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At home in the orchards πŸŒ³πŸ“ guess things don't always turn out as planned, but life is a big crazy, rollercoaster of beautiful and huge changes...guess sometimes you just gotta go with it, see where it takes you ✨🎒 #blueberrypicking #lifeoutside #rollercoaster #notwhatyouplanned #justgowithit #beautifullyunpredictable #comewhatmay #2018

TRUTH! It has been such a long time since I posted anything on here and the longer it has gone on the harder it has got to try and find the words. Anyone who knows me or has followed me for a while will know that usually I am all about the workouts and the food (a lot about the food!), I consider myself to be pretty positive and have quite a good ability to pick myself up and keep going when things are tough. So here's the truth... a big part of the reason that I haven't been able to find the words is because I have been finding it really hard. It goes without saying that the arrival of Betsy has been a blessing, she really is a joy and a very easy baby but nevertheless, this time round has floored me. I remember after Monty (my second), listening to other mums talk about how hard it was and thinking (a little bit smugly if I'm honest) that actually I found it all pretty easy (again, blessed with an easy baby in him too!) BUT, this time... different story. Whether it is because I am a couple of years older, or because I have a toddler to run around after, or because there is a pre-teen in the house, I am not sure but it has taken until now, 8 weeks in, for me to feel anything like myself or that I am coping in any way. To be honest, I have been surviving mainly on pasta and bread... no pretty insta pics there and as for exercise, well, let's just say, that hasn't happened. However, I am feeling more like myself again, I have actually managed to make a few meals from scratch that contained actual, real vegetables and I am at least considering the idea of a workout on Monday... so there we are. If you've read all the way to the end of this post, thanks for sticking with me and apologies for the ramble. I'm back now, so expect a few food pics, the occasional shot of my post partum body and a lot of baby spam as I take small steps back towards the woman I was before. Happy Friday all... here's a cute pic of Betsy to celebrate the onset of the weekend.xx
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