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This right here was my best moment from yesterday... Now I understand why God said @tybello would speak at the conference and why the devil tried to make it hard for me to reach her... he knew what was going to happen, that people will experience unimaginable healing from the bondage he has tried to keep them in and didn't want it to happen... But look at God!!! Thank God I didn't give up trying to reach TY! #ThankYouFather

@Regrann from @thebeautifiednetwork - There's healing in this place! #becomingconference2017 #Becoming2017 - #regrann

@nwanyiakamu and I ❀

My @yetroselane kimono😍😍😍 @Regrann from @thebeautifiednetwork - When women worship great things happen!
#Becoming2017 #BecomingConference - #regrann

Wawu 😭I have never been that loved before. This is remarkable and I can never forget that day 15/07/2017 #Becoming2017 @thebeautifiednetwork I am sooo loved! You will never understand how loved I felt and the events that happened in the spirit that day. God told me if I was the only one in the world He would still send Jesus, His son to die for me and that He put that program together for me. That is how much He loves me. Guess how much I went home with that day.....N119,000 with loads of notes containing words of encouragement and gifts (toys, books) for my babies. @capturedbyadesuwa promised the twins a photo session as well. Wowww. This is awesome. I am not sure anybody has been publicly loved like God did to me on Saturday. Folks, you won't understand. @funtoibuoye iwaju ni wa ma lo, oni reyin loruko Jesu. Agbo ohun Iya ati omo loruko Jesu. Eni Eleni koni gba ise re se loruko Jesu. Aye re a dun bi oyin. God bless you for putting this together. For obeying your maker. You are an example to believers and a motivation to me to live God's will.
I am still speechless 😢. Believe me. The things I write can't do justice to how I am or how I have Become.
I am the true daughter of my Father, Aiyeraye, Olowogbogboro, Ogbe ni nja ti eru sin ba onija my fearsome defender.
I am TitiTunbi Olu-Joshua, I say I am a living testimony. I AM BECOMING.

With @adenikeoyetunde at the Becoming Conference 3.0. So glad I met her in person.

Throwback to yesterday! πŸ’™
My vulnerability and insecurities I lay it all at your feet. My mistakes, my baggage, my struggles. I give it all to u Lord. #becoming #purposeful #firebranded #Holyghostfilled
@funtoibuoye all I want to say is THANKYOU & GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

This is what @dets_dt had to say about the #becomingconference. " I don't think I've ever been to a gathering like this in Nigeria where God is at the center. As I walked in I felt it that destines are being shaped. "

You really shouldn't miss #Becoming2017. We have already said that this is not an ordinary meeting. (We hope you believe us now) πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰ Anytime we gather there is new life, strength and clarity released for us to achieve purpose.

Don't wait till we are sold out before you decide to book your seat.
To register pay the conference fee of N7,000
into this account.GTBank - 0116492693 and send proof of payment to registrations@beautified.com.ng

You totally deserve it πŸ˜‰

#Becomingconfloading #Becoming2017 #Savethedate #July15 -

Our panel session was HOT πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯
A few lessons we learnt : -Don't take the signs in your relationship for granted.
-Don't think you can cope with those character flaws. Deal with them.

Your courtship is a time to love intelligently -It's OK to marry a man with potential as long as he's working to make those potentials reality 😊
__ If there's something you are not comfortable with in your relationship communicate them with your partner and if you can't find a common ground ABORT the mission. 😊😊 #BecomingConference2017
#Becoming2017 πŸ“· @gazmadustudios @Regrann from @thebeautifiednetwork -


When you can sleep easy knowing your "precious things" would be taken care off then you have found a friend like @princesssimysola 😘

To great #friends 🍷

...Cos women with full, well rounded, robust, WHOLE lives will raise balanced families and build thriving societies.



