Today’s meet didn’t go as planned but that’s okay! Coach decided for me not to peak for this one so did it for funsies and ended up placing 1st in my class. Tried to be a decent 63kg (138lbs) this time but ended up being 58kg (128lbs)😂🤷🏽‍♀️ After missing both my 3rd squat and bench attempt I was able to redeem myself on my deadlift and add +11lbs for a new PR (after only a 3.5ish week prep)! After hating deadlifts for so long due to injury and being unable to find my “groove” it was one of the best feelings ever (see me trying to contain my smile at the end of vid) to be able to get my 3rd attempt up so fast and hearing Mr. Brock Haywood himself chanting “more weight! More weight!”😭🤘🏼 Thank you @jorrelmarasigan for handling me half the time and b @jaaayesteban for handling me mentally, being my number one cheerleader and grabbing me panda tea in the middle of my meet❤️😅 Awesome job to everyone else who competed, it was so much fun! Now, few days of rest then time to grind for the next one. I love this sport so much😩
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325lb (+5lb) PR today. Was aiming for RPE9 but overshot it lel. Weights definitely felt light but my technique just wasn’t there. Pretty sure I could’ve made it look like a 9 had I timed my leg drive properly 🌝. Last clip is 275lb double partial reps to work speed off the chest/leg drive. Timing the drive made a world of difference. Thx coach @ohgeeloco . @liftinhd @jarett_m @brothamark @christianlozano_ #powerlifting #benchpress #bench #gym #fitness #pr #failure #motivation #becomeapexelite

Have you ever tried to workout as fast as you could to finish within a certain time frame and still finish late? 🤷🏻‍♂️ @alfredtsg @apexeliteapparel

192.5 x5
130 x3
222.5 x6
Perfect day to AMRAP amirite?!
Big thanks to @dragonchopstickz @strongholdtitan for the hospitality!

Some weighted dips from tonights workout (35lb plate) for a set of 22reps @7 RPE.. Feel the #pump haha #bodybuilding #powerbuilding @mattybow83 #bowenmethod

Some quick highlights of our Apex athletes from this past MPA Provincials!

Some Provincial records were broken, handful of PRs and an overall sense of team and community was built! Great showings from @reginetolentin0 @jennncruz @patrickbarbaro @alexrpalmer95 and coach @pt_monty

An amazing job by coach @theapumpkin for handling all 5 athletes that day! And the job was made easier by fellow athletes @jorrelmarasigan @christianlozano_ and @mdaxx for helping with warmups!

We work to help build stronger athletes, but strive to build an even stronger community #becomeApexElite

Join the team! Email us! Link in our bio 📥 @apexelitetraining_

Some of last night and tonight’s workouts, back at the #bowenmethod training some different muscles for more #gains
Sucks doing #frontsquat with sunburnt shoulders haha 🤷🏻‍♂️ 225lbs x8 x3sets @7 and seated #OHP 145lbs x10 x3sets @7

*L: March 2018 at 140lbs R: June 2018 at 125lbs*
Gains on and off the platform in just a span of 3 months. I’m just gonna keep this short cuz I say thank you literally every time I notice a change LOL but honestly, I wouldn’t have made it this far without my special duo @jaaayesteban and @theapumpkin Without you two always pushing me and helping me get over my insecurities, I would’ve probably gave up a long time ago. Shoutout to the home gym @movement.fp and the training fam @apexelitetraining cuz y’all were apart of this too💁🏽‍♀️ #MovementFP #BecomeApexElite #TheBulkWasReal #SummerShreds #TheTanIsAlsoReal #LooksLikeMyTorsoShrunk #ShreddingOrShrinking #Idk #ImMoreExcitedAboutMyQuadGains

385lbs x 1 ft. my exaggerated descent 👀 Just one of those “gym crew is hype so time to hit a random single” days. Pretty happy with this considering ive just been doing volume for the past while at sub 70% 😶 @ohgeeloco @liftinhd @alexrpalmer95 @patrickbarbaro @mdaxx.x @theapumpkin @jorrelmarasigan @smitty1317 @jennncruz #powerlifting #squats #deadlifts #benchpress #gym #fitness #becomeapexelite #motivation

Do you know where "proper depth" is? Or do you just "sink it"? 🤔

Photo packages still available from MPA 2018 Provincials! Available at
🌐apexelite.ca link in bio! @apexeliteapparel

📸 @austin.dayphotography

MB Provincials was my 4th powerlifting meet... And one of my best performances yet. I've hit numbers I never touched and I owe it all to the crew. Henry with his intelligent coaching. Thea with her keen eye as a handler. Jorrel, Christian, and Mark as the bomb ass warm up team. And of course @apexelitetraining_ @apexeliteapparel for bringing together such a strong and passionate community. In the end I came in last coz 105kg r 4 big BOIZ. YOLO

BW: 100KG
SQUAT: 195KG (2/3)
BENCH: 130KG (2/3)
DEADZ: 240KG (3/3)
And big ups to Janessa and @db.monte for handling the Apex Elite booth while Henry and I focus on snorting ammonia and yelping #becomeApexElite

MPA 2018 Provincials @manitobapowerlifting wrapped up this past Saturday and we have some great shots of some great lifts!

