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BECAUSE germs & the flu season 😷 Dont know what I’d do without my bottles of plant juice 🌱 that have kept our (usually) terrrrible immune systems, so very strong 💪🏼 THIEVES is the answer to all 🙌🏻🙌🏻.
We’ve been doing our daily detox baths, immunity rollerballs and diffusers day In and out as I watch everyone around fall victim to the nasty 🤢 (flu) So far so good 😬😂 If you want any tips feel free to message me 🙃
#thankfuleveryday🙏 #forGODandoils #thieves #researchpeople #themoreyouknow #YLEO #becauseofyl #youngliving #naturalliving #bossmoms #mykidswillthanmenowandlater #igotthissss 💕👊🏻

It's 1130pm, I have to work tomorrow, Jon has to work and Riley has school. I don't give AF... He woke up upset... So we played Wii bowling for an hour, just the three of us... In the end, I'm pretty sure he'll remember whooping our butts tonight more than a day of Kindergarten
That's #financialfreedom #alifewelllived #memories....a five year old beat us 😎

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Seed. Cultivate. Distill. Test. Seal. 🌱#brandmatters
Jumping in a lavender field. 😍#dreams
Last year, when I first started dabbling in oils, my newsfeed would get blown up with picture after picture of people visiting the distilleries and fields at the Mona Farm in Utah. When I witnessed the true magic of REAL plant juice, one of my goals was to make it to this farm. I didn’t have half the goals I have today, mostly because I didn’t know I had a choice in truly changing my future and lifestyle. So back then, it was ALL about that Farm. .
You might wonder, ‘Colette, why that Farm? You’re not usually one to want to go to farms.’ (😂#citygirl) Well, friends the reason is simple. ✨
Young Living has farms allll over the world, Utah is one of many that hand plant, hand weed and cultivate to the highest standards in the business. 🙌
💃🏻What makes Utah special is that YL completes its Seed to Seal process there at their 107k+ square foot distillery. They use the best of the best equipment to carefully bottle each precious oil surrounded in Amber glass. They use both modern and ancient techniques to ensure the quality is perfect.
I’m not one that wears or flaunts a lot of brand name items. Mostly because I “can’t afford it” (ie, I don’t value them over other priorities in my life today). 🤷🏻‍♀️ .
What I DO value is my health. Both emotional and physical. Dylan and Dave’s. We only get one life. ❤️
‘But Colette, I use essential oils, just another company.’🤣 Do me a favor and perform this simple test. Place your bottle in the freezer for 4-5 hours. If any part of the oil freezes, it most likely contains synthetics. 🌱 Let me know how that works out for you. .
This year, I’m going here twice. Once on my on dime, with commission I earned from sharing my 💕 of this company. The second on YL, thanking me for being successful on sharing and taking care of my members (almost at 170 now! And growing!💥).
This was my first dream. My first goal. But I’ll tell you this, my sweet friends, it won’t be my last. Anything is possible. 😉All because of taking a chance on a starter kit. 💕
#becauseofyl #dreamsarepossible #liveabovethewellnessline #lavenderfields #younglivingeo

Ending 2017 strong by looking forward to 2018!

Setting goals, dreaming big, loving bigger!
This book is so helpful, guiding us to find balance in all things: fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun. I *might be a bit excited to hear Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy speak in two weeks! In Florida! #oola #oolalife #becauseofyl #wethrivetoday #teamthrivetoday #yl #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #livingtheoilydream #tribeoil #oolalife

Today was an awesome day! I got to go to the gym, lent a friend one of my diffusers to try with some oils, talked with a member about our monthly wellness box and shared my story on how my little business took flight. I am still amazed that it all started just because I bought a Premium Starter Kit. I was looking for natural alternatives to help my family and I couldn’t help but share all the amazing ways it was helping us. Fast forward to the present day, my team and I have helped over 277 family’s start that same journey just by sharing our stories. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and do what I am so passionate about. If you aren’t loving what you are doing, I would love to help you. It all started with a $160 Premium Starter Kit for me and it can for you too. #blessed #becauseofYL #momboss #doingwhatIlove #teambelieve #happyoiling

