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👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 Quick shoutout to all of my fellow #bopo girls! 💜✨ Thank you for filling my feed with so much beauty, grace & honesty. Thank you for being so genuinely kind & empowering. Thank you for standing up for the bodily rights of yourselves and others. It's not easy to put yourself out there, in any medium, but you do it anyway, knowing that controversy is always imminent. You are the warriors of the fashion/entertainment industry. You are all so beautiful, & I appreciate you all so much. You know who you are. Kisses to you! 😽💜🌸

#tbt to the #faceoftorrid casting call last year! Little did I know that day would change my life. Since then I've grown so much, I've learned to truly love who I am and to dare to take risks and do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams. I can't wait to give it another go this year and meet more incredible body positive women!

shoutout to my babes with chubby arms. I've always been self-conscious about mine because they're pale, fat, and covered in stretch marks. but I've come to learn that arms are arms and, fat or not, I deserve to be comfortable. my point: where what you want. people won't care that you're showing a body part that you dislike and if they do, who gives a crap about what strangers think? your body is just that -- *your* body. this is beyond cliché but life's too short to not wear what you like and makes you feel cute 🌸

HEY YALL I DIDNT NEED AN AID TO GET UP HERE!!!! It doesn't happen everytime yet, but it happened this time 🙌🏾💖✨

Just wanted to let you know that just because something has always been done one way does not mean that it is the only way. #MyBodyMyRules #targetstyle

JULY NINETEEN: Let yourself be loved. Instead of framing all the love, touch, and needs around you as exhausting (they are!), try a day of breathing into them. Hugging your Kiddo back when they climb in you lap for the 100th time this am, or ask to be carried when you know they can walk. Spend the extra time in bed with your cat, purring awake or asleep the day. Walk your pooch and go their pace. Hug your friend tight when you see them today. Allow yourself to see YOU through their loving/can't-get-enough-of-you eyes. My oldest daughter took this photo of me, and seeing myself, sunny and in love with her, through her lens, shifted my body/brain/hard feelings in an instant. Just by breathing and slowing into her love for me. #selfcarestory

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Late post but still good to post .. Torrid audition .



#DesignTherapy #BodyofArt Part 2

This series is a take on the chaotic state of mind!
We as #humanbeings get tangled up with society, expectations, desires, jealousy, fantasy, so on and so forth because of our vulnerabilities. We end up in a pensive state stuck in a jungle of emotions.

Artist/Stylist/ Blogger: @ingelabiswas
Photographer: @shailpik
Productions: @tripusindia

Who said a plus size girl can't wear stripes ?! Outfit details on my blog 💕 Link on my bio ! #becauseitsmybody #celebratemysize// #repost @denisemmercedes via #repogram

Late post but still good to post .. Torrid audition .

Today was such an amazing day! Loved it!

Glory days

It's how we all start out but it doesn't mean it's the way it should always be.
Try to take time to question everything you learnt about life. Most of the time you're way off your own ideologies without even knowing it. Freedom from life's hurdles comes when you're in alignment with your own ideas of what it means to be human and alive. You have all the answers so just have to show up in your life. 🌻

HEY YALL I DIDNT NEED AN AID TO GET UP HERE!!!! It doesn't happen everytime yet, but it happened this time 🙌🏾💖✨

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