For all the lovers on Valentines Day. Acoustic renditions of some Mozzer classics by myself and @liamjamesmarsh from deep in the fens πŸ–€πŸŒΏ

Here’s some records released this year that I liked a lot or stood out to me, in no real order.

Hovvdy - Taster
Single Mothers - Our Pleasure
Full of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy
Soccer Mommy - Collection
Ostraca - Last
Vein / .gif from god - Split
Horse Jumper of Love - s/t
Mac Demarco- This Old Dog
SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware (+ Atrocities single)
SECT - No Cure For Death
Wot Gorilla? - Angel Numbers
Swallowing - The Good People
Florist - If Blue Could Be Happiness
Speak The Truth... Even If Your Voice Shakes - Everyone You Love Will Slip Away from You
Quicksand - Interiors
Bury The Light - Sunstroker
Bedbound by Summer - Our Lives To Ruin
Duster - Stratosphere (actually released in 1998 but this was easily my favourite album this year)
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Myself and @liamjamesmarsh released a new Bedbound By Summer EP today, it’s called Laughter Lines and it’s 4 songs in length. It is highly likely that next year will bring at least one loud record, providing we remain in relatively good health. Thank you for your time and attention. Link is in my bio. Pay What You Want / Free Download as always. 🌞

Recorded sporadically in practice spaces and living rooms across town over a two month period.
The cover photo was taken 14-06-2017 and the album's title loosely references a Morrissey song. .
Thank you for your time and attention. .
Link in bio

Bedbound By Summer make a better Scribble Victory than we do! You wouldn't believe that @kanexdoe had never played on our drums before. So good πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #bedboundbysummer #lincoln #lincolnshire #westendtap #acoustic #drums #acousticmusic #acousticguitar #singers #instavideo #videooftheday #insta #instagram #instamusic #instalike #l4l #f4f #scribblevictory

Playing with our good mates @scribblevictory on Saturday. It's been a long time coming πŸŒžπŸ’ƒ


Two new songs before we record two new songs next week. Thank you for your time and attention πŸ–€


An EP for the lovers on Valentines Day πŸ–€πŸ’


This is the second half of Calhoun Memorial from Bedbound By Summer. Originally intended to be released as one; these songs felt better separated from Calhoun Memorial to be heard in their own way. The end result is more fluent I hope.
The artwork is a photograph taken by me from the Botanical Gardens by the Cemetery in Dublin, sometime in October 2016. As always, the songs are free for download. Thank you for your time and attention.

Tomorrow from 8PM, Liam and myself will be with @earwormeruk talking about our new album, playing a new song and trying to not sound too awkward about being outside past nightfall// 107.0 FM πŸ“» Thank you for your time and attention πŸ’

Today is the day 10/10/16
Listen/ download in full

Bedbound By Summer
Calhoun Memorial
bedboundbysummer.bandcamp.com *bendyrarmsbacklikelaurapalmer

Here was the Bedbound By Summer setup for last nights show. Definitely a fun challenge with just the essentials to hand; and the venue couldn't have been better. Local shows could learn a thing or two from how @harryviolet does things. Thank You For Your Time And Attention// πŸ“·: @crownofflowers1

Probably one of the coolest shows Bedbound By Summer will ever play. Changing things up a little for this one, and in the greatest of company//

The next Bedbound By Summer record will likely be called Calhoun Memorial. It will likely be 18 tracks long. It will likely be followed by a 10 track record shortly after// bedboundbysummer.bandcamp.com

12/08/2016 BBS//TAE πŸ“Έ @aliceekat

12/8/16 Setlist for tonight. No stops, no awkward small talk//

I've been freeloading these lovely tunes for far too long now. But listening to them this morning on a single left crackly speaker, whilst sipping on a latte, they've never sounded better. πŸƒ

10/38 // Bedbound by Summer - Great Northern: 315 // @kanexdoe #differentkitchenrecords #cassette #bedboundbysummer

Keeping it simple recording guitars for the new #bedboundbysummer LP // bedboundbysummer.bandcamp.com

The Bedbound By Summer // You In Scalic Cemetary split is in my hands and it looks pretty great. @richardheavenpfc did a lovely job on the art/ layout, and I'm super chuffed to be involved in anything @wolftowndiy puts out. Head to their store to grab one! Thank you for your time and attention πŸ’

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