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Having trouble drinking enough water ?Then this amazing strawberry and Pomegranate water cocktail by @monsflavors should give you some inspo!!!
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REAL TALK Y’ALL. Anyone else constantly catch themselves comparing their life or their success or their ability or their looks or their weight or their grades or their following or their confidence or their LIFE or their “friends” or their $$$ to someone else’s?? ❓
Sometimes I get down, or feel like I don’t have it all together. Insecurity can creep in - and then I realize... everyone has insecurities. Everyone struggles to manage stress, maintain their schedule, or find the confidence to walk in a room or talk in front of a crowd. IT’S OKAY! It’s normal. 🔆
Instagram is the highlight reel. 📽Everyone has something they’re fighting that they don’t show on social media. It’s okay not to have it all together!
You are the person that talks to yourself the most. We are our OWN biggest critics. Does your inner dialogue and self talk serve you? Do you find something every day that you like about yourself? Are you serving yourself well with the people you give your energy to? 🌻
If you are reading this - you are BEAUTIFUL and have the ability to do anything you set your mind to. You are strong, and you are deserving of love (especially from yourself). The only validation you need is for you to believe unconditionally in yourself. Everyone else’s opinions are just that - opinions. Let’s start lovin’ on each other, and ourselves, a little better! 💛
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Carrots are good for everything inside & out. As soon as the fires subside & the vegetables are cleaned off I’ll be at the next farmers market. I’m a sensitive bird. Recently volunteered a year ago with the evacuated horses as a horse handler, feeder & horse exerciser/walker for days in the smoke. Helped feed evacuees by way of restaurant donations at the fairgrounds for days. I’m so sad that I cannot go help out there, sadly not strong enough after major surgery. This is a big flash back of last year’s fires. I’ve lost two homes to fires one as a teenager to an electrical problem & one with my ex fiancé in Big Sur to a wild fire. My heart goes out to everyone right now in California. This state is where I call home since day one. I’ve never left with the exception of travel. It is my heart. Please stay indoors when you can. But don’t stop life. Keep on living but be mindful of your lungs. Soak your vegetables before you eat them. Especially once’s from the soil to your hands. Bagged lettuce with a previous date to last week is fine. Be kind to each other. Give attention to only the basics and the rest of your energy shall be focused on volunteering or fundraising. Folks have lost all in such magnitude it’s almost unbelievable. More deaths then ever from this years fires. Mother nature is a very wild beast! And so we keep holding on. I’m sending love, peace & light to all around me. Show up for each other. It’s good to get out and do things without harming your lungs. Go do healing work inside. Give back. Be gentle. And indoors is really gonna be our new normal for now. Indoor work outs, reading, cleaning, cooking, classes, indoor yoga. Movies out is a good way to get out. Brief walks with the dogs is all for now. I am loving all from afar. Holding my hand on my heart and sending reiki outwards. Many many many blessings in these times. #prayforcalifornia #gmofree #carrots #farmers #holistic #healer #esthetician #beautyfromtheinside #sonomacountystrong #latergram

2 toppers @skyncare: Annelies met de magische handen en Catherine met het creatieve brein achter de schermen.
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One minute your killing your todo’s, doing house projects, hard mommimg and holiday prepping and the next you’re going into your neighborhood Starbucks on a day with crazy winds that blow their 100lb metal umbrella, it blindsides you, gets you airborne, and slams you to the ground. It takes 6 people to lift it off you and then you are left with the most excruciating pain ever (really up there with labor) Bruised all over along with a chipped bone in my elbow (and one on my shoulder to match 😏) Being an esthetician, yoga teacher and mom to crazy young boys you can imagine how my near future will be affected. 😞
Oddly, today in between bouts of anger and frustration I do feel like I got lucky. It could’ve hit my face, my head, knocked me out, broke my back. Or even worse, I could’ve had my boys with me. Thank God I was alone. The universe sends us signs I guess. Maybe to slow down. Maybe to remind you to be thankful for what you have (like 2 working hands) and to take nothing for granted cause in one split, random, wrong place wrong time second your life can change. .
Now, can someone give me ideas on what to watch. I haven’t done TV in ages 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Not all that glitters is gold. Especially under the moonlight🖤🐑😈🌚
Is it possible that "things"may have an intriguing mask on?
What will be revealed when the fog clears and the sun comes out again.

