[ Clarke Griffin ]
Qotd: have you watched the premiere yet?
Aotd: no, hopefully very soon though 😄

[ 5.01 ]
Qotd: how do you feel about Madi so far?
Aotd: I really, really, really like her 💖💕

Who ships Becho?? We dont! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
❗️We don’t mean to spread any hate ❗️
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This isn't even funny.
Bellamy and Echo are together now, you guys should deal with it. I don't say this because I'm a Clexa shipper. I say this because it's true. I love Bellarke to be honest and I'm totally okay with Bellarke being endgame but first of all, DON'T hate on Tasya! She's the actress, she has nothing to do with the decisions her character makes. Stop hating on her, it's not her fault, she only does what the script says so please leave her alone. Second, Bellamy and Echo have been in space for six years.That's a long ass time. Bellamy hated Echo for three years so isn't that enough? He had to live with her and somehow, he started to fall in love with her. Echo deserves love too, okay? She made many mistakes but who didn't? Okay, she "killed" Gina indirectly, but she saved Bellamy so she isn't that evil. I mean, she did what's right for her people like everyone does. She tried to kill Octavia, yes, a good reason to hate her but she did what is right for her people, the whole time. I know this is no excuse but she NEVER wanted to kill Octavia. She wanted her alive and was shocked when she stabbed her. Otherwise, Octavia would have killed Echo so Echo had to fight and defend herself. So it took Bellamy three years to forgive her, this is a long time. People change. Things change. Please get used to it and don't hate on them. They deserve happiness, don't they? Even if you only want Bellamy to be happy, be happy for him. I honestly like Becho but I also like Bellarke so don't say "You only love Becho because you don't want Bellarke to happen." - Lmao that's bullshit. I love the chemistry between Clarke and Bellamy. So don't be rude. #The100 #Becho #Bellarke #Clexa #BellamyBlake #ClarkeGriffin #Echo #EchokomAzgeda #ship #love #The100season5 #Trikru #Skaikru #Azgeda #Wanheda #CommanderofDeath #Heda #Commander #Leader #respectBecho #WeloveyouTasya

Everyone says it's Bech, Bellarke is better. But. Why can't you be happy for Bellamy and Echo, they're happy, isn't that what you wanted for them? They're happy, no matter who . They are just happy, and personally I'm happy for them
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Space Walkers 3 ~ February 25th 2k18 •funny faces turned weird• #sw3 #swc3 #spacewalkerscon #spacewalker #lafamille #paris #france #tasyateles #bobmorley #echo #bellamy #becho #bosya

i've been waiting for this since they were cage mates in mount weather. i mean, i've always shipped rellamy more but i also love becho. @ bellarke fans: your ship will eventually get together so please stay calm, smh
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