It's always good to know the difference so you don't get hurt and you don't hurt bees. Bees are very friendly creatures who will only attack if they feel threatened since if they sting you, they will die. Wasps on the other hand, are not afraid to sting you because they can sting multiple times. Make sure you stay safe! ~Queen Angbee

Remember to send us bee related questions, if you have any!
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Cheerios is obviously no stranger to bees. They started a #BringBackTheBees campaign where they took their mascot Buzz The Bee off of their cereal boxes. Cheerios also gave away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to aid bee populations.

However many people believe that these seeds could lead to invasive species. Invasive species can out-compete natives which can harm more than help. This is because the seeds consist of a wide variety which some of are banned in many states. Cheerios advises that you go to the store and plant your own since it will be easier to make sure no invasive species cause an outbreak.
Remember: DO YOUR RESEARCH. We are NOT bee experts. ~Queen Angbee
Don't forget to send in brands/products that you want us to know about. Are they bee safe or bee harmful?

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Don't forget, if you to call your local beekeepers/bee experts if you find a hive. This is a good way to ensure that the hive has a good chance of survival. You can use the internet to find local beekeepers! ~Queen Angbee

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One of the makeup items brought to our attention was @missspabeauty 's Bee Venom Plumping Mask. Now we didn't have much research and we didn't know about how to extract bee venom, however at first we assumed the worst. Since most people know that bees release venom after stinging something and usually bees die after they sting. So we decided to do our research!

Miss Spa's claims to be a cruelty free brand which leads us to believe that even though they are using bee venom, they are not harming the bees. This is very possible as there are ways to extract bee venom without harming the bees.
This process is done by using fabric for the bees to sting instead of plastic/rubber that was used initially. Bees only die after stinging if they loose their stinger in the process. Since fabric is thick enough to hold the venom but thin enough not to trap the bee, the bee can continue unharmed.
So yes, Miss Spa's Bee Venom Plumping Mask is Bee Safe. However, it is not recommend for use if you are allergic to bees.
Dont forget to send in brands/products that you want to know about. Are they bee safe or bee harmful? ~Queen Angbee

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P.S. Sorry for poor camera angle/quality.

On this account we want to make sure you are educated on what brands help and what brands harm bees. One of the first brands we decided to do research on was @burtsbees. Burt's bees is a cruelty free company who is destined to save the bees! In May, they held a campaign called #SelflessSelfie in which they pledged that for every selfie that was tagged with #SelflessSelfie they would plant 5000 pollen-filled wildflowers to help feed and save bees!
The company also helps farms be more pollinator friendly! If there is anymore information we left out/got wrong, please feel free to comment more information.
Don't forget to send in brands/products that you want to know about. Are they bee safe or bee harmful? ~Queen Angbee
Update: On further investigation, we found articles talking about Burt's Bees chapstick/lipstick containing high levels of lead. Please be careful, do your own research as well. Most people recommend staying away from their lip shimmer called "Toffee." Just because a company's bee safe doesn't mean it's always human safe. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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Look at these cuties! Won't you help save them? Join our hive to spread bee awareness! ~Queen Angbee

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Spreading Bee Awareness by making my friends do my makeup! ~Queen Angbee
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A single hive as between 40,000-45,000 Bees! Won't you join our hive to show support and raise bee awareness? ~Queen Angbee

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Suddenly disappeared because no one is saving the bees. ~Queen Angbee

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🌸don't bee a beetch, support them bees🐝

And here we see the difference between Admins ~Queen Angbee

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🐝 kind to bees. They help the environment and you. ~Queen Angbee

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Bees are precious animals and we need to save them. Submit your own photos of bees to support the saving of bees. ~Queen Angbee

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