Shock 🎄Horror😳🎄 the kids said I can’t put the Christmas tree up until 1st December because that’s when the advent calendar starts and it would be weird because blah blah blah #notlistening 🎄Who’s a December 1st Christmas Tree putter upperer? #christmastree #coffeeinbed #goodmorning #thursdaythoughts

Saw this today, and it inspired me to look past the "imperfections" I may have seen in others. And myself. #BeautyFromTheInside #SoulsAreTruthTellers #LoveWhatIsWithin

Can you guess what the secret ingredient is in my smoothie? I have been loading up on healthy fat, fiber, veggies, and protein in the mornings. Most days I use spinach in my smoothies. But lately I've been using something else I find in the freezer section to whip up creamy smoothies. Drop a comment with your guess.

Tag some good lookin' friends of yours! Let them know they're beautiful from the inside and outside ❤❤
We gotta support each other💪 Motivate your friends to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 🌿 Also look at Be o Happy as a friend: we help you to be the best version of yourself.
Need some extra motivation? Don't hesitate to get in contact with us! ✌
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Yesterday I walked through a couple things that scared the pants off me.
One of them was that I called a man to share with him that I didn’t mean to but I had kind of lied to him when I said I wanted him to help me with a project.
I told him what I realized was that underneath it all was the truth that I really just wanted to hang out with him again because I really liked his company.
My heart was beating fast.
I felt sick to my stomach.
What if he made fun of me?
What if he didn’t feel the same about me?
Rejection stings.
Liking someone that does not like you back hurts.
But what hurts more is NOT being REAL and AUTHENTIC. ▪️
So I showed up.
Because I knew showing up was THE GIFT in and of itself no matter the outcome.
We cannot read each other’s minds.
So thankfully, we as a world are all entering a time where we are all respecting and honoring each other’s truths and communicating.
We are leaving co-dependency in the dirt and now coming from a place of wholeness within ourselves knowing that another does not complete us.
(Sorry Jerry Maggie.)
▪️ Another person enhances us, supports us and pushes us to be better because they are their own person as we are. ▪️
Knowing this makes it much easier to call someone and say, “Hey I like you.”
Because if they don’t feel the same, that is OK!
They can feel that you are OK with them not liking you because it’s not personal and does not decrease your value and worth.
And it’s so freeing to just be real and let each other know where you are at.
If they say, “Hey I like you too,” well, that is just one big bonus!
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Gorgeous one, it is not what you do that makes your loved ones most proud of you. It is who you are, how you are, how you treat others, your heart, your soul. ⁣

Be proud of who you are, not what you do. ⁣
Be proud of who you become ⁣
when you do what you do. ⁣

Be the best person you can be, at all times. ⁣

When you’re cleaning the house or giving a presentation to a crowd, you are the same person. ⁣

When you’re sitting in traffic or speaking to a child, you are the same person. ⁣

When you’re ordering a soy latte or going for an interview, you are the same person. ⁣

You’re even the same person when you’re laying alone in the pool as you are when you’re catching up with family or friends. ⁣
This is something I always try to work on:⁣ I learn most about myself when I am alone, with my thoughts, do I judge? Do I think nice thoughts? Am I the same person alone as when I am with others??? ⁣

Not yet, not 100%, but this is my goal. ⁣
Total authenticity and transparency. ⁣
Learning who I am so I can show up EVERYWHERE as the purest, truest most authentic me. ⁣
I aim to inspire others do the same. ⁣
This is my biggest goal. ⁣

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!? ⁣
Who else is aware of how they are alone vs how they are with others?? What goals have you got for this!? 🌸✨💜💕👑🙌🌍👌⁣

Ps have you grabbed my free meditation for people who “can’t meditate” from link in bio??🧘‍♀️ ⁣

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