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‘Natural is my hair, my eyes that make you stop and stare, my round derrière, but that’s just me... Natural is rare’ All Natural Fitness - Celebrating natural hair, natural bodies and the pursuit of your fitness goals naturally! Purchase apparel through link in our bio! Model: @azian_ishhh

Beautiful flexibility by Julia🤸🏻‍♀️💧💄 A beauty model is just as natural, but being a fitness beauty model is a big thing. Pose and beautify your body and outfit like a real fitness enthusiast💪🏻💋💄💃🏼📸
Credit📸: @dzi1314 / Julia Dzi Dobrovodska ...
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Today we are so excited to check back in with our brand ambassador @t.marie.fitness !! We interviewed her back in October and we wanted to check back in and give you all an update on how she is doing. Since a natural fitness journey can feel slow sometimes we asked her about how she maintains her motivation. “Motivation is hard to explain. I hate the phrase ‘i need motivation,’ or ‘i need you to motivate me’ NO! Motivation comes from within! No one can make you do anything. At the end of my day I am my motivation and what I want for myself drives my motivation.” Powerful words that describe the incredible drive of @t.marie.fitness !! We look forward to following up with other members of the team as we all strive to support and encourage one another on this journey!

At All Natural Fitness we believe that you are beautifully made. That nothing about you is a mistake and that you deserve to be cherished. We believe that you can achieve your health and wellness goals naturally through dedication and perseverance! We believe in you! Spoken Word by: @_carlapaige

Have confidence in your uniqueness! You don’t need anything artificial about you to be desirable or beautiful! Be proud that you are 100% Original! Shop through the link in our bio!! Model: @warrior_queenb

Today we have the encouraging story of @ms_dee_rnmsn !! We hope her testimony can lift your spirits if you are going through a tough time or aren’t seeing the results you are striving for. “I started on both sides of having weight issues. I have been skinny and overweight and both times I got back on track. The most current picture shows me about 139lbs and I wanted to gain muscle. My current weight is 177lbs. I meal prep weekly. I eat small meals every few hours and try including fruits and veggies in every meal or snack. I Allow myself one cheat meal a week. I workout 4-5 times a week which include mixing weights and cardio on most days.” We hope that her story is an encouragement to you and we hope that there are some helpful things @ms_dee_rnmsn shared that you might be able o apply to your journey. “Prepare to win!! That includes meal prepping because if you don’t plan ahead you are planning to fail. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip - just get right back on track with working towards your goal!! Some progress is better than none at all!” Please continue to show love and support to @ms_dee_rnmsn !! If she can achieve her goals naturally - so can you!

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