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Lekker verkoelend voetenbadje met de Princess Kisses bath bomb van Beauty Kitchen 😊 #beautykitchen #bathbomb #bblogger #bath #spoilme

tingly once i put on
after 20 minutes, instant depuff action
super moisturized
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New post alert! 🚨
I’ve got a really great product today from the stable of @beautykitchen , which is another brand I’ve really fallen in love with. Their Aroma Facial Concentrate is absolutely beautiful, as is the cleanser, Line Serum, sleep mask and many others that I will be blogging about in the future.

Facial Moisture Cream is a fragrance free moisturiser, not a type of moisturiser I am immediately drawn to. I’m sure you all know me well enough now to know I adore a pretty smell! But this moisturiser really surprised me. It’s a beautiful light texture but rich enough I feel for drier skin types. I have used it when my skin has been really tricky lately and it’s worked well for me. My sister in law has sensitive skin so I’ve passed this on to her to give it a try, as naturally I already have a back up!

Facial Moisture Cream is part of the Abyssinian Oil range, it’s meant to be more effective than Argan Oil and Jojoba. It closely resembles human sebum so is very compatible with all skin types. I layer oil or a serum underneath this but if you are oily you don’t have to, this will be enough on its own.

Another winner from Beauty Kitchen, it’s also reasonably priced at £19.99 for 60ml and often on offer at Holland and Barrett. For me it lives up to Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturiser which I’m a huge fan of but perfect for those who need hydration without fragrance. #beauty #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautybloggers #beautybloggersuk #beautykitchen #bblog #bblogger #bbloggers #bbloggers #bbloggersuk #skin #skincare #skincareblog #skincareblogger #skincarebloggers #skincarebloggersuk #moisturisers #fragrancefree #fragrancefreeskincare

I love concept of Heather Marianna's Beauty Kitchen: All Natural Beauty & Skincare Line Inspired By DIY Treatments Using Items in Your Kitchen 😘 How Genius! .. The 1st product I tried from Beauty Kitchen wasnt a fit for me, but loved the idea so much I had to give them another shot. So glad I did. 💎I received the 💕Pink Diamond Flake Collagen Eye Gels by Beauty Kitchen💕 compliments of 0.8L & Beauty Kitchen in exchange for my honest review.💎 These babies are gorgeous. They are pinky, purpley, glittery, iridescent - just something about putting something like that on makes me feel like a princess. There's a slight floral-ish scent, and they come soaked in product. Package is easy open, just be careful handling-these are slippery.
These claim to de-stress & de-puff, tone & reduce appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.

One of the ingredients is Gamma-Polyglutaminc Acid, which has remarkably strong moisturizing abilities. It's said to be 10x more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid & far more elastic than collagen. It enhances smoothness, improves elasticity & reduces wrinkles.

The Other All-Natural Ingredients:
Glycerin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, White Diamond Flakes, Algae Extract, Vitamin C, Licorice & Aqua

Under Eye Gels are a hit or miss - they either stay on perfect, or slide everywhere only staying in place when lying like your dead (who has time for that). These are a hit 💎💕. They stayed in place as I moved around the entire 45 min I wore them.

They also feel very refreshing, like a cooling sensation. I'm a big believer in skin treatments feeling great instead of painful. It says to leave on for 20 min - I left mine on for 45 min (the gels still weren't dried out!) Results: my under eye area was noticeably brighter, my skin appeared & felt firmer/tighter, & any puffiness disappeared. Hoping this effect lasts throughout my day tomorrow as well!

Highly recommend this product! All Natural Ingredients, delivers the results promised, only $4.25/pair. Looking forward to trying more from @heathermarianna & @beautykitchenjunkie 🤗

