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#donatingplatelets this afternoon at the Red Cross #beccatoldmeto

The world feels a little sad to me today. I was working on my blog post about the 18 kindness acts I did in honour of Becca. I woke today to find that she has passed. My stomach did the sink. I want to pass on the acts I did to help spread her message and so I will now in honour of her beautiful soul. I hope everyone will continue her work and spread love. She is in a better place now. 🙏🏻#kindness #beccatoldmeto #sendinglight #thankyoubecca #whatwillbeyouract #resteasy

There are no words that will make this better or easier but I am so glad that you aren’t in pain any more.
Apparently Random Acts of Kindness day is celebrated on different days in different countries. September 1st in New Zealand and February 17th in America. I can’t think of two more fitting days.

You showed everyone that random acts of kindness toward strangers made the world we live in a better place, this world needs more people like you, rest in peace Becca! #beccatoldmeto #Gonetoosoon #AngelBecca

RIP Becca :( . #beccatoldmeto

Aby walked around Walmart with this on her head making people smile!! #beccatoldmeto RIP Becca @aby_anne

It snowed 6inches outside our condo this morning!❄️While I could’ve waited for the strata to clean it up, I read this article about a kindness movement started by a young girl that just passed away from brain cancer. #beccatoldmeto #kindness #lifeisshort #bekind #behelpful #becompassionate #snow #shovelling #payitforward #helpinghand #kind #caring #compassionate #britishcolumbia #vancouverisland #pnw #wanderingcanadian

Rest In Peace, sweet angel. Thank you for teaching us how to spew kindness out of our hearts. You have left an imprint on us all. One big. And shaped like a heart. This angel now has her wings. Be free, be love, be grateful for your breath and life and wellness. #KUUMAUNITY #BECCATOLDMETO

"I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Rebecca Schofield, a young woman whose campaign to spread kindness had an immeasurable impact on Riverview, New Brunswick and people around the world who were personally touched by Becca's request.
She proved that one person, through simple actions, can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Four words -- Becca Told Me To -- emboldened people of all ages and abilities to perform small acts of kindness, at times for complete strangers. We have witnessed the extraordinary reach of the #BeccaToldMeTo movement as messages from all over the world posted to Becca's Facebook page reminded us that being kind is a choice we make each day.
Becca will be remembered for her kind heart, bravery in the face of adversity and her love of our community.

On a personal note, like so many in Riverview, I came to know the Schofield family including Becca, her sister Gabrielle and parents Anne and Darren, through the inspiring updates on Becca's journey they shared over the last few years. It was an honour to develop a friendship with the Schofields and observe the extraordinary strength of love, respect and admiration shared between them.
Our thoughts are with Becca's family and friends. May we all honour Becca's legacy by continuing to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time."

Her positivity and determination to spread love and kindness will be part of her legacy. Please contribute some extra acts of kindness this week in her memory! #beccatoldmeto #love #kindness #peace

Thinking of Becca and her legacy. Offering my deep sympathy to her family, many friends, and multitude of admirers. The ripple effects of her actions and attitude continue, and cannot be properly measured. Thank you, Becca.
Artwork by @michael_de_adder #restinpeace

Thoughts and prayers are with Becca’s family and friends. Let’s remember Becca by choosing kindness. #beccatoldmeto

R.I.P. Rebecca may your kindness continue to shine ♡♡ #truestory, #bekind, #love , #ihatecancer, #beccatoldmeto

You brought so much to so many, you inspired acts of kindness around the world. Your light will continue to shine long after this. Sleep now, be at peace. #beccatoldmeto #remember

It is with heavy hearts that we have learned that a very special Wish Child Becca Schofield, passed away yesterday evening with her family by her side.
Many of our staff were very fortunate to meet this incredible teen during her wish trip, as she travelled from New Brunswick to Quebec, and Ontario.
We wish to extend our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Schofield family as they grieve the loss of their beloved daughter and sister. Becca's love and compassion for others and her desire to have others be kind to one another will live on forever.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Becca Schofield as she has lost her battle with cancer. Becca inspired thousands of people to make the world a better place. Rest in peace ❤️#beccatoldmeto

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