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Reality is just so boring...unless you're working hard on creating your own! The Universe has a funny way of always meeting your expectations. So If you open your heart (and mind) to the possibility of MAGIC, you'll be surprised at just how much you find all around you! ⠀
Hope you are all having a wonderful (and magical!) Sunday! 💖💖💖

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Join us tomorrow 24•06 @lavallee_bxl for the Garage Cosmic #03 ⚡️from 2 pm to midnight 🌑#CosmicPopRecords #UnderMyGarage #OpenAir #BeCosmic


Cosmic Times is in the house!! Join us here at the Clermont Comic Con for GEEK trivia at 2pm today! See you there!
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Now available in the Cosmic Shop - Chaser Platoon by Tim Eldred! #becosmic #chaserplatoon #mech #robots

Great time at the Fantasy: Youth’s Portal to Reality panel! Thank you to Miami Book Fair for allowing us to participate. Also many thanks to the amazing panelists Janet Lee, Liniers, George O’Connor and Kim Dwinell for spending time with us! #becosmic #miamibookfair2017 #miamireads

Want a sweet treat? Preorder your copy of @sugarboogarz issue 4 from your local comic shop today! This is a great jumping on point in this ongoing series! Join Graham and the Ginjy Ninjys on their next amazing adventure! #becosmic #sugarboogarz #lcs

The @clermontcomiccon is going to ROCK! Cosmic Times will be there with a killer selection of comics like this one ....Deep Space Tragedy! Stop by the booth and check out this tale about a teenage robot rock band on the run written and illustrated by the very talented Mike Wagganer!
#becosmic #clermont #deepspacetragedy

Hello magical soul! I have a message just for you:⠀

It's time to rise up. It's time to come out of your shell. It's time to step into your TRUE POWER. ⠀

The world NEEDS you to be the most You-iest version of you possible! It's your job to realize all of your potential. That means you've got to follow your heart, your dreams, your desires. You've got to show up in this world in a way that ONLY you can. ⠀

So if you haven't been doing that so far, then today's a pretty good day to get started, don't you think? 🌠🌠🌠

Coming up in 15 minutes at the @miamibookfair ! Join Martin and an incredible group of panelists in the MAGIC Screening Room.#miamibookfair2017 #becosmic #comics

The life you really want always starts on the inside! You're NEVER powerless and you're NOT a victim. You always have the CHOICE to create a thought that supports you or one that doesn't. We're constantly creating our world so don't forget that YOU have an important role to play in the process. If you can feel it, you can have it so start working on FEELING the way you really want to. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Life isn't always fun. It isn't always easy. And it certainly isn't always Instagram-pretty!⠀

And that's okay!⠀

Comparison is the killer of happiness. When you're busy looking around at what everyone else is doing OF COURSE you're going to think you're missing out on something. ⠀

That's why it's important to stay true to your VALUES and VISION. Seeing someone else's life might just make you want something that isn't actually that important to you.⠀

Life isn't about keeping up with the virtual Joneses. It's about finding what's important for YOU and pursuing it with your whole heart.⠀

So stop looking around. Start focusing inwards. And just remember the only person you're here to impress is YOU. 💜💜💜

YES! @clermontcomiccon is happening in just three days! This is sure to be an awesome show with some great guests and fun activities. Cosmic Times will be there with our amazing selection of comics and super fun Geek Trivia at 2pm! Get your tickets now! #becosmic #clermontcomiccon #comics #trivia
#comiccon #cosmictimes #robots

Martin and Heidi of Cosmic Times will be bringing Geek Trivia to the Clermont Comic Con this Sunday November 19th at 2pm! Come on out and have some fun! Here’s a sample question.... let’s see how you do!
#becosmic #clermontcomiccon #trivia

Check out the back of this sweet #JusticeLeague hat! It‘s part of our Justice League prize pack along with a bunch of other cool items. Visit the #CosmicTimes website (CosmicTimes.net) to find out how you can win it! #jointheleague #batman #superman #wonderwoman #coolgear #becosmic

Cosmic Times will be taking the Clermont Comic Con by storm in 4 days! Join us as we host a rousing game of Geek Trivia at 2pm! Stop by the booth and check out all of our new comics! See you there! #becosmic #clermontcomiccon
#robots #Comics #Comic-Con

Hey folks! It’s here! Your copy of Sugar Boogarz issue 1 is waiting for you at your local comic shop! Get your copy today! Do us a favor... if you get it take a picture and send it to us! #becosmic #sugarboogarz

Preorder @sugarboogarz issue 4 from our friends #TFAW and get a 20% discount! This is a great jumping on point in this ongoing series created by @locoduckduron. Join Graham, Crunchy and the other Ginjy Ninjy’s on their next adventure! #becosmic #tfaw

Time to Join the League!!!! #justiceleague #jointheleague #becosmic

Pick up Sugar Boogarz issue one tomorrow from your favorite comic book retailer! While you’re there see if they have the highly limited retailer exclusive edition! #becosmic #sugarboogarz #comics #lcs

This week I speed-read @galadarling 's book Radical Self Love. I've been following Gala for years and I'm not sure why it took me so long to actually get around to reading the book! The whole book is amazing and perfect for a self-love pick-me-up. But this one sentence in particular jumped right out for me! ⠀

Because OF COURSE life is a self-fulfilling prophecy! Your attitudes and expectations literally create the world you live in. If you want to start creating change, you need to believe that you CAN. You need to understand that everything starts on the INSIDE first. ALWAYS. No if's and's or but's! ⠀

So if it's time to get out of a rut, it's also time to show yourself a little tough love. What can you do to change your expectations and attitude TODAY? You always have a choice - and it's time to start choosing the life that YOU really want! 💜💜💜

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