Time for changes and the new beginnings.


Walking around the botanical gardens in Madrid came across some of the palm trees 🌴 with a special mesh coat..turns out they wear this to protect themselves from a 🦋 commonly known as the ‘driller of palm trees’ it lays its lay on the trunk of the palm trees and the larvae after hatching penetrates the tree causing the trees death by penetrating the structure of the tree. Who would have thought such a lovely creature as the 🦋 would do such a thing as to harm the 🌴for me and this represents believing in your gut instinct..there are many butterflies out there..some lovely and bring joy and love in to your life..some not so lovely and don’t bring so much loveliness and surround you with negativity and hurtfulness..be true to you, believe in you and why you make the decisions that you do..if something doesn’t feel right it most likely isn’t..take care of you always ❤️#botanicalgardenmadrid #beautyaroundus #gutinstinct #betruetoyourself #lookafteryoufirst #bekindtoyou #positivefriendships #truefriends #loveyourself #takecareofyou ❤️

Столько цветущих деревьев акации, сколько есть в этом году, я ещё никогда не видела, подходишь, и тебя сразу окутывает приятный сладкий запах... Интересно, акация каждый год так умеет? ;)
#акация #цветущаяакация #весна #цветы #akacja #kwiaty #wiosna #bloomingtrees #beautyaroundus

"Son isteğin nedir? 
Çok, çok kolaydır, 
İlk isteğin nedir? 
O soruyu 
Kimse kimseye soramadı, 
Özdemır Asaf
Günaydın 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
💢#goodmorning ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️

How do you choose to be grateful?
I am trying to keep my stress level down to a minimum. On days like today that’s a lot easier said than done. Work was crazy busy and home has been less than quiet and comfortable. I am struggling to stay positive when I am feeling so secluded in a small town with only one friend. Bright side, at least I know someone! 😃 So to take my mind off of things that I can’t control, I am focusing on something beautiful, even if it’s fleeting. These flowers grow outside the building I work in. They cheerily greet me as I arrive and then whisper a soft goodbye when I go. Today may not be a super awesome day but I am grateful for small things like this when the rest of the world doesn’t make sense. 😍 I refuse to let my circumstances determine my mood or lend credence to my self worth.
For those of you who are struggling with finding the positive in everyday, I understand. I used to be just like you. I struggled with depression and constantly being tired and unmotivated. I wish I had someone to point out all the wonderful things in the world to focus on when I was drowning. To help pull me out of the mud. Because sometimes it just takes someone else to validate your feelings and then point out the small things to be able to look around and see all the wonder in the world to be grateful for.
I still struggle with motivation but I am getting better. Everyday there is something to be joyful and thankful for. So today, I am choosing beauty and peace and joy. 😍 #dreamitlikeaboss

These little buggers are hard to get pictures of! This is an Orange-belted Bumble Bee, also known as Tricolored bumble Bee. I have a new appreciation for the phrase “busy as a bee”. There was no rest and no stop in his movement. Just when I’d get focused he was off to the next blossom!
I am very thankful for our busy little pollinators and really enjoy watching them do their thing! They are so important to our survival and perhaps don’t get the respect and admiration they are due. So hats off to this little fella and may I be as focused, busy and motivated working on my goals and dreams as my Orange-belted bumble bee buddy! #bumblebee #orangebeltedbumblebee #pollinators #intentionalliving #beautyaroundus #photochallenge

When things get dark sometimes appreciating the beauty around us can bring back some light. #beautyaroundus #flowerstagram #flowers #dontletthedarknesswin #rose #roses #photography #nofilter #appreciatebeauty #iphone7plus

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