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Divine intervention #✨ #beautifullymade

There’s so many emotions with this picture: for starters anyone that knows me, knows how I’ve always struggled with my weight. I was never satisfied as I struggled in my past with being over weight. And than when I got diagnosed with #ulcerativecolitis I started losing weight. Once I was in remission I gained more weight & more than I was happy with. When I moved to Los Angeles for fashion school at #FIDM I made a promise that I would lose weight and I did just that! I was so proud of myself because I did it with working out & @weightwatchers the old fashion way. I kept that weight off for a good 5 years. Once I got married I started gaining weight. Even though everyone around me kept saying I looked great, internally I wasn’t happy because I was so fixed on a number even though I was working out. Reality was before getting married I was very strict with how I ate. Once I got married I was more relaxed as I should but I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. And than 2016 came and my #UC came back and again I lost a lot of weight. I kept fluctuating with my weight basically my whole life but even more with my #autoimmunedisease . And now after surgery, it has been the hardest thing to gain weight! Who would have thunk?! I’ve been doing everything I can (as eating is hard for me due to lack of appetite and nausea) to gain weight, yes I repeat my mission has been to gain weight. I don’t like losing weight when it’s out of my control. So the last 4 months I’ve been struggling back and forth. My lowest was 118 that was before my wedding but I was trying to lose weight although that was not a healthy weight for my height/age. My lowest now is 119. But today was a glorious day—I gained a pound!! And I’m so thrilled, just 4 more lbs and I’ll be so happy. I’ve learned a lot about just accepting my body and loving it. But still feeling comfortable in my own skin. It will forever be a learning process but I’m grateful for these small accomplishments. It’s the little things in life♥️ #beautifullymade #invisibledisease #invisibledisease #ostomybag #ostomylife #ostomates #ostomate #ostomyawareness #ostomywarrior #weight #ileostomy #blogger #nj #accomplishments

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“Theoren Matthew Bacchiochi aka bubs was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. He’s super chatty and we catch him whispering sweet nothings to himself on the baby monitor. He has three loving sisters whom he loves to play with. You rarely catch him without a giant smile across his face and has gentle eyes that melt my heart. Theoren gives the warmest snuggles and the biggest hugs that can cure any bad day. He loves everyone and almost everything, except apples and yelling. Theoren has given us a new perspective on life. Everyday in every way he gets better and better.” 💙💛✨ @downrighttheoren #IAMABLE #downsyndrome #theluckyfew

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