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I am at my wits end and need some advice.. my kids are 8 and nearly 10 and still sleep like such logs that they need to wear nappies at night and even those don't cut it some nights.. I am not embarrassed and neither are they as it's just the way they are but some weeks the laundry makes me want to scream and I am willing to try anything to get them out of overnight nappies.. we tried the wafers from the doctor to no avail but I might try again.. anyone else got any magic tricks?! #bedwetting #kidsstuff #motherhood

The phrenic nerves come out from between the 3rd, 4th and 5th cervical (neck) vertebra. Subluxation of these vertebrae can cause nerve interference, which can disturb the proper function of the phrenic reflex and cause bed wetting. Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations, and thus influence the return of proper nerve function. #drsutteedc #chiropractic #bedwetting #chirokids

#ontheblog today it's all about #bedwetting and #GoodNites
Find out what we learned about this phase and how you can get back on track to #allgoodnites {link in profile}

New underjams. Perfect for bigger sized kids. Helping manage Enuresis (bedwetting)... When your child wakes up dry,he/she feels a certain sense of accomplishment. And with the help of Pampers UnderJams nightwear, sunny and dry mornings lie ahead. UnderJams is the only nightwear leakage protection to feature a NightLock ultra-absorbent core, giving him/her the confidence he/ she needs to conquer the day and night. Cut a little lower so not visible above pj pants line... UnderJams are available in S/M and L/XL. Girls and boys ..now available at Aksons supermarket in stanger @ super low affordable prices
Available in packs of 9's and 10's

When to start potty training?🚽
Read more at pottytrainingchild.com
#pottytraining #bedwetting #pottytrainingsuccess #pottytrainingtips

I didn't think we'd spend so much time talking about #bedwetting or #sweatypits, but I didn't mind. #AdamCarolla is a funny, funny man. #adamcarollashow @sufferfests bit.ly/CarollaKeneally

Is there anything more exhausting than changing sheets and pjs in the middle of the night? Night after night? #mumlife #bedwetting

In honor of today's BOGO (buy a bottle of Cypress & get Lemongrass for FREE), I wanted I would share this awesome recipe for bed wetting! By the way, this recipe also works FAB for those of us who wake up during the night having to pee! 😬


So what the heck do fine motor skills have to do with potty training? Believe it or not, a lot! Unbutton, pull down pants, retrieve toilet paper, wipe, get soap, dry hands, and the list goes on! Help your child practice these functional skills by playing dress up...make it fun! 💙 Tot on the Pot (launching fall 2017)!

#children in #abusive homes are likelier to exhibit #aggressive and antisocial behaviors, be #depressed and/or #anxious, suffer from #insomnia and #bedwetting. They experience difficulty at schools, getting lower scores in verbal, motor, and cognitive skills and cognitive development

Prevent all this health issues now. Don't wait to get sick.. Take care of your body today.
God have spare parts for them, but you have to take care of the one he has gifted you with.
Life is a big gift from God, don't neglect your well being.
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I can help you prevent all this or help you get better

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Wait, what?
Anyways.. Our pink soaker pad is a number one seller.
Now, isn't that stellar? ----------------------------------------------------------

Proudly Canadian manufactured for over 30 years! 🍁

GIVEAWAY!! We are excited to be giving away a super sweet bow tie from @beaccessories1. When getting ready to potty train you should be helping your child learn how to dress themselves. We are all about fun! @beaccessories1 has items that can be used when you are playing dress up or have a need for a colorful/formal accessories! Check them out to see their other twisted duct tape idea! A WINNER will be picked from the first 50 people who like this photo. Tag a friend. Must be 18 and must love kids!

Children have wonderful imaginations & can be great subjects for #hypnotherapy! #anxiety #bedwetting #nailbiting #examstress #mindpower

Tot on the Pot is where potty training meets fun. We have created reward activities that will get your kids moving and excited about using the potty. Our potty training solution is all inclusive and has streamlined the process for parents. Super excited to be launching this fall!💙💩

This mattress protector will have you covered!... or should we say, have your mattress covered! Keep it in excellent condition whilst still getting a comfortable nights sleep. .
#Antibacterial, effective for keeping #dust #mites and #bacteria at bay
#Breathable, yet draws away #moisture providing for better #hygienic use
Protects against #stains caused from #spills, #sweat, #bedwetting
Post included #AusWide (International post unavailable for this item)
More pics and details @ozbuddie.com - direct link listed in comments ;)
#Want It #Need It #Gift It

3 out of 4 #children with #enuresis respond exceptionally well to #bedwetting #alarms. Bedwetting alarms are inexpensive and awaken the #child to go to the bathroom to urinate and give #kids positive reinforcement to stop bedwetting - http://ow.ly/yXzb30aS33R

Potty Training on the go...remember to let your toddler know where the bathroom is located. When entering into a new place (store, library, play date) - even if your child has been there 100 times before - show them where the potty is located. Remember...an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of poop! 💙💩Tot on the Pot (launching fall 2017).

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