The steam rising from the ground after the rain. #beautyafterthestorm ⛈ ☔️ ☀️

More often then not my little guy would go out and water this plant. He came in crying one day because a recent storm had caused it to fall over. So, I made a little something to help it stand. After months of waiting and watering we walked outside to check out our mole situation (that's a whole other story) and found this...
I cant help but think how often we are down about our situations... Sometimes feeling as if we cant even stand... and the Lord is there patiently waiting for us to lean into HIM, so that He can be our strength and turn us into something beautiful.🌻 #beauty #sunflower #patience #beautyafterthestorm #waitforit #heisourstrength #hemakesallthingsbeautiful

#daringtohopebook This book taught me so much and I am glad I read it. I think that God wanted me to. I honestly didn't want to read it at first and acted like a know- it- all, thinking that it couldn't teach me anything I already knew. But I was wrong!
I already said on FB how in the beginning it was teaching me that we can't always get what we want in life and that life and even love can be messy. The beginning of the book also taught me that true love is sacrificing, and that there is beauty in brokenness. But there is more. I learned throughout the rest of the book that hard times will happen as it's just part of life, and it saddens God just as much as it saddens us, but He uses those times to strengthen us. This is because He is good, and in this book I truly learned that God is good all the time even when tragic things happen. Those times are what bring us closer to God, as we kneel and pray and cling on to Him for help. It can be hard to believe, but He really is good all the time, and he can heal us and comfort us in those tough situations and strengthen us. It is those hard times that bring us even closer to him, into a beautiful relationship with God.
I learned in this book that without a storm there'd be no rainbow. Something beautiful can come out of a mess.
Lastly, I learned, not just through this book, but also in the past few months, that our plans will not always succeed and life won't go our way. But God's plans are better and we should trust Him. Also, what may seem like a failure to us is not a failure in God's eyes. Glad to have read this; it helped me mature.

“A rainbow baby is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravage of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean that the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds.” - Unknown

#rainbowbaby #beautyafterthestorm

Taking a few minutes to enjoy the beauty around me.

There are no words for the incredible moments I get to spend with people! The adventures, the sweetness, the beauty, the emotion, the scenery, and everything in between...all I can say is that I feel truly blessed!! #ilovemyjob #montanastorm #montanamoment #beautyafterthestorm #sunset #bozemanengagementphotographer #montanaengagementphotographer #notariusphotography #rainbowsky #isthisreallife #blessed

On our wedding day we got poured on!! Like it really rained 😂 but without that rain we wouldn’t have had that double rainbow in the middle of our ceremony 😍 I wouldn’t want to go through the rain with anyone else. I love you @kjames2387 happy WEDDING anniversary 😘

Double rainbow (if you look in top right) I tried to get the whole arc, but my phone was being a turd. #phonefail #doublerainbow #beautyafterthestorm

Had enough of the rain but this was nice. #doublerainbows #beautyafterthestorm #gsp. #rainbow

Nature is so beautiful 💫🌈🌈💫 #DoubleRainbows #Rainbow #BeautyAfterTheStorm #Rain #Sunshine #Light

Two full double rainbows 💫🌈🌈💫 #DoubleRainbows #Rainbow #BeautyAfterTheStorm #Rain #Sunshine #HighVibrations

Double Rainbow 💫🌈🌈💫 #DoubleRainbows #Rainbow #BeautyAfterTheStorm #Rain #Sunshine

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