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Oh hey party people! It's officially official—I have been sober for exactly 90 days! Hit up two of my favorite meetings today to "celebrate" this awesome milestone with my fave local AA friends. And then, my mom took me to see Beauty & the Beast, which was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL by the way. Like completely blew my mind. Everything was on point. Singing was perfection, the costumes and set were gorgeous, the acting was top notch, and the animation was out of this world. And then, my parents took me an awesome carnivorous dinner at a local brewpub. I made my dad order the Vienna Lager so I could smell it.
Yes, kids. It's okay for me to smell beer. Remember, I was one of those beer tasting "pros" once upon a time. Just cause I gone done and admitted the stuff is poison to my body, don't mean I gone done and lost 10 years of olfactory training. Eyebrow raise, fake hair flip, duck face, finger wag.
It might come as a surprise, considering how early I am in my sobriety, but the craving for alcohol has actually been completely removed from my mind and body. I think a lot of it has to do with being on brain meds. I also haven't been around it virtually at all in the past 3 months, so that helps. Plus, I'm actually kind of happy now. And apparently, happy Ashley has a huge aversion for chemical depressants.
In other news, I've been binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race the past two nights. And, I'm pretty sure it's wearing off on me.... But oddly enough, only from the neck up. The rest of me is in sweats, per usual. And yes, I did go out in public, quite proudly actually, with a full face of makeup, teased the fuck cray cray hair and..... sweats. Because? It's my sobriety birthday and I'll wear Barbie lipstick and sweats if I want to, bitches. Yeah, that's right. I'm giving y'all sassafras—which is totally my new word for sass. Sassyfras pants over here, y'all better watch out!
Last but not least, MEGA THANKS to my whole village—my parents, my friends, my doctors, my sponsor, my fellowship friends, ALL OF YOU GUYS—for helping me stay sober each and every one of these past 90 days. This coin is for all of you! Besos! —A

Hoy empieza el BBF #barcelonabeerfestival y estará durante todo el fin de semana!!! Este año más de 100 tiradores y 450 cervezas. En #barcelona la cultura de la Cerveza Artesana ya se lleva consolidando desde antes de ser una moda y contamos con muy buenos productores en la ciudad (HZT1L - #hazteunlitro , #garagebeer , #troales , #vicbrewery , #querbeer ,...). Desde Flor de un dia Restaurante - 93 541 53 74 ponemos nuestro pequeño granito de arena y todo el año tenemos Cerveza Artesana Fresca... que no nos falte de nada!!

**WINNER: @irunonbeer** #BossaHaze is absolutely incredible and perfect for another #Givearay ! If you don't win you can get some tomorrow @novobrazil at 12pm during the official release. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one. Well done @creativecreaturebrewing!
If you're feeling lucky, here's how you can get your hands on this delicious juice bomb.
1. Leave a comment below and tag 2 people in the first 60 minutes of this post.
That's it!
Using a random number generator I will randomly select one winner out of the first people to comment and tag 2 friends within the first 60 mins of this post.
If you're reading this post and it's passed the first hour, don't be discouraged because I will be randomly doing a #Givearay on select beers I get my hands on. Best way to not miss out is to TURN ON notifications on my post so you can act fast next time you see me do another giveaway. See my previous post on how to do this. Good luck! 🍻
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"Production of the juice is indefinitely on hold," they said, sending everyone into panic.... ha! Yea right!
First there was Envie (my OG bae), then we fell in love when they double dry hopped that ish (FINALLY) with Galaxy and then Citra, but this... THIS!
Ladies and gents I present you 4xDH Envie by @parishbrewingco - taking my bae to a whole new level!
The aroma on this is insane and definitely one of those beers you could just keep your nose in the glass forever with; there is tons of tropical fruit all over this bae. The taste is not much different from DDH Envie it's all just so much more intense with the bright citrus flavor, and some earthy, kinda herbal notes playing well in there with such a soft bitterness.
The kicker is that this is so soft and chewy, like you're actually chewing on Citra. It's Parish's most beautiful beer yet and has easily taken over as #1 out of all they have put out. You need to be on the hunt for this if you're not already, I promise you won't be disappointed.
#micdrop #parishbrewing #yourewelcome #friyay


Guinness - Hop House 13 - Lager - 5%

It's a slightly hoppy lager. Not really much else to say but it does quench a thirst.

Celebracja wydarzenia kulturowego (bez konsumpcji owego korzenia) 🍻👩‍👧‍👧<-Gabi i my #kulturatupodobnojest #targipiwa #łódź #crafts #beer #beerstagram #culture #degustacje #otwierambrowar #dziewczynyzgor #beerporn

Found at Beergium.com ( @beergium ) 🍺Bruery Terreux - Rueuze🍺

Amazing stuff! Lemon sourness and lots of oak with a dry finish.

The results of yesterday's brewing.
IPA with flavors of chocolate and apple. 🍏🍫
Never tried that combination before and hopefully it will be drinkable.
What do you think? 🍻

#homebrew #brew #beer #beers #beerme #beer🍻 #beerporn #beerstagram #beergeek #craftbrew

Who loves a poker night , craft head style ! Big blinds and big blinds lambic full house and stout trips ! I was all in on this selection ! #craftnotcrap #beerporn #drinkcraft #beergeek #beer #poker #cbc #instabeer cheers @warnersatthebay for almost everyone one of these awesome #beers

Stone - Locoveza - ??? This is weird, very weird it's a sour barrel aged Xocoveza enough said thanks to @shabbabola for sharing #beersnob #beergeek #craftbeer #beerporn #stonebrewing

Thanks #derekwalsh for sharing your story on the creation of the AnDer 1.0 glass. Specially designed for beer tasting, you've got to try it at the @bcnbeerfest #bbf17
#cerveza #birra #beer #beerglass #vasodecerveza #beertasting #beerwithastory #cervezaconhistoria #deltagrup #libbey @royalleerdam #instabeer #beerporn #beerlover #storytelling

Gebraut nach dem deutschen reinheitsgebot von 1516 🍻

16 beers on tap. Asian-fusion tapas. Good vibes. We're at 21A Boon Tat St, tucked away on the 2nd floor of a heritage shophouse. 1 min from Telok Ayer MRT Station.

Beer me first honey😋

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