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Реснички о мастера Екатерины с цветным сектором🙌💥
💡Факты о ресничках:
При приближении насекомого🐝 ресницы начинают вибрировать. Эта особенность делает их схожими с кошачьими усами.😼
💎Наш прайс:
🍓Классика- 720 руб. вместо 800 руб.
🍓1,5 D- 900 руб.  вместо 1000 руб.
🍓2D- 1080 руб. вместо 1200 руб.
🍓3D- 1440 руб. вместо 1600 руб.
🦋Цветной сектор- +50 руб. каждый глаз
🦋Омбре - +300 руб.
⚫Для записи звони и пиши прямо сейчас WatsApp 📱+79832346622 или пиши в директ @beauty.kitchen.tsk
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Awesome rose refreshing spray and rose clay mask I got to try from 0.8L. I love the soft and sweet scent that lingers for hours and how moisturized it leaves my skin. You can use the refreshing spray throughout the day by itself or you can also mix it with the clay to make a mask that will leave your skin baby soft. Absolutely in love with this great product.
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I’ve been trying to collect each @beautykitchenjunkie campaign by @0.8l_usa but missed a few, and love experimenting with each product I’ve received at a trial offer! @heathermarianna has a website that any of these products I’ve reviewed, can be purchased at heathermariannatv.com
♦️ ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ 💗 ~Review~ Beauty Kitchen Pink Diamond Flake Collagen Eye Gel Masks (1 pair) $4.25.
♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ 💗 Packaging: Comes with 2 gels, one for each under eye. Pretty Pink gels are sparkly, and slippery, so be careful when taking out of package!
♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ 💗 What are they? Pink diamond flakes are infused with Collagen to soothe skin under eyes, depuff & destress tired eyes. Great for any time; but especially good for relaxing just before bed ~like I did~, before or after trips, and before applying makeup. These Anti-aging gels stick to skin, adhere to the natural curves of under eye area to better penetrate the natural ingredients. ~mine did slip down a bit, mainly when I was moving~
♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ 💗 Ingredients: Glycerin, Gamma-Ployglutaminc Acid (depuffing), Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, White Diamond Flakes (Shine Bright Like a Diamond), Algae Extract, Vitamin C, Licorice & Aqua. Always free of Parabens, Artificial dyes & sulphates. ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ 💗 Usage: Recommended to leave gels on about 20 minutes, to cool under eye area, tone & de-puff skin, and reduce appearance of fine lines / wrinkles. ~I left mine on probably about 30 to 40 minutes~ Recommended to Use right after opening.
♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ 💗 What I thought: I love the sparkly Pink gels! They feel very cooling while on, and Skin felt soothed afterwards. I noticed my skin was less puffy, and a bit brighter. I didn’t notice a difference in fine lines & wrinkles, but the claims are that they may be minimized. I definitely recommend for anyone who has puffy under eyes, or tired eyes. It’s very calming & relaxing! I give these pretty fun gels a 4/5 rating. Thanks to @0.8l_usa @beautykitchenjunkie & @heathermarianna for these!
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Thanks @heathermarianna for giving me the opportunity to be your #makeupartist and now to have a pic with u, this is #fun let’s c what people have to say about this pic. I am very #excited #glamsquad hair by @melipssssa the best #hairdresser #love #onelove #beautykitchen #lasvegas #humble #theellenshow

Who’s ready for weekend 2 of #coachella2018 #festival #beautykitchen #palmtrees #desert #california #blogger #essentials #overnight BeautyKitchen.net use Code Autumn20 at checkout 🎡🤸🏼‍♀️🍭🍦🍬

Ужасная погода не повод оставаться в неприглядном виде 💯💄😍😄

Работа мастера Ирины для @vl.666 ⚪️⚫️
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Wat is het toch leuk om je eigen scrub te maken! En de meeste ingrediënten vind je gewoon in je keuken! Met een beetje hulp van Beauty Kitchen maak je het gewoon zelf! #diy #beautykitchen #scrub #natuurlijk #cosmetics #inventionskit #lotions #maskers #bblogger #hollandandbarrett #rawinventors

Introducing our new dessert menu at the upcoming Japan Fair from 24 Apr to 6 May.
Kinako from Fukui is a must try rich texture sweet flavor soft serve contains 100% soy bean, no eggs and no milk.
We fill them in our freshly handmade flavorful cone perfect for the summer treat.

Thanks Takashimaya for having us.

