Forever mood, edges tied down and all.

I totally agree!

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Ist der Jumpsuit nicht süß?😍Der ist von @millania.shop
"Jeder Tag, an dem du nicht lächelst, ist ein verlorener Tag." ~Charlie Chaplin

Hallöchen meine süßen Bubis 💖
Egal wie schwer es manchmal sein mag, aber versucht immer den Tag mit einem Lächeln zu starten. Übrigens wenn ihr Lust habt etwas zu lachen, dann schaut euch unbedingt die beiden Challenges von @xx_myshell_xx und mir an. Wir hatten so viel Spaß! Auf was für Videos von uns beiden hättet ihr noch so Lust? Hab euch lieb Bubis 💖

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Tonight I tan! Safely.
Thank you to the +179 people and those who are yet to check out (hint, hint!) what I posted 6 posts ago, me putting on my pawpaw lip treat in a friends car. You see that's what I do. I lure people in with beaute-ful products with a touch of joie de vivre and then I throw some awareness on mental health and a society that has amazing people in it who just happen to have disabilities, plus more, see my tags below for the full picture. That's how I roll.

I roll that all up and then direct you all to my blog. Everything is in a zero profit environment. Most of all I thank you as this stuff deeply humbles me.

King M. Rakic-Cosmetician for +25 years.
Please note that the tanning lotion is discontinued, I bought myself the last 2 tubes, company says that their new formula is the same, it isn't, I'm on it, it's on me, check KmrBeaute.Blogspot.com for safe tanning tips. Type 'tan' in the search section xx

I don’t always wear yellow, but when I do... I feel like big bird 😝 🤣 🐥
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profile pic + 1 ✨
I have so many makeup looks and ideas that i want to film for my channel that I wish I could do them all at once haha ! they’re makeup looks that I’ve imagined in my head but haven’t necessarily tried them out on my face. I’ve written them down because they look so cool in my head that I want to bring them to life and film them ! I’m also missing some products that I need in order to achieve these looks. other than that, stay tuned for this week’s video !!

A review and tutorial of the @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina palette is live on my channel! 😘❤️ #anastasiabeverlyhills #abh #abhnorvina #norvina #norvinapalette

First video is up!! Excited to start this new YouTube journey and watch this channel grow 🤗 click the link in my bio to subscribe

"When you unfollow me but my beautiful spirit still radiating something fierce and got me back on your timeline." (Paraphrasing from Queen @pennedbykeyaira ) Hiya 👄👅 @hairsisters lashes @swankygt
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After watching Avengers Infinity Wars, what's your thoughts about this movie?
Well, I made a cosplay how to become like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy who joined with the Avengers and fight against Thanos, but at the end of the day She was sacrificed by her father: Thanos in order to... (blah blah spoiler lols). Omg this movie was blowing my mind!

Anyway, I do apologize if I ruined your imagination about Gamora, I made this look with super low budget. For the green skin I only using Indonesian's local product Inez Eye Shadow all over my face :p. Full video just watch on my youtube channel: nuraminust 😉

I hope you guys like it !
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