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Celebrating the #BBW like myself. We are beautiful, we are powerful and we are seen. Love all you curves, dimples and cellulite!!! You are a Goddess!!! #bbw #beautyhasnosize #blackwomanmagic #beautyhasnosize #exceptingmybody

This is how I feel about:
♡ diets & food fads
♡ needing to be the 'nice girl'
♡ body hate
♡ lack of self-responsibility
♡ self-doubt
♡ PERFECTION & perfectionism
♡ over-analysis & indecision
♡ body shaming & body policing
♡ feeling stuck
♡ not speaking/living your truth
♡ disowning/rejecting parts of yourself
♡ over-giving & having no (bloody beautiful) boundaries 👊

I'm sure there are a *few* (😜) more things I could make this face to, but this is a good start.

To reshape your body, you don't need to go on another diet ..
To stop feeling as though you're living in your own personal Groundhog day, you don't need to lose weight or get a bikini body ..
To quit binge eating and emotional eating, you don't need to go harder at with your workouts ..
To find your 'purpose', you don't need to get stricter with your food .. What will actually help you long term is saying FUCK THAT to ...
◇ diet bandwagons (there's actually no bandwagon to fall off fyi!) & food fads
◇ body hate, body shaming & body policing
◇ needing to be liked/the 'nice girl'
◇ self-doubt & over-analysing every single decision you make - from food choices to what you said to your boss last week
◇ perfectionism .. because around the corner from every restriction is rebellion (i.e. your self-expression coming out 'sideways'!)
◇ constantly choosing others and *THEIR* needs over your own - thereby not talking sexy self-responsibility AND rejecting yourself, consistently .. leading to even less self-trust and even more self-doubt
◇ suppressing your guidance, urges, needs, desires & feminine expression

Here's my truth:
I stand for being in integrity & authenticity in everything I do, say & be.
I'm playful, cheeky, funny & cooky .. as well as serious, focused, direct & fiesty .. I'm a paradox! (A super fun one! 😀)
I stand for women expressing themselves FULLY .. and given point 1, I must be willing to fully express MYSELF first - especially when it's uncomfortable!
I don't believe there is one way of doing *ANYTHING* that works for everyone - the one common factor between all humans is uniqueness and it's well time we embraced & took pride in it .. [continued in comments]

Jeder ist schön!!!
Auf seine Art!!
Also wenn du das liest: Du bist schön~Keine Wiederrede!!!
#everythingisbeautiful #beautyhasnosize

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On this day last year, I had a breakthrough type of day! Here’s my caption:

Today was an incredibly therapeutic day for me. I truly feel like I'm happy for the first time since I can remember. I've got a lot of healing happening in my life right now and I'm learning so much more everyday to not care about what other people might think of me and focus on how I feel about myself. Yes, I have a double chin. Yes, I have fat arms, which I creatively covered in this photo. I even wore a short sleeve cardigan over this gorgeous @dressbarn @theashleygraham dress at church today because I didn't like the way my arms looked. And yes, you can see my belly apron in this photo. But I truly feel like I'm the best version of me that I've ever been.
Life certainly hasn't been easy for me in the last 5 years. I've been through things that I still can't talk about. Things I can even explain. My strength has been tested. My heart has been broken. I've been suicidal. I've dealt with self-injury since I was in elementary school. But now, I feel balanced. I feel secure enough in my body to wear what I like and not worry about looking fat. I'm mentally the most healthy I've ever been, so I feel like I'm at my most healthy! I don't worry about what anyone else may or may not think about either my physical appearance or the things that I do. This is the way life is meant to be lived. I wish this kind of peace on everyone.
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I am being attacked. 💀💀💀

eu sinceramente voto pra substituir o “eu te amo” por “vi essa comida e lembrei de você”. É muito mais profundo.

#Repost @madonalingerie1 (@get_repost)
Porque no se trata de "una prenda que me tape y no se me vea nada", se trata de empoderarte de tu cuerpo y usar prendas que te hagan sentir cómoda, sensual y segura de ti misma. #Madonalingerie #plussize #summer #vestidosdebaño
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