Not so long ago I went to a family party, everyone there of course being a meat-eater. Food was catered and the weeks leading up to the event my family was wondering what the heck I could eat for lunch. I ended up compiling a plate of fantastic side dishes - carrot salad, beet salad, potatoes, lettuce/avocado salad (tasted eh but made the most of it), potatoes, & I even brought my own leek-mushroom-corn salad in case there would be absolutely nothing to eat for me. enjoyed the heck out of this meal and my dad even said my plate looked awesome and he positively commented that he would be eating as healthy and as much as me, bless. ••Story time & vegan rant••• The lack of understanding what meat-free, vegetarian, and let alone vegan at this party was ridiculous to me. The first dish was a chicken noodle soup...and people at the party were shocked when I wasn't eating it. "Wait, so you don't eat chicken soup? You don't have to eat the meat pieces." someone told me. I shook my head and politely said no. A few moments later I heard someone at the other side of the party make a joke to his table when one guest arrived late. He said something along the lines of, "Oh we forgot to tell you, today we're having a meat-free lunch!" and everyone at the party laughed because he said this very loudly. In that moment I felt my heart sink and my eyes start watering. Of course I didn't cry or say anything but I felt awful that eating meat-free was joked about so carelessly, without regard to anything. In my world they're the crazy ones for eating the meat, being so ruthless about killing animals and basically poisoning themselves. It saddened me that everyone was watching and police-ing me, yet they had no regard for their own actions. After that comment I waited to be an example for the main course. I filled my plate. I took seconds. And I enjoyed a guilt-free, healthy, plant-based lunch while surrounded by meat eaters and meat dishes. And let me tell you, I had much less of a problem finding food than my picky little cousins who barely enjoyed their one potato and piece of chicken. 🌚🌝🌞Be an example and a positive role model. Don't hate, don't force, just be. #vegan

Beet: it's what's for dinner.

I made a roasted beet salad w/ grapefruit vinaigrette, inspired by the recipe from @bowlofdelicious .

My changes were golden beets instead of red, pecorino Romano cheese, and candied walnuts made with butter, stevia, and cinnamon.
If you don't think you could ever eat this because you can't stand beets, try golden! They're much milder than their red relatives and still just as healthy.
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Eating practices from simpler times where the focus was on traditional, in season foods is the secret to maximising your health through nutrition. By choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season and locally grown you will be effortlessly meeting your bodies needs, as well as supporting local farmers. Eat Fresh, Eat Local - Eat @localorganicdelivery

Flash fried beets @roamingharvest are absolutely amazing! The dipping sauce is no joke either.
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Beet Greens are often overlooked for their ability to create radiant skin. Beets themselves are a wonderful way to support your detoxification and fight inflammation but did you know that beet greens carry more minerals, vitamins, and fiber than the root?
If you aren't already start eating them instead of composting them when they come attached to your beets 💜
Beet greens are excellent sources of vitamin A - 100 g leaves provide 6,326 IU or 211% of RDA. Vitamin A is essential for creating healthy skin. Beet Greens a also high in vitamin K , C, & many B complex vitamins. They're also a good source of minerals, especially iron 💪.
The young leaves are preferred but the older leaves are just as good. Sautee them just as you would any other greens - shockingly enough they are lovely sautéed with the root <3
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Made some beet greens pesto tonight! Of course the beets were supplied by none other than @downriverfarm, and they're delicious! The garlic greens and parsley in this dish, also supplied by @downriverfarm. We poured some of this on ravioli and it hit the spot!
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Hannibal Lector may have liked his fava beans with a nice Chianti, but we prefer ours with fried pork belly, goat cheese, a poached egg, edible wild flowers and sliced Chiggia beet. 🍷
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When your food is just too pretty to eat! Beet Carpaccio! So refreshing! #2bmindset #ilanamuhlsteinnutrition #beets #veggiesmost

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