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The only time this week in London where I've wandered around the "sights". This week has been about catching up with friends and exploring new neighbourhoods and it's been really lovely. Who knew December was a really nice time to visit London? I didn't.

Going off the grid now up on gypssyysouul.com. Link in bio!

Standing strong and alone at the edge of a cliff ⛰🏔🏚 #villadivino #kingofmycastle #visitcroatia #beautifuldestonations

Mountains make me the happiest person on earth

А тем временем мы снова в Лиме. Волны 🌊. Сидела в этих волнах 🌊. А они меня переворачивали 🙈 Довольная 😜
Завтра самолёт. Лететь сутки, но из-за разницы во времени - 1,5 суток.

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Into the mountains I go, to lose my mind and find my soul . 🌲

We're thinking we'll just hang out here at Sceale Bay with @elisehalina. What are your plans? This beach serves up spectacular views of the white sands and blue waters of Eyre Peninsula from the moment you arrive. Stroll down onto clean white sands and you'll often find the only footprints are your own, Sceale Bay's permanent population is 40 people! Make sure to explore one of the magnificent secluded beaches and bays surrounding Sceale Bay, including Heart Bay (named for its resemblance to a heart shape) where you can fish, snorkel, surf or kick back and soak up the views. And if you're not keen to catch your own feed @streakybay is only a short drive where you can feast on a smorgasbord of local seafood! #EyrePeninsula #SeeSouthAustralia 🚐🏄🏼🐟☀️🌊


Pernah embem

Ini sekitar September 2014 di Danau Air Asin Weekuri - Sumba Barat Daya. Sekarang sudah 2017 dan tiga orang di foto itu masih belum kawin2 bwahahah

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Going off the grid now up on gypssyysouul.com. Link in bio!

Linda Hallstatt!💕💜 quem já foi?

Pernah eksotis

Foto diambil sekitaran Mei 2014 di Pantai Mandorak, Kodi - Sumba Barat Daya. Dulu ada villa kepunyaan ekspat dari Perancis yang dijadikan yayasan (nggak tahu yayasan nya gerak dibidang apa). Akses ke lokasi dari pusat kota lumayan bagus, dulu jalannya sudah diurug limestone, jadi untuk motor dan mobil sudah bisa sampai ke bibir pantai. Cuman pada saat itu belum ada petunjuk arah, jadi kita bermodal tanya dan ingatan. Perjalanan ke lokasi pantai butuh waktu sekitar 1,5 jam, itu kalau tanpa nyasar sih.

Pantainya sendiri bagus dan bersih, warna air lautnya kayak pepsi, dan masih banyak bonusnya. Cocok buat yang suka pantai, suka ketenangan, suka berpetualang, dan suka kulitanya jadi eksotis.

#ocean #beach #mandorak #sumba #sumbabaratdaya #ntt #culture #indonesia #celtic

What a weekend! #flomac2017 🍾

How all Scottish weekends should look like!

Sweet sweet sweet peas 👌🏼

Beautiful bride ✅ grinning groom ✅ fabulous friends ✅ ridiculous reeling ✅ Fine food and wine ✅ mad dance floor moves ✅ ✅ #flomac2017

In the background, they say is the most beautiful island in the world. I only have a few comparisons but this, so far, is so great that there is so much that a lot of us, wandering souls, is yet to see and discover. The places I went to were precious previews of what the island holds secret for now. Imagine, only 2 of the 7 inland lakes are open. But I am already fulfilled and blessed to land on them, to see them, to be one with them. I am sure it could give more. I am sure that there are more, up on its jagged cliffs and deep into its thick, untrodden forests, down to the abyss and the sacred and the unknown seas. You are still an enigma to me, Coron. But I leave it at that. You conquered me so powerfully that you will stay in a place in my soul where I will recharter again and again and again.

Vacation's over. Back to work.

Sabi ko naman sa 'yo. I've got serious unggoy skills.

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