Today I'm #agressivelygrateful for this little #judahbug - a bundle of fun, lots of laughs and singing. She reminds me to enjoy my days and delight in simple pleasures (like blueberry yoghurt). #theadventuresofevieandjudahandelroy #blessed #becoming2017 #grateful #giveyourlifeaway #agressivegratitude #reallife #richinlove

Still on Becoming2017 and I can't get over the experience. As she walked into the venue we all shouted and am sure i did more of the shout because I saw the woman that inspired me daily on photography.@tybello TYbello is not only about been multitalented, TYbello knows the purpose of God is her life and She uses it to glorify God by Worshipping God, love others, uses her gifts to serve others and she is not ashamed of the gospel No wonder she is outstanding. No wonder the glory of God is seen in her. God bless you and all yours being a blessing to this generation @tybello

"If people like you they'll listen to you but if they trust you they"ll do business with you." #Flashbackfriday #Connecting #Relationships
#repost from @morenikevincent "What exactly were we talking about? (More like what was @oladoyintaiwo saying😘). Lovely time at #becoming2017 by @thebeautifiednetwork with @iamfunmidaniels #tgifridays
Photography by @gazmadustudios

🎢This peace that I have, the world didn't give it to me. 🎢This peace that I have, the world didn't give it to me. 🎢This peace that I have, the world didn't give it to me. The world didn't give it AND THE WORLD CAN'T TAKE IT AWAY! 🎢 #agressivegratitude #richinlove #becoming2017 #peacethatpassesunderstanding #someoldschoolgospelforthemorning #sanggirl

#agressivegratitude for today:
1. Grateful for #newmercies - I'm still amazed that He chose me and keeps on choosing me
2. Grateful to be entrusted with all that I have
3. Grateful for blue skies and morning sun
4. Grateful for health
5. Grateful for opportunities that push me WAY beyond my comfortable limits, WAY beyond my will and WAY out into the uncomfortable, the unknown, the uncertain for that is surely where real faith lives! #richinlove #agressivelygrateful #becoming2017 #giveyourlifeaway

This is one of my all time favorite quotes and I've shared it on this day every year for the past few years. A reminder to myself and everyone else that we all have battles we face on a daily basis that no one else knows about. Be kind. It goes a long way.
So as I remember my battles, I appreciate the kindness I've been shown today.
#bekind #strongwoman #becoming2017 #iamenough #plato #lifeisshort #quotestoliveby

Still available in stock is our Barney Character Bag for kids. Get your kids to rock this Barney Bag for summer holidays and even after. Price: 4,000. Send DM or call 08094267927 to order now.

I was a strong willed, stubborn, independent girl.Things rarely get to me, I love to have everything together and I hide my fears excellently, i had even mastered pain.Then I met Jesus and he started to break me and remove the walls layer by layer and then I will form for God and even hide my tears in the place of worship but it was the only place I was too vulnerable. MINE is a story of grace, I shouldn't be where I am today but I am here because God allowed it. I have finally learnt to let go in his presence i no longer have to hide my tears because I know my father will turn it into something beautiful. Thank you Lord for another beautiful year ahead.
Ps. #Becoming2017 was awesome

Oh @gazmadustudios 😲😭😭😭😭 Thank you so much πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜ Thank You for #Becoming2017 @funtoibuoye look what I won... #PictureAddict

@Regrann from @funtoibuoye - So beautifully written and detailed!! If you missed the conference, here's the full gist! Check link in her bio

@Regrann from @amakaanne - Good morning Instagram πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

SoI attended my first Becoming conference hosted by The Beautified Network in 2016 and it caused a real shift in lots of areas in my life, especially my thought process. So I was honored to be able to attend this year’s conference as well, a lot of people have asked how it exactly went down, so here’s a summary of the day with all the lessons I learnt as well.
Link in MY BIO.