We love you, @oolaseeker and @oolaguru!! We are so, so grateful for you and the countless ways you are calling us to live in the fullness of God’s best! Bless you!! #oola #ylunitesoola #wethrivetoday #teamthrivetoday #becauseofyl

SPRING is just Around the Corner!!!🌸🌼🌷
Which means so are all the insects that love to pester us!! 🦗🐜🕸🕷. Stock up with Young Living’s Insect Repellent before everyone else realizes they need to also! I love this non toxic product to help make the outdoors more enjoyable with my family!
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You may not see it but I see a little bit of Oliver in that baby face on the right. The Oliver that has currently locked us in my closet while I look for something. He keeps me on my toes but is sweet as can be. I’m so grateful to be able to be here. To never miss a moment (unless I have the privilege of missing a few for some me time). I’m also thankful for that degree and advanced licensure I have but I wouldn’t give this time back for anything. So thankful for an accidental job that provides for us while I stay home and try to keep this one from falling off the bed. #becauseofYL

Planning, mapping, setting goals! (And, yes! Freezing!) I love you ladies!

Let’s FLOURISH in 2018!
#flourish2018 #wethrivetoday #becauseofyl #oola #younglivingessentialoils #yl #yleo

Happy New Year!! 2018 is going to ROCK!! #slayinggoals #thisyearisgoingtobeamazing #becauseofyl

This was my mantra for 2017 and I did just that. I did more in 2017 then I think I did in 2015 and 2016 combined. 2017 was about me and how I was going to grow and build something I’m beyond passionate about. It was the year for Emily to be selfish but with all good intentions that in the end it betters my family. I worked hard, I accomplished a lot of goals and well I fell short with some goals. You know what? That’s okay. That just means I need to work that much harder this year. I’m so thankful for a supportive husband that sees my vision and drive and knows what I’m work toward. 2017 was a great year for us and I’m so excited to see what 2018 has in store. 💎❤️🌱 #becauseofyl

Christmas crafts, cookies, songs and a Pony?! Such a fun day at preschool!!🎄

Special morning with my girl, shopping, painting and CentralMarket 💕👧🏼👩🏼 my little buddy! #becauseofYL

There’s something about a brand new planner with the pages just waiting to be filled out that excites me! The thoughts, excitement and promises of a new year seriously fuels my soul.
January already has lots in store so I had to break out my new planner early to get January planned out.
2017 had every inch of it filled with all the things and all the plans.

All because of Young Living I was able to: 🌱 Pay monthly for our family of 6 annual
passes to Disney. 🌱 Pay multiple car payments leaving more from my full time jobs paychecks for savings. 🌱 Pay for flights, hotel, rental, food and all the goodies on a 5 day trip to Utah for YL Convention. 🌱 Pay for the ticket, hotel, food, and swag for our annual team meeting 🌱 Spoil my business leaders and all 160 families on my team with allllll kinda of freebies. 💎 I did all this just by sharing my passion for living above the wellness line.

#becauseofyl #sharingturnedpassion #abovethewellnessline #2018ismine

This is the part no one tells you. The very unglamorous part.
When you start a business from scratch (from zip, nada, zilch) and you build it every day so you can achieve your goal of retiring in 2 years from the day job that sucks the life out of you, no one really tells you you'll be working from a bathroom stall on your lunch break 😂
But what they do tell you is you'll work your fanny off for a couple years so you can live the rest of your life in financial freedom with so much time to do all the things you love you will have to dream up new ways to fulfill your life because you will have time for EVERYTHING.
That means I get to vacation in the Maldives. I get to get my pilot's license (yeah, that's happening 🙌) I get to travel to all the places in the world I always talked about, and I don't have to save up vacation time to do it.
I. Can. Just. Go. 🛫
That's freedom. That's what you and I deserve.
#thisiswhyihustle #becauseofYL
#bossbabe #business #businessowner #bossgirl #strongwomen #entrepreneur

Fun day on the slopes ⛷ 🏂 at @pcski but I definitely have jello legs now. I’m super thankful for my roller of Deep Relief! Then we went to @mustangparkcity for dinner with @nikkidavis4 💗 Another great day!


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