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The first time I went to Yosemite was for my dad’s birthday in 2008. 🎂 My family had just moved to California and I was excited to see the scale of Half Dome. 🏞 I still get the same feelings I did 9 years ago when I first visited.

Been reflecting on the past few weeks in Japan. 🗻 So sad to be leaving tomorrow! 🛫 But already making plans to come back for the cherry blossoms! 🌸

What does your morning ritual consist of? 🍵 I typically make my bed, drink some tea, and write three tasks I want to complete that day. 🛏

by @m0naris 🌏 #folkgreen
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Climate Tip: Do not leave appliances on standby. Use the “on/off” function on the machine itself. A TV set that’s switched on for 3 hours a day (the average time Europeans spend watching TV) and in standby mode during the remaining 21 hours uses about 40% of its energy in standby mode.
💚 globalwarming-facts.info
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Wishing this was my morning commute! 😄
- Tag a carpool buddy :) ⠀⠀
📹: @bradleyfriesen #wondermore

Dawn, high up in the Austrian Alps above Sölden. A full moon shines across the mountains beginning to set in the distance as the sun starts to rise. These enormous mountains make you feel incredibly small. @austrianairlines #MyAustrianMoment #Servus #Sölden

Heading West from Vienna, we arrived in the small snowy mountain town of Sölden, nestled deep in a valley and surrounded by gigantic peaks. We explored the trails around the town while waiting for the snowstorm to pass 🌨
@austrianairlines #MyAustrianMoment #Servus #Sölden

↟“Sometimes you just have to look closer and you’ll find beautiful things”
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Epic views of the Hazards and Wineglass Bay from Mt Freycinet. Who would you climb this mountain with?

For those in other places when they tell me about how cold it is where they live... 🐸 ☕️
But on a more serious note. I just kind of stumbled on this building while walking around today but hadn’t heard the story about the fire or anything until @melissanel told me when I showed her the photo. Just a reminder to be extra nice to people when you can (always) but especially around this time of year when it gets extra cold, cause some people don’t have the luxury of complaining about the cold, and then just hopping inside into a warm house with blankets and a ton of other things we take for granted.

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; 
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

Playing with my color palette and editing some of these downtown shots a bit differently. I'd love to know what you think, even if you think they suck. I also have a black and white version which I enjoy, but curious to see how the color one does. .
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cotopaxi. atardecer. 2016

canon 5d mii

As the year winds down, I can't help but think back on all the cool adventures I was able to do this year. It's never as many as I want and it seems that no matter how many I cross off my list, the list just keeps on growing. What was your favorite adventure you went on this year? #RIMBY #visitcolorado

Hawaiian islands

Boundless Holiday Party 2017 #beboundless #happybeingwe #bestfriends

spent today knee deep in snow. wouldn’t have it any other way

Re-edited some older photos in honor of an upcoming birthday.


Boundless Holiday Party 2017 #beboundless

Arizona in the winter time!!! :)

Blessed to live in Oregon.

Looking for models to shoot with in Atlanta.. Let's play!

Trying to fly higher
Started the week strong but faltering as Sunday draws closer. I'm away from home and with no place of my own to unwind and rest. The first week is always the hardest but I'm looking up instead of down
Easier to do with a sky like this! Cloudy skies are omnipresent around Central NY but when they break there's a special magic that comes with it
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Exactly a year from today I was just starting my trip around Asia so why not start sharing more photos of it 😂 It feels like time flew by so quickly this year. Then again, we tend to say that a lot, without fully recognizing how precious time can be. I just went through my photos from Asia and it makes me wish I could take back time. Traveling with my friends, meeting new people, having this sense of freedom and being inspired by new experiences. While this may not have been the best year, I’m excited for whats to come next year. I have every intention of traveling again. This time, with an even deeper appreciation of life and living freely. Now who wants to  buy that one way ticket for me?!

Son los detalles — los que hacen este todo. Y pequeños los detalles que hacen grandes amigos. 〰️ Este es solo un fragmento de una enorme cantidad de rincónes donde lo único que llega, es el viento! 🌬🌾 #TravelMore

Number 7 of my top 10; Belmore with Riki and Cal. This was the day I got the hectic scar on my leg by being a cocky idiot and trying to scale the rocks. Good light though! 😜

Summertime space and stillness in Kosciuszko National Park. Up and out of sleepy Thredbo Village to wide, open vastness under the Australian sun. Nothing moves except the streams, a gentle rustling of the wildflowers and you. And as you steadily move up to 2,228 metres, everything inside + outside expands ✨
@nswnationalparks ///
The mountains in summer are beautiful. Thank you @purechalet for the delicious breakfast spreads each morning and for the super convenient location to Thredbo Village Square and Valley Terminal 💕

This day was planned in ten minutes and we were able to reach to top of the peak just before the sun dipped behind mountains. But my mom was so funny on this hike, it was one for the books.

Me, @simply.dot, and @oh.pepper went on a hike to a secret waterfall the other day. This is a 400 foot waterfall that’s tucked away in a gorge. We spent about an hour and a half hiking up an ankle twisting river. We thought we were about halfway there when suddenly the mist started to pick up and we turned the corner to see this magnificent waterfall. This is definitely the biggest waterfall I’ve ever been to and to be able to get up close to it and see it in real life was amazing. Now it’s time to figure out the next hike to go on!

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First quarter✅ thanks for a great one you guys! Here's to more fun and cuddles after Christmas 🎉 #alwayscuddleeveryone #exchangestudentlife #yearabroad #beboundless #hometime

Baby it's cold outside (London, United Kingdom 2016)

With winter around the corner and with temperatures dropping to freezing levels, it's difficult sometimes to find the motivation to get out during the weekends. As we approach the shortest day of the year, we are always on the lookout for a sunny day to get out and enjoy any one of London's numerous parks. I made this portrait of @isis_stoen in Bishops Park, Fulham, where we braved the cold in search of the last colors of autumn.
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Sometimes grey days aren’t so bad 🤩 #photoby @clark_aegerter_images


The best way to enjoy breakfast 🍴

From the archives - of course it’s all covered in snow now.

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