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👊🍺🍺YES THE DRINK COMES LIKE THIS! One of the best Micheladas in L.A.! Still on my diet so I could only treat myself to 1 drink.
Perfect drink to beat the heat!🍺🍺.
Amazing food and drinks here guys! Great place to watch the game and chat it up with your friends. • • • • • #beer #drinks #craftbeer #cocktails #bar #drink #cocktail #beerporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beers #beergeek #cheers #bartender #mixology #bier #cerveza #michelada #alcohol #liquor #beertography #drinkup #beernerd #beerlover #ipa #craftbeerporn #thirsty #beerme #beersnob #eeeeeats

The 1st of 2 beers to being released next Saturday, July 8th is "Thousands of Money " Single Hop Mosaic IPA. Full release details at the link in profile.⠀
#indiebeer #thousandsofmoney #ipa #hops #beer #beerporn #craftbeer #craftbeerporn #craftnotcrap #craftbrew #craftbeerlife #sdbeer #sdcraftbeer #sandiegobeer #sandiegocraftbeer #purabirra #purebrewing #beerphoto #beerphotos #beerphotography

Odd13 is a quirky and unique brewery. The comic book hero theme permeates their style and the names of their unique brews. This Codename: Superfan IPA is a great example of what these guys are all about. Who is your brewing hero? ⬆️FollowUs⬆️ ⬇️TagAFriend⬇️ @odd13brewing @tavour #odd13brewing #odd13 #codenamesuperfan #craftAF

We're up in VT. Breaking all the rules. 👹

M&P Taproom [г. Нижний-Новгород, Россия] (5 фото)
📍Адрес: ул. Варварская 10/25
📞Тел.: +7-906-55-77-333
🌕Пн-Чт, ВС 15.00 - 00.00
Пт-Сб 14.00 - 02.00
🚩Оказались мы тут волею судеб в Нижнем Новгороде несколько дней назад, но не с целью сёрфить по местным злачным заведениям, а по другим делам, ведь все ж мы – люди (с). Тем не менее, в одно место успели забежать за парой бутылочек.
🚩Располагается пивная в центре города (верхняя часть), на пересечении улиц: Варварской и Пискунова, буквально в нескольких сотнях метров от нижегородского кремля. Спускаемся в цоколь и попадаем в довольно аскетичное убранство. Да и снаружи, скажем так, ничего кричащего аля «займи, но зайди и выпей» нет.
🚩Но итог совсем не такой, какого вы все ожидаете после «крутых» наливов в «английском посольстве». Поболтав с хозяевами, стоявшими, кстати, на кранах, стало ясно-понятно, что ребята в теме. Кому нужны эти модные интерьеры, когда здесь все пропитано правильной атмосферой! Мост дружелюбия между барменом и гостем стоит особняком, находиться, одним словом в тэпруме – одно удовольствие. А местечку-то и года нет! В общем, трудятся парни, и трудятся в нужном направлении. Выбор в баре есть, топовые вещи привозить стараются в актуальные сроки да еще и сами мутят варки, угостили нас своей медовушкой – понравилось.
❗️ 12 кранах импортный и отечественный крафт топовых ребят, как например #AFBrew, #Jaws, #Zagovor и 200+ в бутылке.
🚩Пообещали, в общем, вернуться в Нижний Новгород аккурат к первому дню рождения крафтухи. Съездим, непременно обойдем все тамошние разливайки, так что ждите большого отчета со всеми вытекающими. Ну а ребятам удачи. Еще увидимся!

Back at work after 2 and a half weeks off WITH A BANG 💥 So glad to be well again and back to geeking out with all you beer mad folks 🍻
When we opened @bottle_baron we hoarded a load of Tactical Nuclear Penguin & Sink the Bismarck by @brewdogofficial in the hopes of always having a jaw dropper on hand for those looking for something "out there". Now, we're down to our last few of each. Once these are gone, they'll never appear again. Feeling all sorts of nostalgia over these beauts and battling with myself over finding them new loving homes. Available until they aren't 😜 @bottle_baron 🍻

This is not a Dublin Pub

You may have noticed that the frequency of our posts wasn't up to much for the merry month of June. We must assure you that we haven’t gotten tired of talking shite about boozers just yet. We were simply out conducting some field tests and formulating data for future use – or to put it more succinctly; we’ve been flat out on the pints.

The last few weeks saw the return of two of the lads, two solid pintmen who’d gone to seek their fortune in lands afar. Like any decent emigrants they returned to holy ground with an unwavering thirst for decent stout. And given that their repatriation was only temporary, we’d a lot of drinking miles to cover. We’ve taken in many boozers and there’s plenty of tales ripe for transcription and a few pictures that need to be reshot in sobriety.

We happened to be in Bundoran recently and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to drop into Brennan’s –a pub in league with the likes of The Gravedigger’s or Mulligan’s. Untouched in decades it’s a living, breathing relic and given that we thought we’d stick it up here even though it’s well outside the pale.

The Criterion Bar (as it's also called) is staffed by two adorable yet formidable elderly ladies who also live in the building. There are 3 rules in Brennan’s: no music, no TV and no swearing. The staff even knocked a bit of craic out of one of the lads gently reminding him of the no music rule, having noticed a guitar which he had in tow.

We took a cosy alcove opposite the end of the bar and indulged in the type of craic that bars like this were built for: conversation, storytelling, joke-telling, craic! We agreed that the pub is the homeliest any of us had been in. One of the lads even stumbled upon one of the owners in their sitting room in his search for the jaxx. He returned remarking how the hallway smelled of Mass, it did!

Other than a shy member of the gang getting scolded for cursing we’ve no major story. The overriding memory of the visit is one of fuzzy nostalgia. We left as if leaving our granny’s gaff, feeling we were welcome back at any time. We implore you to visit Brennan’s if you’re in the vicinity. You won’t regret it.


NE Apa com Brett de 4,9% colaborativa entre Dádiva e Suricato

A qualidade da foto está inversamente proporcional a qualidade do Line Up de ontem, uma mais foda que a outra, só paulada!!!🍻👊🏻

We in SF for the Giants game. Had a beer from North Coast Brewing Co. It's nice and light on the palette. Good Belgian flavor. I give it 🍺🍺🍺 out of 5. #beerlover #beersofinstagram #craftbeerlover #craftbrew #craftbeer #beer #northcoastbrewing #beerstagram #beerme #beerporn

Hey CT! Check out this great pic of 'Progressive #3' brought to you by @ColdCreekBrewery. Go stop in and try some. They are ready for some delicious pours. Follow @ColdCreekBrewery for more info and updates about their beer!
We want to see your CT Beer Pics. Tag us or use #CTBeer and you might get featured.

Now that is sexy never never sufficient sufficient, snickers hornswoggler, master master shredder shredded #beerporn #beersnob #craftbeerporn #craftbeerlife #beernerd

Sabe aquela vida de dieta e um monte de dilema? Nunca tive!
#beer #beertime #beerporn #cerveja #cerveza #cervejasulamericana #pilsen #puromalte #cheerz #pas

Grabbed a variety pack of @millstreetbrew a few weeks back... To my delight, I found this guy in the fridge! This is a clean a simple brew and requires nothing more than enjoyment!
| Mill Street Brewery | Jigger's Delight | California Common | 5.0% |
#thirstybeggar #millstreetbrewery #beerstagram #beerporn #beerreview #craftbeerlife #craftbeer

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