A little oils, a little love, and a little sharing.

Adrift at sea. No better place to be.

I'm double dosing here. Sometimes there's more than one way we need to breathe, more than one way we need a breath of fresh air. Even though it took a few threats and pushed naps out way late we got out of the house and went to the beach where we all have space to breathe again.

Balance requires focus. Jesus calls it a single eye.

Sunset is my favorite color.

In the bag. Peace and calming goes with. It's free for only 2 more days. 😬.

This month Young Living is throwing in a coveted peace and calming with all their premium starter kits. I'm throwing $25 back at you also! So $135. A starter kit includes 11 amazing oils (but it's 12 this month), a diffuser, a wholesale membership, happy oiler team guidance on your oily journey (i.e. invaluable friendships) and so much more goodness! So the good stuff mini breakdown (there's even so much more they can do.):
Peace and Calming- for sleep, relaxing, moms, kids ya know... Copiaba- good for, teething babies, tension, enhances other oils it's used with, sore muscles, soothing, for fresh smelling pits, healthy skin, happy throat
Stress Away- neck tension, mood enhancer, stress, eases frustration, promotes sleep
Panaway- muscle stiffness, pet therapy, ease tension, workout recovery, temple rub
Frankincense- my personal favorite. Mood, alertness, immunity, stress, healthy skin and nails, reduce fine lines
R.C.- supports respiratory system, promotes healthy circulation, uplifting
Thieves- this one is so famous! It provides major immune support, respiratory support, freshens air, supports wellness, cleaning, and eliminates odors. And I could stop here but I'm not.
Lemon- Energy, detox, bloating, it's yummy, nasal function, and cleaning.
Peppermint- digestion/sour tummy, energy, brings oxygen to your brain, circulation, suppresses appetite, and happy breath.
Lavender- The oil of all trades does everything and makes everything else work better, calming, seasonal nasal function, happy sleep, skin support, hair health, baby bums and so much more...
Purification- this is in my diffuser right now it's kinda like I had a cup of coffee but I didn't. It's invigorating, enjoy the outdoors annoyance free, (continued in comments)

I'm loving this combo right now on my diffuser bracelet and in my diffuser. I keep going back to it. Lime is invigorating uplifting and full of the wonderful-for-you limonene!! Juniper is grounding and brings a sense of peace and love. 💚💙💜DM for info on how you can order a custom made diffuser bracelet from me!

You know when you get something for someone else but it's really for yourself? 😂😂This was that present. They are clueless I'm diffusing to knock them out. 👏👊My mommy secret weapons. Peace and calming and lavender are oils that make mammas know "there is a God!" Honestly, sometimes it's ME that needs the peace and calming. And Mammas it is free with the kit til the 31st! See 2 posts back.

As we were getting out of the car he was wanting to carry a handful of his boy-like collection items screws, nuts, and legos. I told him "leave them here. You have to leave your hands open for more treasure." As I spoke to him I realized there was truth there I needed to hear. Letting our grip go at times is what will make room for the things ahead if we have open hands.

Sometimes you just need to brave the wave. However, take note this is best done with a buddy.

I'm OBssessed with this drink right now. About 1/3 of a beet, a handful of carrots, a tad of honey, a splash or two of lemon juice, an apple and after its in glass drop a couple drops of each lemon and grapefruit. Lemon detoxes at a cellular level cleaning cell receptor sites. Grapefruit boosts metabolism which I need always with my slug thyroid. It adds just the zest (almost literally) that makes juice or water even AHmazingly another level. The oil is from the rind of citrus fruit and it takes 75 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of EO! Also, grapefruit EO does not conflict with some medications the way grapefruit can because the compounds are different. So there ya go! Oh I didn't mention the limonene in them... Go look that one up!! Too much crazy stuff.

Just in case you are experiencing tension... #dowhatyoucan #mybff

Usually I take pictures of the beach in front of me but there is beauty all around. Sometimes we need to look around and take notice that there is more. More love. More beauty. More blessing.

Copaiba comes with me everywhere now. Because that one day I put it on my son's jellyfish sting and he was back in the water within 2 minutes. It's also awesome at supporting my head feeling normal and not throbbing. A couple drops in my water and normal. These vitality oils are FDA approved for ingestion. And for whatever reason, makes my face skin look awesome. It's my second fav. Second only to frankincense. #ilikeoilsthatshutmykidsscreamingup #andifeelokaboutit

Dreams. Friends, let's talk dreams. What are your dreams for this year? #crafttherapy

All the camping oils. Because germs. Owies. Snoring. Feeling good. Sleeping good. Smelling good. #arsenal #prepared

I may be the odd one, but I LOVED those kona winds so much. I loved the pastel sunsets. I loved the change in winds. Did you know lemon, lavender and peppermint together help support the body from experiencing allergies?? So cool. #dontmindthevog #sunset #vog

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