Local Honey & Maple Syrup 🍯

“It’s the little things:
sunsets, long walks, giggles, sappy movies, ice cream, deep conversation, cozy socks and good music. These things are so little, yet mean a great deal to me. Suppose it is not the extent of things ‘small or big’ that make a difference but perhaps the extent to which they spark a fire in your soul that no substance on earth can extinguish, leaving you to burn with a passion for life.”
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Explored the Blackstone Valley yesterday starting in Southborough, out to Douglas, and then back to Franklin. 65 miles on a mountain bike with plenty of lakes, rivers, tall pines and singletrack along the way. Upton State Forest, Blackstone Forest, West Hill, Goat Hill, Douglas State Forest and the Trunkline Trail were just some of the places we passed through. I continue to believe that if you like to ride your bike from door to door on trail in any direction, there’s no place better than Eastern Mass.
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This week's theme: Birds
I really liked the symmetry of this image. But it also made me imagine the two birds on the left as the parents talking about how they're going to keep the kids entertained for the day. "So, Harriet, why don't we fly over to the park to check out the picnics."
"Oh, Fred, we always do that. Can't we go to the beach today?"

‪TODAY's festivus sunrise at Cape Cod National Seashore, Coast Guard beach.‬

As I was walking on the Blue Heron Trail at Cutler Park. I found this interesting looking tree. It got wrapped around by a vines. I did some research to find out what kind of plant or what its role in the forest. I am no scientist or any nature expert so please correct me if I am wrong. Based on what I have read they are also called "Lianas" also known as woody vines and it actually cause harm to the tree. It damaged the growth of the trees by damaging it branches and its blocking sunlight. While it cause harm, its also provide other benefits to the surrounding life. What I learned from this is that nature is extremely complicated and in all of the chaos there also a balance.

Totally idyllic Boston day ✨🦄 Rock on, #mdw

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