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I'm not entitled but grace made it possible! 💙💙💙 #beautifulexchange #

I love this song so much😁 #beautifulexchange #taylorguitar

There's nothing more beautiful than a surrendered heart. While preparing for this conference my biggest prayer was that God would wreck us in a good way, that there would be a response to Him and my sisters would freely let their guard down and allow Him to penetrate their hearts so deeply. And they would know how much of a good good father He is. God did so much MORE. #beautifulexchange #thankyoulord

My only desire and sole ambition is to love you just the same..I love Jesus..#beautifulexchange #midlife #perfectiontookmyplace

The #beautifulexchange #wedding . The most amazing day ever. What a beautiful #bride ❤️

What started out as a bad day and progressed throughout the day ended up with us not talking to God about how BIG our problems were, instead we ended up here telling our problems how BIG our God IS!! #BeautifulExchange #SunsetForSorrow #BlessedBeyondBelief

chasing the brighter days🌞 // forever slaying with this girrrl💕
#beautifulexchange #lz7 #loveyou

6:30pm tonight! We are coming together to commune with The Father alongside great worship! We would love to have you around #BeautifulExchange


Join us for an awesome time of worship and The Word tonight. Bring a friend or two! Service starts by 6:30pm.

What started out as a bad day and progressed throughout the day ended up with us not talking to God about how BIG our problems were, instead we ended up here telling our problems how BIG our God IS!! #BeautifulExchange #SunsetForSorrow #BlessedBeyondBelief

|| surrender || to agree to stop resisting, hiding, running, fighting. to yield to the power, control or possession of another. to give oneself up into the power of another.
surrendering everything to God! everything means all. all means entirely, the whole thing. not selectively or partially. when we surrender ourselves to God, we give our everything both the good and the bad.
this reminds me that it includes our memories or past experiences. sometimes, we are here and not there. 'there' being where God desires us to be at. one of the things that may be potentially holding us back is ourselves, more clearly, our own thoughts about things and/or our memories.

Isaiah‬ ‭43:18 NKJV‬‬,""Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old." •do not call into remembrance the past, both good and bad times. let it go! •the past is over. do not discern the older times. the past has passed. move on!
to move on, we go through transitioning. from "here" to "there" is 'the process'. the process could only take place when we surrender everything - to let go the past so that we could be free to embrace the new. for any new beginning to take place, there would be a need for an ending. if there is no end, there could not be a new beginning.
Ecclesiastes 7:8-14‬ ‭NKJV, "The end of a thing is better than its beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit." •the end is the final point that marks the closure. •coming to the end of something would being us to a place of complete surrendering. putting us in a need for God. •the end is a place of humility and resetting. to reset by entrusting ourselves to God Almighty. to allow Him to make beauty out of our ashes. to allow Him to do the new thing!!! •when we surrender, He resets!
let us be bold and take a trust fall with Jesus Christ. we trust Him and surrender all to Him. even our memories and past experiences, surrender it all to God Almighty. let God be God. let The Creator wow us with the new things He is about to do in our lives. the journey ahead is way more glorious than before. trust Him. move forward, move on. go where He is leading us to. let us be bold to possess the blessings!✨

13 years ago today I made a wise exchange with Jesus Christ and traded my hopeless, broken, sin-filled life for a rich, new life of Love. Since that day I've lived in His never ending Kingdom as a daughter of the Most High God, free from sin and its effects, and with unlimited access to more peace, joy and forgiveness than this world could ever contain. Today, on my 13th born again birthday, I completed reading through the entire Bible. I've been reading God's Word for years, but now I have every word, every dot, every tittle in my mind and my heart forever. I recommend making this beautiful exchange if you haven't already - trade your mortal life for one that's unending and trade the time you would spend watching mindless tv shows or scrolling thru social media for time in the Word of God. I guarantee you will be on the winning end of this deal, and He will exponentially multiply true peace, joy, love and contentment in your heart as He comes to make His home inside of you. #bornagainbirthday #beautifulexchange #lifeinChrist #oneyearbiblereadingplan #readyourBible #giveyourlifetoJesus #neverendinglife

The punishment you clearly endured for us bought us with the price of your blood; even while we didn't want anything to do with you, Christ you died and suffered for us because you first loved us. #beautifulexchange #heavenonearth #unitedpursuit #iam #redeemed #iamworship #grateful #inlove #iamnotmyown #eternaldwellings #jesus #encounter #rescued #healed #restored #sozo #confessions #sonsanddaughters #abba

One of my favorite nights of the week and one of my favorite worship songs #BeautifulExchange #cvyth #cvythfam #worship #onceafamily #alwaysafamily

Honestly love this picture so much. The simple exchange of joy between bishop and Pastor.
#NDLI #SundayService #Bishop #Pastor #BeautifulExchange

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