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It's not about just saying you want something and then going back to sleep the next morning to find what you said manifesting in reality. The last time I checked, things don't just happen. If you want things that you have never had before, you have to go for it after making that conviction. You have to be willing to leave your comfort zone, and go things that people are not willing to do or things that people have not done before. In effect, you got to be different. So that you will also get a different results. It's time to go out there and be different.

Titles have never mattered to me ”EVER”.. I treat everyone I come in contact with the same respect!! there's no such thing as a V.I.P person as far as how I treat people🤔... Learn to love on people and treat them with dignity and respect.. The universe will give it back to you in return❤️ #respect #bedifferentbepositive #formyourownopinion #treatpeoplewithkindness

Be different, stand out, be bold, be unique and work your butt off.
Fuck it, JUST BE YOU.
It is ok.
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