#Becoming2017 #BecomingConference2017 #ArmyRising #Women #blogpost #TBT #Faith #lessonslearned #amakaanne - #regrann - #regrann

More "yuminess" from #Becoming2017...we go all out for our events and fully prepared too.
Wouldn't you rather have us cater for your event as well πŸ˜‰

Goodnight Instafam...Saturday In a bit excitedπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ!!!
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So last Saturday we POPPED UP at the becoming conference @thebeautifiednetwork . πŸ€— We mean it when we say we set out to support this group of amazing women.πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ We had 19 registered infants and toddlers at our mobile care and play setup!πŸ‘πŸ½ What this means is about 19 women may have missed out on the awesome value the BECOMING Conference afforded them! "...the blessings of God always makes RICH and addeth no sorrow to it." Our children are BLESSINGS, full and complete!πŸ™πŸ½ So mummy, when we come into your lives, we ENHANCE it, we would not slow you down or stop you from achieving your God ordained PURPOSE.🀝
Thank you @thebeautifiednetwork @funtoibuoye for providing this DESTINY DEFINING platform for this generation of young women. God bless you immensely for letting Him use you in the many ways He has!πŸ˜‡

I have come to this place in my life
I'm full but I've not satisfied
This longing to have more of You
And I can feel it my heart is convinced
I'm thirsty my soul can't be quenched
You already know this but still
Come and do whatever You want to

I'm standing knee deep but I'm out where I've never been
And I feel You coming and I hear Your voice on the wind

Would you come and tear down the boxes that I have tried to put You in
Let love come teach me who You are again
Would you take me back to the place where my heart was only about You
And all I wanted was just to be with You
Come and do whatever You want to

And further and further my heart moves away from the shore
Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours
And further and further my heart moves away from the shore
Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours

Then You crash over me and I've lost control but I'm free
I'm going under, I'm in over my head
Then you crash over me, and that's where You want me to be
I'm going under, I'm in over my head
Whether I sink, whether I swim
It makes no difference when I'm beautifully in over my head
Whether I sink, whether I swim
It makes no difference when I'm beautifully in over my head
I'm Beautifully in over my head
I'm Beautifully in over my head

#AllAboutYouJesus #InOverMyHead #BethelMusic #SinkOrSwim
Thanks @adenikeoyetunde for asking us to get this song!!! #AmazingAmazingSong
Thanks @oluwadabest for this pic. It was sooooooo good seeing you again, dear!
@funtoibuoye You have no idea how many lives your obedience has blessed! God is just getting started with you, hun!!! @thebeautifiednetwork Every one of your gatherings screams #Excellence
Thanks for all you put in to ensure lives are changed on a regular!
#Becoming2017 #Worship #Word #Impartation #Liberty #Fellowship #Queens #GloryDaysAreHere

Pretty in dibiyan skirts. Even though I imagined the belts being tied in front and y'all decided to tie it at the back, you still look absolutely beautiful 😘 #dibiyan #expressyourself #nigerianentrepreneur #fashion #becoming2017 #becoming3 #thebeautifiednetwork
P.S - If you missed becoming3.0 you should get as many notes as possible. You'd be blessed.
#happyweekend #itsfriyay #theyearisrunningsofast

This is the Only pictorial evidence have of my presence at the #BECOMING2017 conference.

If you have anyone else, abeg share oh πŸ™


It was a Divine appointment for me to attend the 3rd edition of Becoming. It was my first time also. The words of wisdom spoken by each of the key speakers really resonated with me. I was touched on so many levels and was provoked to think beyond the normal. The atmosphere was one of deep, heartfelt worship for my God. He was really exalted throughout the whole event. Then, it was very empowering for ladies and young women of all ages. I never felt so determined to become who God created me to be until I was a part of #Becoming2017. I really give God glory for the hard work @funtoibuoye and her team put in to make the day successful.
I am honored to be blessed by the words of @nwanyiakamu @temitope_olagbegi @enojerry22 @tybello @adenikeoyetunde and @amakasonlj.
I loved all these ladies and the love that was shown by all. The Spirit of God was given free course to move and it was simply beautiful!

#BecomingtillIam #CaterpillartoButterfly #stillcantgetoverBecoming2017

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