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could you imagine if we all gave a shit about what people think? people that don't know even know you? people that think about what we as people do in our life an put their two cents worth in? no i couldn't imagine that because i would never change who i'm 💁🏼 my mindset an who i'm as a person to let that ruin my day 😌I'm myself an i'm going to be the best version of myself i can be you wanna know why? cause their is too many god dam sheep about that an not enough unicorn/lion mother fuckin king 🦄🦁 women out their that " won't / can't " be themselves because they want that IMAGE !! what are you trying to perceive? for what FAKENESS sorry to tell you guys but image isn't real life !!! learn to stand out be different from everyone else be your own one man wolf pack an empower others to be more themselves live the way you want not how someone else wants you too 🙌🏽😁🌍👭 @honeybirdette
#beyourself #befeirce #postive #postivemind #beaunicorn


That's right girls! ❤💙⚽️💪🏻#befeirce #girlsruleboysdrool

There are just some things your ment to do. #tribalyell #isitvolleyballtimeyet #imissmygirls #befeirce

Awesome Red && Black set for Prom!! Accened w bling && glitter!
Super cute n Karina's guna b slaying it!!😝🔥💅

When people ask... What do you do?? I respond....
Whatever it Takes 👊

#befeirce 🤘🏻💪🏻❤


After all the crap some times it's hard to force a smile... but never let them see you frown. Make any face you can but show no weakness and show no fear. #befeirce #ladiesthatlift #afteralongday #excusemyface #curlyhairdontcare #ginger #greeneyes #neverletthemseeyoufrown #fakeittillyoumakeit #allinall #theyhateuscausetheyaintus

That's right girls! ❤💙⚽️💪🏻#befeirce #girlsruleboysdrool

Take a chance! Do something out of your comfort zone! Be different with zero shame! Be brave and above all beleive in yourself!
I wanted to consciously make a choice to do something different! I love my full time job, but was looking for something to supplement my income to support my next life goals!! I am a very social person and talking to people is very easy for me however multilevel marketing was extremely foreign and slightly scary! What if I fail? What if I don't do it right? What if I don't remember all the info? What if people just don't like the product?
I took a chance, I jumped off the ledge and went for it! Failure was and is not an option! I am so excited to share this amazing product with others and share what it can do for you and your family! This amazing magic sells itself and the support group of women and men is a whole new world of friends I never knew was possible!
The perks of being a Market Partner for this extremely generous company is a pretty hefty list... heres just a few
30% off MONAT products✔
Access to flash sales✔
Free products✔
Trip incentives✔
Free car bonus program✔
If you need that extra 100, 500 or 1000 a month ... lets talk?! Stay at home mommas, struggling college students or just if you are needing an extra chunk of 💰💰💰 lets talk!! #takeachance #bebrave #befeirce #MONAT #mymonatjourney
#girlsjustwantohavefunds 💃🔥😍🏆👌👸🙌

Wake up and be fierce about what sets your soul on fire! I will be 🔥

#goafteryourgoals #befeirce #gogetem

LADIES!! This is the truth. Believe it. Own it. Rock it. And flaunt it!! You are worth EVERY bit of it!! #loveyourself #youareworthit #youareworthy #beconfident #befeirce #selflove #beauty #beautifulwomen #womenarestrong #womenarepowerful #womenempowerment #ownit

What’s been on your ‘wish list’ that you haven’t been brave enough to do yet? Do it! You’ll feel fantastic and also release a rush of endorphins (happy hormones) – feel good, look good. #naturalhealthco #tip #bebrave #befeirce

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