Nice fresh stack of Spotter Jotter notebooks from my local printer πŸ’š I think the guys who print and bind them freak out every time I order more (they're don't usually get notebook requests!), but they do such a great job πŸ‘Œ

β€ͺSpot the Spotter Jotter! Thanks World of Animals magazine for including my notebook in your summer gifts page β˜€οΈ June edition of the mag out now, and my Etsy shop is fully stocked with notebooks if you fancy one!‬ Also very happy to be alongside one of my fave illustrators @laurenradleydesign πŸ’š

Its been a slightly chaotic, hayfever-filled week and I've gotten behind on so many things, so better late than never... happy #worldoceansday for yesterday πŸ‹πŸ¦€ And also you have one hour to place any urgent orders for dispatch today, after that I'm on holiday for a week and all orders will be shipped on Monday 18th. Sorry for the short notice πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ

Our newly themed single rooms are ready to receive guests! Say hello to #kingfisher and #bluetit
With thanks again to #beetlecherry for the original designs, #etsy for additional artwork and #firpress for printing.

#wildlife #birds #lakedistrict #workington #bedandbreakfast

Check out our new room themes! We'll reveal our single rooms later in the week but for now we have King #seagull #herringgull and Twin #pigeon #rockdove
With thanks to #beetlecherry for their original designs, #etsy for additional artwork and #firpress for printing.

Any guesses for the two single room themes? #bird #wildlife #workington

I've improved the packaging for my In the Wild nature activity packs - same content as before but I've ditched the cello for a much cuter paper envelope featuring some of the illustrations from the activity sheets πŸ’š If you fancy a pack for yourself, they're 10% off till Monday! Head to the 'Gifts and Cards' section of my shop ☝️ no coupon code needed 😁

Catching up with the 'Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan' BBC Natural World doc from last week... oh my god 😒 Essential but distressing viewing. Did anyone else see it? These incredible creatures cannot be allowed to go extinct... #saynotopalmoil Featuring the amazing work of @international_animal_rescue on Borneo (artwork taken from the panels I illustrated for the Booth Museum)

Doodling and drawing my way through back issues of @rspb_love_nature members magazine... new favourite way to make myself draw different animals (though still mostly birds!)

I'm helping out at the Nightingale Festival at the @rspb_love_nature Pulborough Brooks reserve today, a great chance to hear these amazing birds singing. I've been brushing up on my nightingale facts to make sure I can answer any questions from visitors tomorrow (well the basic ones anyway!). Did you know they sing during the night as well as the day? I don't think anyone is totally sure why, but it might be because the cooler air means the song travels further, and also they migrate during the night so the male can hopefully attract a passing female. Come visit the reserve for some more bird nerding if you can!

How is it I've only JUST NOW realised how much fun it is to draw badgers?!? Only one of my all time fave animals as well. Oh well, new life goal - fill sketch book with badger drawings 😬

Today is Earth Day πŸ’š This year, the campaign is focused on changing behaviour and attitudes towards plastics, visit earthday.org to make your plastic pledge and help save our oceans from drowning in our plastic waste πŸ‹πŸ™πŸŸ

Currently sitting in the woods reflecting on today's event at @drapersyardmarket As always after doing an event, I feel incredibly inspired to continue my illustrations and explore new avenues. The people I meet have such great ideas, suggestions or words of motivation that make me remember why I'm doing this - I often find myself at home feeling stuck, uninspired or just completely terrified of trying to make new creative work. THANK YOU to everyone I spoke to today πŸ™Note to self: must do more events 😁

I'm at the gorgeous @drapersyardmarket market today for their Green Awareness Day πŸ’š Lovely sunny little courtyard full of eco makers, plants and tasty smelling coffee! #doitfordavid

Hey bee lovers! πŸπŸ‘‹ All my honeycomb jewellery currently comes with some bee-friendly wildflower seeds so you can spread some love for our little furry flying friends (UK orders only) I really do love seeing (and hearing!) a mahoosive furry bumblebee going about its business on a sunny day πŸ’›

So remember when I was all excited to share the huge illustration project I'd done at the Booth Museum weeks ago and then said nothing more about it (or anything for that matter)?? Well I wrote a blog post about it - hurrah, I hear you cheer! It includes a bit of background about how the project came together and also loads of lovely photos taken by photography genius Kate of @oh_someday Link ☝️

Today is #worldpangolinday to celebrate this incredible scaly mammal πŸ’š In China it is believed their scales cure all sorts of illnesses and so they are being hunted to extinction. I really hope attitudes can change before it's too late for pangolins.

I'm having a busy start to 2018 working on a massive illustration project that I'm SUPER excited to share more of soon! Here's a teeny section of it - nice tropical rainforest vibes for a wet cold February evening πŸ’š

The teeniest tiniest part of the BIGGEST illustration project I've ever worked on πŸ˜… It's fun though 🐠🐟

VERY happy to know there's some super cool people out there who love moths too! 😎 This guy is on his way to a new home. Anyone else a moth lover? I like a buff-tipped moth personally (google it, they're amazing) πŸ’š #supermothgeek

Thank you 2017, you were pretty awesome! Nice to see a mix of illustration and wildlife in my top 9 πŸ’š Onwards into 2018, I have a few plans and dreams to work on for this year 😁

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