5 dumbasses but there are more then that. Tech leaders ,more dumbass politicians etc
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I really be out here doing it, too. #nosmalltalk #onlybigtalk #bigideas #eattherich #vivalarevolucion #becomethemedia #bigmood #imononetoday 😍😍😍😍(repost from the realest)

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The door to the Freeform Portland Studio. Located in the beautiful #bakerbuilding on Killingsworth and Albina near Portland Community College. #freeformportland #freeformpdx #portland #pdx #communityradio #freeformradio #volunteerpowered #anythinggoes #radio #becomethemedia #broadcasting #community www.freeformportland.org

Start adding pics to Google maps If u want to influence the businesses around you and or promote yourself by piggy backing off of big business Google advertising. I've added so many home demolition pics to New Seasons Williams & Vic Remmers businesses :) #usetheinternetwisely #becomethemedia #influenceyourworld

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The same mainstream media which was responsible for propagating false reports of WMDs in the Middle E. ultimately ending in failure & the result of millions of lives lost as casualties; is the same media now attacking alternative media whom are NOT backed by multinationals & subject to an agenda. In other words, there is a direct war on our 1st amendment, social media & actual credible news outlets that report what ever news they wish not filtered by corporate hands.
Do not mistake or assume that fake news sites are the same as alternative media news outlets. Learn to spot false news on the spot. The intention behind false news reporting is one, to gain clicks & audience, but most importantly to misdirect & misinform. The number one aspect of false news aside from all it's false indications, is the backing from source to source confirmations. If there is only one source which provided the content that cannot be collated with another separate source, highly indicates it is not factual & was either made up or spun off. In either case it was meant to decisive, elude & distract. To discredit real time actual reporting of real corruption. The pizza gate scandal you hear the Lame Stream media stirring up is in fact not made up & was disclosed from the #PodestaEmail bomb leaked to #wikileaks. There's a campaign now to cause attention to this pizza establishment & elude the attention of the public away from the source & evidence which brought the entirety to float in the first place.
In Washington this is not looked at as false, it is well known & many do not want ties to the connections being made with this highly disgusting corruption. What one might find is staggering if looked deeper into real evidence & not falsely reported & smeared news. CNN has an average audience of 1.2 million a week for a given show, alternative media alike #ProjectVeritas after dropping its award winning undercover investigative journalism gained over 11 million views in a week. MSM is losing the war on information & is directly involved in smearing alternative media reporting & true investigative journalism. #OccupyTheMedia #BecomeTheMedia #TheCorrupt

You were born for purposes far greater than having a perfectly flat stomach. 📷 magical Mr. Chao
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An accurate image highlighting the impact our right-wing biased mainstream media has on Kiwis.
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Most of our mainstream media is now a tabloid mix between Buzzfeed and The Daily Mail.
The fourth estate in New Zealand is in serious jeopardy.
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