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I spoke with Anja from @yeastberlin all about Bottle Baron, how we started and where we want to be, being a woman in beer and much, much more. You can read the full interview by clicking the link in my bio 💁🏼 I took an extract from it that I'd like to share, because it suits this platform perfectly and it's important AF. Peace ✌️
"As far as putting myself out there? I definitely have a comfort zone. Typically, it’s a case of me just liking my make-up that day. I grew up a major Tom-boy and only got into it a few years back when I found myself looking for a way to be artistic without needing a lot of resources in front of me. Make up is an art form and I won’t have anyone telling me otherwise. It’s clear that there is a large presence of women in beer, particularly on Instagram. There is a real struggle present, that’s something that can’t be argued. There is a lot of hate directed towards women, the reasons for which are vast and endless. While I personally don’t partake in overly provocative posts, there is a minute amount that do. This, I don’t have a problem with. What I do have a problem with however, is the shaming that occurs. While I haven’t experienced much backlash myself, I’m far from blind to it. Many women I’ve come to consider friends have fallen victim to online bullying and downright harassment, which in itself is a ridiculous idea. What saddens me the most though, is when I see women partake in the narrative, which happens far too frequently. In a world where we’re constantly scrutinized, the last thing we need is other women weighing in on the idea that there is any ‘right’ way to be one. It’s this underlying tone that hurts us the most. We’re all here because we love beer and for most of us, that’s all it is. There are 7.4 billion people in the world, half of which are women. We can’t all be the same. If we were, it’d be a pretty boring world to live in." 🌎

Distintos colores, diferentes aromas, muchos estilos! Una Sola Pasión! #craftbeer #ontap #elandencr #beerisart

When in Vienna
#beerislove #beerisart

A long, long time ago, in a Somerville kitchen far, far away (okay not THAT far), the first iteration of Bee Tea was brewed on a homebrew set up. This week the three founders sat down to taste the brand new batch of this strong ale that was brewed for Night Shift Throwback Fest​. In two weeks we'll be unleashing Bee Tea and five other legendary NSB beers, don't miss it! #StrongAle #ShareTheNight #BeerIsArt #NSBThrowback

Drink local! Stop by for some @aeronautbrewing Hop, Hop & Away, brewed in Somerville, MA! #beer #beerisart #mabeer #aeronaut #hophopandaway


Distintos colores, diferentes aromas, muchos estilos! Una Sola Pasión! #craftbeer #ontap #elandencr #beerisart

¿Sabes que podes llevarte nuestras botellitas a tu casa?
Además de disfrutar de una rica #cervezaartesanal mirando una peli o disfrutando con amig@s, te presentamos nuestro 4Pack: es cómodo y lindo para regalar.
Salud 🍻

Ph @Sergio_Mussini - Fotografía

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We are brewing a Wild Blackberry Saison!! Wild blackberries handpicked on Vashon Island add a long dry blackberry finish to this lightly soured, very sessionable saison. Stay tuned for where to find it!! #vashonbrewing #saison #blackberries #wild #handcrafted #drinklocalcraftbeer #vashonisland #islandsofpnw #wabeer #pnw #pints #growlerstogo #ontap #kegs #smallbatchbeer #beerislove #beerisart #summerale #beerstagram #instabeer #islandlife #vashonlove #vashonfarmersmarket

The last drops of Lei before it disappears for a year.

Back in stock. New lower price.

New arrival from @mikkellerbeer

Experiment Beta from @commonrootsbrewing back in stock.

Back in stock from @aeronautbrewing

New arrival from @relicbrewing

New arrival from @hennikerbrewingco

Back after a long absence. @lostnationbrewing Gose

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