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Becho is such a beautiful relationship. I mean she tried to kill his sister and threatened to kill the love of his life and as if that isn't beautiful enough she even slipped his friend's head off in front of him. Oh and let's not forget the time Bellamy told her that he doesn't think he will ever trust her again or when he choked her, when will your OTP ever?
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About the Eliza situation, it's not a secret that my lane is & will always be clexa (ik this isn't about clexa) and I'm not bellarke's biggest fan. And I don't really care about Eliza but I'd be lying if I said I didn't sit back and laugh over what she said. Seriously I'm enjoying it sm, ngl. But still in other perspectives, what she said, not just now but the way she talks about bellarke is disrespectful and not okay. Not that it bothers me but since I have some friends who ships bellarke, it's safe to say what she's doing is not okay and this needs to stop. In other news, ig its confirmed that becho hooked up? Ew. I mean yes idc about both bellarke and becho but isn't it a big ass downgrade bell sweetie. (my rellamy heart hurts tho) Whatever, everyone's triggered and freaking out over the news and I'm here chilling in my beautiful lane lolz.
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RiP quality, also im dying
first one made by me, others made by @octaviasvoid
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I would actually like Raven and Echo to become a thing. 💚
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Seeing Bellamy smile was as if the sun had returned after a thousand years of rain.
I adore #Becho. They honestly deserve the world.


მე, ტუჩა და უშბა 😍🐎🏔 #horseriding #ushba #svaneti #becho #georgia #georgianmountains

Setting: college, sharing dorm rooms, first time meetings, occasionally background history.
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She looks so good.. #Becho is rising

Another bellarke edit. . . . .#bellamy #blake #bellarke #becho #clexa #bobmarley #elizataylor

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