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This mama message from Brie is everything 🙌🏽❤️ and what Birdiebee is all about! The 'Be a Voice' tank will be available Nov 1st! Mark your calendars 🐦💛🐝#birdieisthecutest #beavoice #aspirational #mamabird #babybird • Repost | @thebriebella | Now that I am a Mom I've realized how important it is to be a Voice not an Echo. A leader, an inspiration, a role model to Birdie. I love what this @birdiebeebrand shirt represents. It constantly reminds me what I need to be. Coming to you this November. *
#birdiebee #mybirdiebee #inspirationalquotes #mommasgirl #livefree

Love the reaction! Kids are amazing and I genuinely believe they can make a difference. I created @sharkeducation to help empower and inspire the next generation. It's not enough to teach them about sharks, we must also teach kids how to get involved and to be global citizens. They are creative and inspire others, which in turn inspires me every day. Education is critical for conservation, so let's all start a conversation today. Share you love of sharks and oceans with kids! Make sure to check out our website for curriculum, activities and more. Let's help kids get #sharksmart and be the next generation of shark and ocean advocates. And of course wearing shark hat makes it more fun!!! 📷 @duncan_brake taken during our #Sharks4Kids education program at @odysea.aquarium
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We say a big thank you to every one who came from far and near to attend the GTBank Annnual Autism Conference.
Join us again tomorrow at MUSON Centre, Onikan at 9AM. Attendance is free!
#Beavoice #autismawareness

Man I gotta say the facilities for the Rough Riders are first class. By far the best in the CFL. I had a great day presenting to players and staff on Being more than a Bystander. A big thanks to my amazing Co facilitators.
#bemorethanabystander #evacanada #creatingchange #raisingawareness #beavoice #roughriders #cfl

Today was a first for me as mother. Today after a normal trip to @walmart we experienced something new. Adde who will be 4 tomorrow was discriminated against. Even writing that makes me cringe and brings tears to my eyes. We walked out. I was beyond mad I began to load the car and thought nope I can't just let it go and let her see me just allow it. I will speak up. So with still a full cart we went back inside and waited for the manager. This unfortunately is not the first time I have faced discrimination from this specific Walmart due to my kids looking different than me but this was the first time it was directed towards my daughter specifically and for that I am beyond belief. The manager apologized, promised to speak to the sales associate, and gave Adde a sticker. She probably won't think twice about this case except to maybe telling her friends about the outraged mother. But for me, I won't ever forget it. Although Adde didn't understand it fully, she knew it hurt and wasn't nice... So tonight as I tucked her into bed for the last time as a 3 year old, I reminded her of her beauty. I reminded her that God is the creator of life and He is such a big God that He doesn't create 2 humans alike. And while some people will not respect that, we will and it does not diminish the beauty or the power of who you are. I will be a voice for her and against discrimination. #chooselove #addelynnelaine #beavoice

So I know I dropped off the map for a few months. Truth is I've been at a mental health rehab since January. Some know my story. But I came in with PTSD and Depression. I also learned that I have a personality disorder. The past few months have been really hard. I went through a lot of processing and learning pain. I got screwed over a few time. I had to learn skills to function in society. But the most important thing I learned is to love myself and my BPD no matter what people say. Now, at the end of my stay, I'm stronger and more confidant, ready to take on the next chapter of my life. Mental illness is real and prevalent, and my next goal is to be a voice for myself, the friends I made, and every person out there struggling with similar things as us. #mentalhealth #bpd #beavoice

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Pictures from this Monday of the Swearing-In of newly elected Freshmen & Applied appointments #GoNorse #BeAVoice


Daily Facts - Day 20
Platelets 🎗

Es ist #bergfest, aber ich bin definitiv schon reif für das Wochenende, denn an meinem bisher einzigen freien Nachmittag darf ich jetzt doch lange arbeiten 🙁 aber weißt du was? Es sind die Kinder, die mich jeden Tag auf’s Neue motivieren. In der KiTa werde ich jeden Tag mit Sozialfällen konfrontiert – mit Eltern, die überfordert sind, aber auch mit Eltern, die sich auf gut deutsch einen scheiß für ihre Kinder interessieren. Diese Kinder benötigen jemanden, der ihnen eine Stimme gibt – ich möchte dieser jemand sein & mich für die Kinder einsetzen! Das ist es, was mich jeden Tag motiviert, mich auch nach 8 Stunden Arbeit noch an den Schreibtisch zu setzen und zu lernen & deshalb stehe ich trotz allem jeden Morgen mit einem Lächeln auf! ✨
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LAPD Commission Meeting 👮#communitymatters #policecommunityrelations #cocosouthla #ST🌟RS #beavoice ✊🌟❤🌟✊

