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I just HAD to share this heart warming post that left me in tears when I read it last night. Caroline Wood Glenn started her journey with SeneGence and on my Lip Bosses team barley 4 months ago! So incredible how quickly her life has changed!!! So happy for you and your FREEDOM!!💕💕
From Caroline👇🏼•••••
Today is the day.
Of being away from my sweet daughters.
Of coming home well after they're tucked in their beds.
Of working 13 hour shifts that make me feel years older than my 36 year old body really is. .
Tomorrow is the day.
Of having true time freedom.
Of being in absolute control of my life.
Of working a little here and a little there because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to. Being a Pharmacist because I truly love helping people feels very different than it does when you're still living pay check to pay check. .
My babies are so happy to have their mama home with them. No more missed field trips, performances, meets, holidays or birthdays. .
Thank you SeneGence International for being the vehicle to finding this freedom. My family will be forever grateful to this company, Joni Rogers, Courtnie Rydalch (for teaching me and helping support our team every step of the way ) and my mind-blowing team of CoCos who knocked out over $1Million in sales in less than 4 months. I absolutely adore my "C" necklace from my CoCos that represents so many things for us all!! This is really happening, y'all!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️💕💕💋💋💃🏻💃🏻

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