Don't forget to order your photo package today! Available at 🌐apexelite.ca link in bio @apexeliteapparel
📸 @austin.dayphotography

Meet Recap:
Weighed in at 93.16kgs oops (first time missing weight) but said screw it let’s try 105 🤷🏻‍♂️ hah and still came out with a 1st somehow among those strong guys.. squat: 220kg/ 486lbs (had to retake my 2nd at end of round cuz spotter grabbed bar early and then got it! Missed my 3rd tho after)
Bench: 175kg/386lbs PR!!! 3/3
Deadlift: 235kg/518lbs 2/3
Total: 630kgs 2nd best meet I ever had!
Great meet tho and another new experience with a handler again, letting someone else pick attempts for me is new territory but she got it pretty damn good, thanks @mymomthinksimjacked and for the motivation telling me “don’t be a bitch” 😂 and of coarse my awesome coach @mattybow83 Nationals next 💪🏻🤘🏻and @iron_image for hosting a great provincials! Congrats everyone, bigger and stronger all the time 💪🏻

An amazing performance by all our Apex Elite athletes at the MPA 2018 Provincials! @manitobapowerlifting

A handful of personal records and provincial records were broken as well as a unified effort to create the best possible outcome for each lifter🏆

With 2 of our coaches competing, everything was left in coach Thea's very capable hands! @theapumpkin (with the help of fellow Apex Elite athletes @jorrelmarasigan
@christianlozano_ @mdaxx)

It's about support, trust, and belief in an athlete from their coach that an outcome like this is achieved. We're very grateful to have people like this on our side in this amazing sport of powerlifting, and we hope to see this team continue to grow! 💪🏼
@reginetolentin0 @jennncruz
@patrickbarbaro @ohgeeloco @liftinhd @alexrpalmer95 @pt_monty

For coaching inquiries, send us an email through our bio 📥 @apexelitetraining_

A bittersweet ending to the MPA Provincials @manitobapowerlifting
Finished 6/9 with 212.5 on squat 150 on bench and 247.5 on deads, 610 total and a 427 wilks - 76.74 bw.. #74kgbois ?

2nd attempt on squat, misgrooved in the hole, so had to take a conservative jump to my 3rd - had a bit more in the tank, but still satisfied with it! Bench, spotters touch 155 on my right side, which is definitely unfortunate but at least I know it's there lol and deads... fml

Nearly bombed out for the first time ever, missing both my 1st and 2nd as the bar slips both times lol I end up going up on my 2nd because I know it's not a technical issue (baby powder on the bar) - but it turns out I'm not actually one of the #hookgripboiz cause it slips on my 2nd anyways. Switch to switch-grip and pull my 3rd and looks like a 2nd lol

End of the day, another learning experience as always! Big thanks goes to @duurka for always being my go to handler, to my fellow competitors, definitely was a battle til the end lol shout outs to @theapumpkin @jorrelmarasigan and @mdaxx for helping out the @apexelitetraining_ athletes as I had to compete. Super proud and thankful the Apex team is so supportive! Big thanks goes to my coach @alfredtsg for guiding me through this - had one of my best preps because of his help! To my fiancee @katannbee for always being so helpful and supportive! And shoutout to my doggo @kobinu_ 🦊 and lastly to the continuous support from the powerlifting community. It's crazy to see how much its grown over the years but we're only getting bigger and stronger! 💪🏼#manitobastrong

Second sanctioned meet y’all, weighed in at a wonderful 57.06kg (125.53lbs) today LOL missed 57kg by a hair and was a wee bit light for 63kg. We out here doin work though at a new body weight with no pain or injuries so I’m truly happy with the outcomes! Also snagged the 63kg provincial squat record twice today and this was for the hubs @jaaayesteban Thanks for holding it down while we were both on prep and low carb af almost tryna kill each other LOL you still made my meals and helped me when shit got hella hard🙇🏽‍♀️🤗 Your turn to kill it tmr babe, LETS GO.
124kg/271lbs⚪️ 127.5kg/281lbs⚪️ 130kg/287lbs🔴 (+11lbs PR)
52.5kg/115lbs⚪️ 55kg/121lbs⚪️ 57.5kg/127lbs⚪️ (+12lbs PR)
120kg/264lbs⚪️ 125kg/275lbs⚪️ 130kg/281lbs🔴 (+33lbs PR)
Huge thank you to the awesomest coach and handler @theapumpkin @jorrelmarasigan Thanks for yelling at me when I was a pussy and dealing with all my whiney/needy shit today and every other day😭😂 Can’t wait for the next cycle to start, alrdy ready to work twice as hard but for now T-minus 32hrs until Mexico!!! #MPAPROVS2018 #ThePowerMoves #MovementFP #BecomeApexElite #ManitobaPowerlifting #GirlsWhoPowerlift #ReggieButchForever #SingletSaturday @movement.fp @apexelitetraining_

Team Apex ready to represent this Saturday at the MPA Provicnials 2018! #3daysout

@manitobapowerlifting @iron_image

Here we go again 💪🏻Provincials 2018! #4daysout Getting excited to move some weight. Gonna try for redemption and join the 500 club in squat! Meets are always fun tho 🤘🏻 Let’s lift some heavy weight! 🏋🏻‍♂️

Less than 10 days out from MPA Provincials! @manitobapowerlifting

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Who's ready for MPA Provincials? @manitobapowerlifting

We are! And we wanna make sure you're competition ready! CPU approved tees will be tax free and the BECOME Collection is buy 1 get one 50% off!

Amazing edit by @__qnguyen

@reginetolentin0’s progress pic! Lifting makes you look manly, right? 🙄 The power of controlled bulks and cuts. 10lbs heavier now, but leaner and WAY stronger. ~130lbs on her total and ~55 pts on her Wilks. Watch out for this little powerhouse on the platform in 2.5 weeks! -
Note: Regine has been coached by Coach Thea @theapumpkin for 12 weeks, who has guided her through this slow and healthy cut. For coaching inquiries, send us an email through our bio. @apexelitetraining_ 📥 #becomeApexElite

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