Sometimes the most important thing we can be for poor, aging seniors is the voice that money can’t buy.
We're not just a meal when they’re hungry or rent assistance to stave off eviction to the streets. Oftentimes, people need the voice of a savvy advocate when bigger institutions ignore them. Olivia came at a time of financial spiral due to a lingering social services office error they failed to reconcile despite her repeated appeals. A victim of fraud, she subsequently lost her medical coverage, food stamps and was assessed for “overpayments” made to her despite their admission of error. She was being evicted simply because her voice wasn't loud enough to make an institutional difference. HopeLink's staff are experts at navigating social services, networking with those who get things done for those rendered voiceless. Resourceful and connected, our staff accomplished in four emails what Olivia had become voiceless to achieve in three months, bringing her out of the spiral, off the streets, and back into stability with all benefits reinstated.
Your financial support buys so much more than you realize.
#bealink2hope, #shareourstories, #likeourpage #beavoice #hopelink #hopelinknv #henderson #nevada #nonprofit #nonprofits #helpothers #donate #helpout #homeless #seniorcitizen #dosomething #standup #makeachange #helpus #helpme #followus #giveback & give to HopeLink at link2hope.org

I used to be a woman who didn't have any standards. I allowed, tolerated, and settled for things in relationships simply because I wanted to fill the void of lonliness and my relationship status. If you're going through this right now, then this book is for you! Purchase now online @ lulu.com or from me personally.
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I used to be a woman who didn't have any standards. I allowed, tolerated, and settled for things in relationships simply because I wanted to fill the void of lonliness and my relationship status. If you're going through this right now, then this book is for you! PURCHASE NOW online @ www.lulu.com or from me personally.
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#themicconline #sincerelymethebook #publishedauthor #beavoice #ministry #visionarywomen #spokenword #womenspeakers

Actress #adinaporter of #AHS & #The100 taking the pledge to #stopstandspeak against #streetharassment ! Will you join her?? It's time that we all #standup and #standtogether !
#streetharassment #standup #speakout #bebrave #SSH #staystrong #weareone #nowomanever #beavoice

Confidence. Where does it come from? How come sometimes we have it, and other times we want to crawl under a rock? What’s the breaking moment that pushes us outside of our comfort zone and other times we need 8,000 pushes to reach the ledge? I think that confidence comes from taking action. THE RIGHT ACTION. If we actually listen to our inner voice (not the critic but the inner voice that sings when we are doing what we love), it will increase trust and belief in ourselves! Have you ever made a decision that you believed in and everything to follow that decision just felt natural and SO right? Those instinctual choices are telling us to LISTEN!! So have you listened lately? What words are you telling yourself? Sometimes the inner critic comes out due to fear or based on comparison to others. “I can't-do this” “she’s better at it than me.” “what are people going to think?” Yeah, if we listened to that voice we would all be antisocial AF. Now, you already post on Instagram; you went for that new job, you told that guy or girl that you liked them, so what’s stopping you now from living your most extraordinary life? Where does YOUR confidence come from? Start listening to the inner voice, follow your interests, and watch the magic happen. All you have to do is listen. 👂🏻✨

100% of the proceeds from my SASS (Sexual Abuse Survivors Support) jewelry line goes to the Gingerbread House Children's Advocacy Center of Bossier/Caddo parishes. Proceeds from all of my sales supports sexual abuse awareness. We can all make a difference in the life of a child. #sexualabusesurvivorsupport #sass #beavoice #besassy #sassback #mamabear #standwithsurvivors #sexualabuseawareness #stopsexualabuse #stopthesilence #webelieveyou


•●•I AM THAT I AM•●•
Don't waste your time on doubting about who or what you are. Respect yourself. Embrace your inner child and find peace with all your flaws. Your life will be so much easier, joyful and lovely if you stop fighting a battle with yourself. Try it!
#LOVE #loveyourself #respectyourself #memyselfandi #selfconfidence #iamthatiam #nobodycreatedhimself #afropeanvibration #AlinaAmeyaw #africanfabrics #fashiondesign #doyourownthing #original #beavoice #youknowyoudatbitchwhenyoucauseallthisconversation👊👊👊

Television personality #missjalexander feels so strongly about taking the pledge with us to #stopstandspeak against street harassment that he uses both of his hands and all four colors of #imaxalarm to show his support!
Thank you Miss J! ❤️🌈
Will you take the pledge with us too? If so, please like and share.
#stopstreetharassment #takethepledge #stopharassingme #standup #speakout #lgbt #lgbtq #empowerment #SSH #ANTM #beavoice

Happy Birthday shout out to the beautifully talented artist and VP of BBPP @tamaraannisartistry. Wishing nothing but the best for the woman who truly cares for many 🤗💕 @oscars_emporium check out her magic.
#burningbliss #projectphoenix #painthope #showcompassion #beavoice #silencehidesviolence #showlove #tamaraannisartistry

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