A society where feminine beauty is defined not by the human self on genuine intellectual and sentimental grounds, but by a computer software on the grounds of economic interest, is more dead than alive. It is a society of human bodies, not human beings. The representation of women in the society, especially through mass media has been the most delusional act ever done on the grounds of human existence.
So when you look at yourself in the mirror, see more than the reflection, more than the color of your skin or the size of your stomach. See yourself, the human being that you are and see others through that eyes. .
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“No matter what you’re going through, you can be who you want to be." @bbcminute

Make-up artist Olamide Fetuga @paintedbycocoa had second degree burns on her face after hot water exploded in her face from a pressure cooker. •

She now uses her skills to help other scarred women regain their confidence.
Her project #PrettyNScarred has helped survivors of acid attacks, like @thenaomioni.

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Ain't enough ass bandaids to make work
Shit's deep, real wolves can't be concerned
With the comments of the opinionated sheep
So I block em all away, wanna throw shade?
While I'm handing out umbrellas and there ain't no sign of rain
I'ma rise through the pain like I'm made of novocaine
And I've been a living legend since the very first day

True kindness lies in the act of giving without expecting anything in return✨
Your greatness is not what you have but what you give..
Give a smile,give a nice compliment to someone,motivate a friend..For it is in giving that we receive💫
Leave a Sparkle everywhere you go and dont forget to shine from the inside✨

What a completely satisfying day.
We spent the day filling our cups, learning about entrepreneurship, social marketing and just.... just being limitless!!! We celebrated tonight with @thefilharmonic and the Grand Awards Ceremony- celebrating the successes of people who really decided to go for it.
Then we did a bit of gambling.
I wore false eyelashes for the first time too ;-) Then to our slumber party room to get ready for bed. Toxin free- super gentle scrub made from apricots and a pH balanced cleanser/toner combo.
Genius Pads (plant based Retinoids- cause I’m 36 and want to help my skin feel its best as it naturally ages)
And the the Re9 prepwork’s new Eye Masks. It’s a fun gel that tackles baby lines and dark circles. I’ll share an “after” photo tomorrow.
I topped it off with Arbonne Intelligence Facial Oil because... the desert is quite dry and I need that moisture.
Now for bed and sweet dreams of the incredible future ahead of me.
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If I never see you again, I will always carry you inside. Outside. On my fingertips And at my brain edges. And in centers. Centers Of what I am of what remains. -Bukowski #sister #bukowski #youshowedme #beautyiswithin #beautyisyou #befearless #hopelessandheartless #harmony #mayyoufindpeace #deathisonlythebeginning #selenite #shestartedmycrystalobsession

Be confident. Be bold. Be inspiring. Be you. 😘 #beautybyjco

Welcome to Taurus Season! ♉

Earth // Fixed // Ruler: Venus

(April 20 - May 21)

After the fiery, dynamic month we just had in Aries (not to mention that *super fun* Mercury Rx period) - this steady, dedicated energy of Taurus is a warm welcome.

You've gotten things started in a big way last month; this month is all about carrying out the plans. Doing the work. Continuing what has been set in motion.

Taurus isn't trying to race anywhere, though. Slow and steady wins in the light of the Taurean Sun, so try to keep that in mind as you're working through the actions --

-- the fruits of your labor WILL be seen; it just might not be an immediate return on your energetic investment.

Patience will serve you greatly in Taurus Season. Just some food for thought 😘

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is hanging out at the very end of Taurus right now, heading into Gemini in just a few days on the 24th, finishing out Taurus (Sun) Season over in Cancer when Venus moves signs again on May 19.

"Lol, cool, Tiffani - what's that mean? 😅"

Well! Venus is the embodiment of love, beauty, and luxury. Having the Sun in the Sign ruled by Venus means we're already giving a particular level of attention to nurturing the love we've planted in Aries Season --

-- but having Venus ALSO in Taurus for a few days gives us a really nice window of time to examine our hearts and who/where we're applying our energy. Are these things aligned?

Give yourself some time to check into this before Venus moves to Gemini on the 24th, when you're going to have the opportunity to use the communicative, amiable energy that Gemini provides to get your point across with as little resistance as possible.

It doesn't have to be right on the 24th; again, you'll have until May 19, when Venus closes out Taurus season in Cancer, the sign of nurturing, romance, and compassion.

Delivering potentially negative news during this time (Venus in Cancer) might wind up hurting more feelings than necessary, so if you're asking your friendly neighborhood astrologer's advice -- (continued in comments!)

Be your own inspiration && motivation @ashfordu @ashfordu #Goalsssss 🖤🤪 #beautyiswithin #whereyoulie #

You gotta respect her for this! 🙌👏✊

Emerson asked me to help her put lipgloss on. While I was helping her put it on:
“Sis, what makes you beautiful?”
“My insides. My heart. I’m kind to others and I’m joyful.”
@evantyoung you’ve done a good job teaching this girl what makes her shine! #morethanaprettyface #beautyiswithin #sheisclothedinstrengthanddignityandshelaughswithoutfearofthedaystocome #proverbs3125 #emersonmonroe

Cheers to the Weekend! 🍾#FridayFeels

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