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"Jangan menunggu sesuatu yang besar untuk terjadi, mulailah dari tempat Anda sekarang ini, dengan apa yang Anda miliki, dan itu akan selalu memimpin Anda ke sesuatu yang lebih besar" - Mary Manin Morrissey (New Thought Minister) 💞

Fashion designer @densiswanto
Hair do by @haris_makeup

Just #tb and share #beautifulqoutes

Agree! 👌🏼 #beautifulqoutes #life #age #time

She's not afraid to love by Mr Amari Soul #shesnotafraid #trulyinspirational #befearless #beautifulqoutes #loveqoutes

Smile~ it will either warm their heart or piss them off... either way you win~• #beautifulqoutes #lifeMemos #lovelife 💜🦋•"

The most beautiful people wear their hearts on their sleeves and their souls in their smiles. Good afternoon queens 💎💋 @sweetlykaramoy @evaoliviaaaaa @melizhagladysribkaleong @mercy_sunshine .
#womaninblack #beautifulqoutes #bridesmaids #bridalshower #fourpointsbysheratonmanado #fourpointsbysheraton #girlsnight

Happy birthday Sissy! And many more! ❤❤❤
#word #beautifulqoutes #birthdaygirl #marchmadness

Be the change you want to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

Se el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo. -Mahatma Gandhi

#OES #goeagles #beautifulqoutes #beautifulchildren


Fadi I'm sorry I didn't follow you, but I had to do it to trigger you to say what I wanted you to say. When I talk teams in my music I don't mean basketball I mean in the music business. I knew alot of you guys weren't going to understand but you will once my music is dropped. Some ppl have been attacking the league indirectly through there music, I'm actually backing you up. Mixfm-> Done looking for love / I believe I can fly ?? These where directed to me ,thought it would piss me off but that's exactly what I wanted him to do. I don't talk behind people's back I say it to them straight to their face. You will always be the most known player of Lebanon don't worry even without social media. We have never met but I know for a fact that if you do meet me you will like me cuz we have the same heart. sorry if you misunderstood and got offended I respect your achievements for our country basketball raised me, but I left to work on my music not because I didn't like basket or anything I just have a different dream. Here's a message I sent after mix tried to outsmart me a while while back cuz all I did is try to help .I never follow radio stations they follow me . Your verse on my beat was like a cherry on top 🙌 but I still haven't dropped mine. Gettin other ppl to recreate my music is cool it's cute, still needs a bit of work tho but 👏 it just shows me how inspired you are of my work. People think I'm a bad person I just think Ima genius, a loyal one.

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