باز هم، تقابل گيرا و جذاب سياه و سفيد را ميبينيد. مدل كابينت از نوع هايگلاس است. البته ما براى زيبايي بيشتر آشپزخانه، پيشنهاد تعويض كاشى بين كابينتى را داديم كه به دلايلى مورد موافقت كارفرما قرار نگرفت😑

I also managed to snag these coordinating Pink Diamond Flake collagen eye gels from Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna. They're normally $8.50, but I got mine at 50% off thanks to the Try Now program on 08Liter.com. I only received 1 pack instead of 2 like they promised, but I'm okay with that since it was such a good discount. Here are my thoughts and my product score:

I have struggled with dark under eye circles and puffiness since I was a small child. I even had a complete adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy when I was 6 to relieve some of the pressure. Now that I'm 30 and officially in that weird sometimes-old-sometimes-still-very-young stage of skin aging, the only complaint I'm truly bothered by are my under eye circles. They make me look older and more tired than I am! Even with color correcting and careful concealer application my bags are still prominent enough that my makeup creases under my eyes. So frustrating! These cute little eye gels are a great solution. They are made from all natural ingredients meant to depuff, tone and reduce wrinkles and fine lines in just 20 minutes. They are packaged in a gentle serum and are sticky enough to stay put far longer than 20 minutes. This is different from other eye gels which tend to dry quickly and create weird creases on the face. I'm not sure how long I left them on because I was so comfy that I fell asleep! 😄 As you can see from the before and after photos, these didn't do much for the dark circles under my eyes but they did reduce both puffiness and the fine lines that drive me bonkers. I applied my favorite caffeinated eye cream next and didn't hear a single "are you tired?" the entire day. I am gonna chalk that up to a big ol W! Thanks for the sample, 08L and Beauty Kitchen!
Improvement: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Delivered on 2/3 claims. I'm happy.
Functionality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Very easy to apply and wear, comfy enough to sleep in.
Hydration: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- The results speak for themselves.
#BeautyKitchen #BeautyKitchenJunkie #HeatherMarianna #BeautyKitchenPinkDiamond #eyes #patch #eyepatch #gel #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08L
#BeautyKitchen #BeautyKitchenJunkie #HeatherMarianna #BeautyKitchenPinkDiamond #eyes #patch #eyepatch #gel

Another item in my March 08Liter.com haul is this Nano Gold lip mask from Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna. Overall, I enjoyed using this mask but I'm not positive it was effective at plumping my lips. My lips do feel smoother and plumper but I don't see much difference between my before and after photos. They were taken at slightly different angles so that might explain the slight plumping of the upper lip. I only left it on for about 20 minutes so perhaps there would be more plumping if left on longer? Hard to say. I'm not a big fan of plump lips and I mostly was looking to rehab dry lips, so I'm still pleased with this product. I got mine at a 50% discount in exchange for this review but they're $8 for a set of 2 on the Heather Marianna website.
Improvement: ⭐⭐⭐
-Felt some improvement but uncertain if it was visible.
Functionality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
-Tricky to apply, would be easier without the slit in the middle.
Hydration: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
-Dry skin on lips is gone and they feel very moisturized.
#BeautyKitchen #BeautyKitchenJunkie #HeatherMarianna #BeautyKitchenLipMask #lips #patch #mask #gold #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08L

Read my review on #BEAUTYKITCHEN Pink Diamond Collagen gel eye patches @08L_USA ! LOVE THESE !!! 💎 I always love recieving packages from #BEAUTYKITCHEN , I feel like a little girl at Christmas ! They make you feel special 💎 The old cliche saying " Diamonds are a girls best friend "still holds true , especially if they're packed with goodness of collagen, glycerin, gamma-polyglutamine acid , Hyaluronic Acid, Algae extract, Vitamin C, Licorice & water !💎 These products contain no artificial dyes ,No parabens, No Sulfates, they're not tested on Animals and they're made in the U.S.A 🇺🇸💎 💎Theyre made to destress , depuff ,and soothe tired over worked eyes . They also unleash anti-aging ingredients directly in the delicate eye area 💎 Put them in the fridge for an added treat to the eyes ! I did ! Feels great ! 💎
💎💎 For this review I only cleansed because it's late and ill be doing my bedtime routine shortly . I removed my gel pads from the fridge and applied them under my eyes . They adhered very well , never fell off nor gave me any trouble . I left them on 20 mins tho i wanted to just leave them longer ! But Life is calling . Now my eyes get really tired during the day because I do alot of detailed work so this was a real treat for me ! My lines look minimized , the deep lines ive had all my life look better , my eyes arent as puffy nor as red ! So it's a good day for me ! Ill buy this product again ! I love these Diamonds 💎💎💎 💎 Thank you so much @BEAUTYKITCHEN and @08L_USA for letting me purchase these at a discount in return for my honest opinion and review ! I thouroughly enjoyed this and i will do it again ! I appreciate you both ! 💜💎💎💎
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