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A path to the freedom.

Black on black and that thigh tattoo! So sexy! This outfit is actually a bra under a bodysuit which is a fantastic idea to give some shape under bodysuits like this one! I've since had several girls do the same! So clever #redbloomphotography Hmua @artistrybybobi #artistrybybobi


Sunday afternoons!
Model @kenziewernerx

Everyone has a story. And every single person has their own journey with self love and sexuality.
Don't feel shy or embarrassed, and definitely don't feel alone. It's hard to appreciate yourself or feel sexy sometimes, and that's okay. Just keep at it, and we assure you that you'll see such a big change in yourself.

We always have a lot of fun during our boudoir shoots!

Tardes de verano con María y Elisa

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