missing spots and achieving a fuller filled in eyebrow that can last 12-18 months. Book your appointment today.✨✨
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👈 Before and 👉 After today
What I did is : 💊 Hair cut ✂
💊 Toner @schwarzkopfusa Blonde me ICE 💊#olaplextreatment 💁 #flatironcurls
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